Acupuncture Dubai: How it Works, Benefits and Results for Pain

acupuncture dubai

Do you know that Acupuncture Dubai is a form of treatment that helps to relieve pain?

Acupuncture Dubai involves inserting very thin needles at specific points on your body, to various depths.

Moreover, research suggests that it can help to alleviate pain and it is also used for a wide range of other complaints.

However, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, NCCIH, there is limited evidence for its effectiveness in areas other than pain.

It is important to note that Acuputnure Dubai is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine, TCM.

In most cases, individuals use it for overall wellness, including stress management.

Traditional Chinese explain this process as a technique for balancing the flow of energy or life force, also known as chi or qi (chee) or Yin and Yang.

It is believed to flow through pathways or meridians in your body.

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Acupuncture Dubai might sound Scary but it’s Not

In case you are new to this holistic type of healing as treatment, then you might be terrified of Acupuncture Clinic Dubai.

How could pressing needles into your skin make you feel better or will it hurt?

Well. No!

It is definitely not the overly painful procedure you may be imagining just by looking at it.

Considering that it has been studied and practiced for over 2500 years, it seems that acupuncture enthusiasts could seriously be onto something.

Moreover, some individuals swear by acupuncture, citing it as a “miracle” to improving the quality of life.

This is because it is said to be able to treat everything from depression to allergies and morning sickness and cramps.

Furthermore, when you listen to what the devotees have to say about the treatment, it almost sounds like a wonderful cure-all.

But is it actually the case?

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Acupuncture Dubai

Acupuncture Dubai is an ancient Chinese medicine-based approach to treating a number of conditions.

It does so by triggering specific points on your skin with needles.

According to a licensed Acupuncturist, it is a minimally invasive method that stimulates nerve-rich areas of the skin surface in order to influence tissue, gland, organs, and various functions of your body.

acupuncture dubai 1Moreover, each acupuncture needle produces a ting injury at the insertion site and though it is slight enough to cause a little or no discomfort, it is enough of a signal to let your body know that it needs to respond.

Furthermore, this response involves stimulation of your immune system, thus, promoting circulation to the area, wound healing, and pain modulation.

It is important to note that contemporary research on acupuncture also relies mainly on this theory.

Acupuncture moxibustion is a type that involves burning moxa, a cone or stick made of ground mugwort, on or near your body’s meridians and acupuncture points.

The philosophy behind Acupuncture Dubai

The Chinese philosophy behind Acupuncture Dubai is a bit more complicated.

This is because the ancient practice it not traditionally based on science and medicine.

According to Chinese philosophy, the human body contains and animates an invisible life-giving force that is qi, while you pronounce it as “chee”.

Moreover, when the qi is flowing well and going to all the right places, then you would experience good mental and physical health.

However, when it flows incorrectly or is deficient, then it results in illness.

You can think of qi as the natural inner workings of your body for natural healing.

acupuncture dubai 2In some cases, you are more prone to illness when you are stressing or anxious over something.

While when you are relaxed and healthy, your body physically reflects that too.

After all, your mood, mental health, and general well-being do affect your physical health in return.

Thus, acupuncture Dubai aims to assist in achieving balance or qi.

As a result, it provides relief for a number of ailments.

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What does Acupuncture Dubai Do?

You might be taking interest in Acupuncture Dubai for a number of reasons.

For instance, you might be looking for this treatment for chronic headaches and sinus pressure.

This is because there are countless conditions and symptoms that this procedure can help with.

The following are just some of many claims it helps to relieve:

Some studies also suggest that acupuncture can also help with cancer and multiple sclerosis.

factsHowever, research for these conditions is limited and requires larger studies to confirm the benefits.

An important thing to note is that there is also limited evidence for the effects of acupuncture Dubai for conditions like acne, abdominal pain, cancer pain, obesity, infertility, diabetes, etc.

While there is no evidence that Acupuncture Dubai is a miracle cure-all.

However, there is some evidence that it is a worthwhile treatment if you have multiple conditions and illnesses.

Moreover, there is a reason why this treatment is there or more than 2500 years.

And as the research grows, so will the knowledge of what exactly works and what it does.

Procedure for Acupuncture Dubai

According to traditional Chinese medical theory, acupuncture points are present on meridians, through which vital energy runs.

This energy id “qi” or “chi”. During the procedure, the acupuncturist will examine and assess your condition.

Insert one or more thin, sterile needles and offer advice on self-care or other complementary therapies like Chinese herbs for herbal treatments.

They will ask you to lie down on your back, front, or on one side, depending on where they will insert the needles.

Moreover, they often use single-use, disposable, sterile needles.

As the acupuncturist inserts the needle, you may feel a very brief stinging or tingling sensation.

pressure pointsAfter inserting the needles, there is an occasional dull ache at the base of the needles that subsides.

It is important to note that this procedure is relatively painless.

In some cases, our acupuncturist my heat or stimulate the needles with electricity after insertion.

These needles will stay in place for 5 to 30 minutes.

However, the number of treatments you need often depends on the condition.

If you have chronic conditions then you may need one or two treatments a week over several months.

While if you have an acute problem, then it normally improves after 8 to 12 sessions.

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Are there any Risks?

Just like all therapies have certain risks, acupuncture has also some risks.

The possible risks of acupuncture are:

  • it is dangerous if you have a bleeding disorder or taking blood thinners
  • bleeding, bruising, and soreness may occur at the site of insertion
  • in cases the needles are not sterile, they may infect you
  • rarely, a needle may break and damage an internal organ
  • when the acupuncturist inserts the needle deeply into the chest or upper back, there is a risk of lung collapsing, however, this is rare.

benefitsThe United States. U.S. Food and Drug Administration, FDA regulates acupuncture as a medical device.

Their manufacturer and labeling need to meet certain standards by FDA. Moreover, the needles must be sterile, nontoxic, and labeled for one use only, by a licensed practitioner.

As with other complementary therapy, medical treatments, or a treatment plan by a doctor, it is advisable to use them along with conventional treatments in case you have a chronic or severe illness.

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What can you do If there is no Acupuncturist in your Town?

Make sure to never try acupuncture on your own. Not only it will worsen your symptoms, but it can not be a good way to balance your Qi.

Instead, you can try “Tai Chi”, yoga, and meditation that are simple, self-managing techniques to promote the flow of energy into your aroma and different parts of the body.

Moreover, pressing these points or acupressure can also help to relieve pain, like in case of headaches, sinus infections, etc.

If you are experiencing menstrual cramps, for instance, then hold the hollow of your inner ankle with your thumb.

Insert a little or no pressure, This covers points K 3,4, and 5.

Furthermore, if you are having trouble falling asleep, rub in circles the “Yintang” present between your eyebrows, going clockwise, then counterclockwise.

To help ease lower back pain, you can use “Du 26” the space between the middle of your nose and upper lip.

It is important to note that the most popular pressure point is “Li 4” or large intestine 4 and for a good reason.

Pressing this point, present on the muscle between your thumb and index finger helps to alleviate headaches, toothaches, stress, and facial, and neck pain.

However, make sure to not press this point if you are pregnant unless you are ready for labor.

In such a case, it can help induce contractions.

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Final Thoughts

If you are unsure of how or where to start, then you can always consult with a certified reflexologist or acupuncturist. A professional can help you and demonstrate where and how to apply pressure properly. Moreover, acupuncture is recognized as safe and beneficial for a number of health conditions, however, it is not a cure-all for everything.

While it may not help to eliminate your symptoms, it could still help to ease them, So it may be worth a try, especially when it comes to chronic pain. If you are skeptical about acupuncture Dubai, then talk to your doctor about the concerns you have. They will look at your symptoms, medical history, and overall health to help determine if acupuncture is the right treatment that involves the right plan for you.

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