Getting a mammogram is essetial

Getting a Mammogram: All You Need to Know

Getting a mammogram is an important part of the health of all women around the world. For some it is essential to detect something is wrong. For others, it is a necessary precaution. In it’s most basic definition, it is a screening tool which determines whether you are suffering from cancer or not. It is done…

Fetal health and development

Fetal Health and Development

You are pregnant. Congratulations! Are you curious about the development of your baby, about Fetal Health and Development, and how to take care of it? Do not worry. We have got a complete guide for you that will help you in every step of your pregnancy. A normal pregnancy lasts for nine months and each…

yeast infection

Yeast Infection (vaginal): Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

A vaginal yeast infection is an uncomfortable, itchy fungal infection that is very common in women. About 75 percent of the women will have a vaginal yeast infection once in their life. The vagina has a balanced amount of bacteria and yeast that kill harmful organisms and when this balance is upset a fungus called…


PCOS Diet Management

There is no cure for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, commonly known as PCOS. However, research indicates that dietary and lifestyle changes can help you manage the condition. Women suffering from PCOS often have higher than normal insulin levels. If you have symptoms of PCOS, your doctor is most likely to recommend a personalized PCOS diet plan. …

Pregnant women and COVID-19

COVID-19 and Pregnancy: What are the Risks?

If you are pregnant or you recently delivered a baby, or you are breastfeeding, you’re concerned about the impact of the wave of COVID-19 on you and your baby.  COVID-19 pandemic has predominantly affected the respiratory system. If you leave aside the cases with comorbidities, most of the cases are mild or moderate in severity. …

c-section feature image

C-Section (Cesarean Section): Procedure and Complications

What is C-section or Cesarean Section? A cesarean delivery, the other name for which is C-section basically involves a surgical delivery of a baby. It involves two major types of incisions: Incision in mother’s abdomen Incision in the uterus It’s a common procedure that’s used for the delivery of nearly one-third of babies in US….

obstetrics and gynecology feature image

Obstetrics and Gynecology: Antenatal Care and Postnatal Care

Obstetrics and Gynecology Overview In the new millennium, when it comes to obstetrics and gynecology, we all have seen increased emphasis from programme implementers, ministries of health and donors on ensuring skilled care during pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period for both the women as well as new-born. In a pregnancy, there is an important…


Amenorrhea: Types, Meaning and More

Have you been experiencing pain in the pelvic region, physical and mental stress?  Have you hit puberty i.e. 15 years of age or you are near your menopause and you are facing an imbalance in your menstrual cycle? There is a chance you might be facing Amenorrhea.  This article discusses Amenorrhea in detail. Learn about…