The Perfect Smile: Dental Procedures to Achieve it

woman with perfect smile

A perfect smile looks confident and appealing.

However, not everyone has straight and white teeth.

You may unconsciously hide your smile because of your teeth.

This does not only reduce your confidence in your body but also makes you awkward in social situations.

We know it is unpleasant insecurity.

Though, using modern dental treatments you can align and whiten your teeth so that you can flaunt your smile without being conscious about it.

This article discusses how you can a perfect smile using dental procedures. Keep reading to know how you can smile confidently again.

braces for perfect smile

Orthodontic Treatments for a Perfect Smile

The orthodontic treatments can change the alignment of your teeth.

They can treat misaligned, crooked, gaps in teeth, buck teeth and overcrowding.

Popular orthodontic treatments are:

  • Jaw Splints
  • Braces
  • Invisalign
  • Retainers

Your dentist uses a jaw splint for TMJ treatment.

This removable orthodontic appliance covers all of your upper and lower teeth.

In the dentists’ office, you give an impression of your teeth which are molded onto the acrylic resin to form splints.

Then you begin wearing them day and night as your dentist advises.

Splints help to relieve your jaw pain because of TMJ however, they have another use.

It makes changes to bite and jaw position.

Splints complement other treatments to form a new jaw position.

Their main purpose remains to improve jaw function so that you have good teeth and jaw.

More common treatments are braces, retainers and Invisalign.


You can treat misalignment, gaps, overbite, underbite, buck teeth and crossbite using braces.

These are usually the main problems that your teeth have aesthetically.

Thus by getting teeth braces, you can fix them and get perfectly straight teeth.

As technology evolves, there are not one but four kinds of braces.

These include:

  • Traditional Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces
  • Lingual Braces
  • Damon Braces

Traditional Metal Braces use stainless steel wires and brackets to reposition your teeth.

You will have to wear them for a year or two to reposition and align your teeth.

Moreover, you will keep visiting your dentist to change your brackets and tighten them once or twice a month.

Ceramic braces are similar in function to traditional metal braces however, you do not get a mouth full of metal.

While they use metal wire, they do not contain metal brackets.

In fact, the brackets are made of clear material that resembles your tooth color.

Therefore, they are not as apparent as the traditional metal braces.

Similarly, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism so that aligns teeth.

In traditional braces, the elastic bands tie the metal wire to the braces.

However, in Damon braces facilitate the alignment of teeth using the sliding mechanism without paying several visits to the dentist to tighten wires.

Though, if you care about appearances and do not want to show that you are wearing braces, then lingual braces are your best bet.

Lingual braces go on the inside of teeth rather than outside.

Hence, no one can notice them unless you tell them.

Braces pressurize teeth.

This in return compresses and stretches the ligament that holds them in position in the gum.

As a result, the teeth move in another direction and when they loosen a new bone grows to support them.

After removing braces, you will have to wear retainers for about a year.

This is because as the teeth move in another direction, they can move back to their previous position.

Hence, you need to keep them firmly in position.

Therefore you should wear retainers at all times in the next year.

Though, you can also choose to get fixed retainers instead of removable clear plastic retainers that you can wear your entire life.

There will be fewer chances of relapsing if you keep wearing your retainers or if they are fixed.

man wearing invisalign

Invisalign and Other Procedures

If you are concerned about your appearance wearing braces or thinking that you are too old to get them, then you can get clear aligners.

Invisalign in Sharjah can give you straight teeth at about the same time as braces.

However, aligners do not contain any brackets or metal wires.

They are clear so you can wear them without hesitance.

Your dentist takes the impression of your mouth and designs Invisalign accordingly.

This orthodontic appliance puts pressure on your teeth to move them in the desired direction.

After every few months, they design a new pair according to the shape of your current teeth.

This process can also take up to a year or two.

Moreover, you will have to wear retainers to keep your teeth in position.

Another orthodontic and cosmetic procedure is teeth reshaping and bonding.

This procedure alters the shape of teeth.

Your cosmetic dentist modifies the shape of teeth by removing excess enamel.

This can help fill gaps, chips and improve the appearance and shape of teeth.

These orthodontic procedures will give a perfect set of teeth so that you can smile to your heart’s content.

If there is something else that is keeping you from smiling then dental treatments can fix that as well.

These include using veneers, crowns or implants.

Let’s discuss them in detail below!

man getting veneers

Dental Procedures to Get a Perfect Smile


Dental Veneers go on the front of your teeth.

These are plastic shells that are of your tooth shape but do not cover the entire tooth.

Therefore, they give the appearance of a perfect tooth, regarding color, alignment and shape.

Your dentist can use these if you have a gap in teeth, crooked teeth, staining or chipped teeth.

They will begin by taking a mold of your teeth and using that mold, make the ceramic, plastic or porcelain veneers.

Then they bond the affordable dental veneers to your teeth using tooth cement.

Dental Bonding 

If you have one missing tooth, or some damage on teeth then your dentist may suggest getting dental bonding.

Your dentist will apply composite resin which can repair the damage of your teeth.

It is cheaper than applying crown or veneers.

dental implants

Dental Implants

If you have one missing tooth or more, then a permanent solution for that is getting an implant.

You may resist smiling fully if you have a missing tooth.

We know that it does not look good and even spoils pictures.

However, implants can change your entire look.

A dentist inserts a Titanium metal post or screw inside your jaw at the site of the missing tooth.

This metal post acts as a root.

Once it starts fusing and blending in the permanent bone structure, your dentist attaches titanium abutment to the root.

The abutment holds the crown which now gives you a complete look.

This is a long process but once you have all the implants, they will remain there for life.

Inlays and Onlays 

These indirect restorations and fillings are made from composite resin in a lab.

Your dentist applies them using dental cement to teeth that have medium to moderate decay.

If there is not enough tooth structure left for tooth fillings then you will need these to repair damaged teeth.

If the cusps of the teeth are intact then they will apply inlays to the tooth.

However, if the damage is greater and cusps, as well as most tooth structures, aren’t in place then they will apply onlays.

Dental Crowns 

Another way to repair the damage to teeth is by using dental crowns.

It can cover a tooth that is worn down, stained, full of cavities, chipped or cracked.

The crown goes over the complete tooth, unlike a veneer. It encases it to protect it from further damage.

They put on a dental cap after cleaning the tooth while restoring the tooth and giving you a better appearance.

Your dentist can combine them with bridges, implants and dentures to give you perfect teeth.

getting a perfect smile after teeth whitening

Teeth Whitening

Yellow teeth can be one of the reasons why you are hiding your smile.

They can hinder you from smiling beautifully to your heart’s content.

Though, it has a very simple solution.

Go to a teeth whitening medical center to get Zoom teeth whitening or laser dental whitening.

The treatments offered in a teeth whitening clinic can whiten your teeth in one session.

You may know about whitening treatments at home such as using baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

However, these treatments do not last long and in fact, take a very long time to show results.

Teeth whitening Sharjah can give you dramatic results.

Your teeth can whiten up to 8 shades in only one session.

So, if you are not smiling widely because you have discoloration on your teeth then all you need to do is to visit your teeth whitening dentist in Sharjah.

woman with a perfect smile

Summing Up 

Either you have staining on your teeth, damaged teeth, missing teeth or crooked teeth, there are dental procedures available to treat them all.

Never make your dental health the reason behind smiling less.

You can get a perfect smile by getting these treatments.

That can give you the confidence boost that you need to flourish in your life.

Never feel underconfident about your smile again and consult your dentist to get these treatments soon!






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