teething symptoms in baby

Teething Symptoms and Treatment

Is your baby extremely cranky lately? Chances are that they will soon begin teething and these are teething symptoms. The medical term for this is odontiasis. It usually begins at the age of four months and lasts up to 36 months. This is when the primary teeth start erupting from the gumline. However, this timeline…

kid's healthy eating

Instill Healthy Eating Habits in Kids

If your child likes cookies and chocolates more than vegetables then they are probably similar to most children. However, as a parent, you will want them to start healthy eating. This is especially difficult if your child has a sweet tooth. Moreover, we can’t deny that all sugary stuff tastes amazing and is addictive. No…

working moms with children

Work-Life Balance For Working Moms

Working moms are usually ridden by guilt. Am I doing enough for my child? Am I underperforming in work? This is a tough phase for most women who have to find a balance between work and life so that both things go smoothly together. While we are sure that you must be trying your best,…

baby with feeding bottle

Baby’s Feeding Bottle: Facts and Pros

After your baby’s birth, you may sometimes rely on a feeding bottle rather than breastmilk. However, bottle feeding may not be as healthy for your child as you may think. Instant formula milk does not provide the same nutrients and antibodies as breast milk. Though, even using the bottle feeder can be bad for your…

happy kid playing with father

6 Ways To Raise A Happy Kid

Parenting is a full-time job and it is indeed a task to raise a happy kid. Parents want to be the best at it but when you ask parents they will tell you that they are getting by. After all, there is no written guide and rules for parenting and new parents put in efforts…

mental health in children

Mental Health In Children: Your Ultimate Guide

Just as mental health is important for adults, so are children. It is not necessary that if your child is showing anger in certain situations, then they are throwing tantrums at you. It could also be a sign of Mental Health. Many times, mental illnesses are health problems and are hard to identify in children…

newborn baby 2

Newborn Baby: Care and Development

The initial few days and weeks with your newborn baby may feel like a whirlwind. You may still be recovering from childbirth. You might have a mix of emotions that lasts throughout the infant phase. The newborn phase generally lasts for the first two months after your baby is born. As you slowly navigate through…

Baby Milestones 6

Baby Milestones: Your Child’s First Year

Buckle up, parents! Your newborn baby’s first year is a whirlwind of milestones. You have already seen them take their first breath, heard their first cry, and changed their first dirty diaper. So what is up next? Developmental baby milestones are behaviors, mental and physical skills your newborn babies reach and master as they grow….

daily sugar intake

How to Reduce Your Child’s Daily Sugar Intake

The daily sugar intake of children and adults should be 10 percent of their total calorie intake. However, children, these days take roundabout 16 percent of sugars in their diet. This is a result of excessive added sugars in products such as juice, soft drinks, ice cream and candies. As a parent, you should try…

children using their screen time

How to Reduce Your Child’s Screen Time

In this digital world, your child is exposed to several gadgets. Hence, it is harder to limit their screen time to a healthy limit. As a parent, you may want your child to use the screens only for a few hours a day. However, once they begin liking the cartoon and poems, it is hard…