burning mouth syndrome

Burning Mouth Syndrome: Causes and Treatment

Do you feel a chronic burning sensation in your mouth? This can be due to the nerves in your tongue failing to send the right message to your brain regarding temperature and taste. There will be no visible symptoms such as hot and red tongue, neither any soreness. However, your lips, roof of the mouth,…

Wisdom teeth removal 1

Wisdom Teeth Removal: Painless Extraction

Interestingly your wisdom teeth, often known as third molars, are the last teeth that erupt in your mouth. You will usually get them in your teens or your early twenties. If they erupt smoothly and without interruption and pain, they can prove to be an asset. But the problem is that they do not erupt…

Blood Sugar Levels 4

How Blood Sugar Levels Affect Dental Health?

Problems with teeth and gums can be more common for individuals with high blood sugar levels or diabetes. So good dental health is vital for you to prevent dental complications from developing. Looking after your teeth and gums becomes an essential part of learning to live with both types of diabetes. According to the American…

interdental brush

Interdental Brush: Importance and Use

You brush your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes and think your teeth are totally clean. But do you know that you only cleaned about 60 percent of your teeth? What about the other 40 percent? Well, you will need an interdental brush to clean it. The other 40 percent is the interdental space….

invisible braces

Invisible Braces: Procedure and Options

If you want to straighten your teeth without having a mouth full of metal look out for invisible braces. As the name suggests, it is hard for people to see what you are wearing on your teeth. Only because they are clear aligners. Aligners are transparent and help to put your teeth in position, however,…

green vegetables 1

Green Vegetables for A Healthy Smile

Like so many of the rules we learn in childhood, “eat your vegetables” is a real eye-roller for most kids. However, you realize that green vegetables can give you both health and energy when you grow up. What else can green vegetables give you? A better smile. That is right. In addition to their ability…

teeth whitening strips

Teeth Whitening Strips: Use and Options

Are you looking for a cheaper way to whiten your teeth? Look no further than your convenience store and grab some teeth whitening strips. These help to decrease the appearance of your stains by whitening your teeth to a certain degree. They are not as effective as in-office dental treatments however, they can be one…

Salt Water Rinse Benefits Oral Health

Mouthwashes are very helpful to cleanse your mouth and freshen your breath that toothbrushes cannot do. However, salt water rinses are generally affordable and can be equally effective in improving your oral hygiene.  Salt water rinses can kill many types of bacteria via osmosis, meaning it removes the water from the bacteria. This results in…

Mouth ulcers 6

What Causes Mouth Ulcer?

Mouth ulcers are also known as canker sores, are generally painful, small lesions that develop at the base of your gums or in your mouth. They can make eating, drinking, swallowing, and talking uncomfortable. Women, teens, and even people with a family history of mouth ulcers are generally at a higher risk for developing mouth…

Oral care in cold and flu

Caring For Your Mouth in Cold and Flu Season

The weather is getting colder and the cold breeze brings along the onset of the cold and flu season. Seasonal changes are likely to make you sick. Unless you have a flu shot, you need to grab some tissues and cough drops to prepare for the seasonal cold. While we are busy returning to being…