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Have you ever gone through an episode or  feeling that something bad is going to happen to you. Anxiety attack is quickly becoming a norm; a feeling which is not hard to ignore.

It usually means you are in a constant state of restlessness. It happens when you are thinking too much of a situation or event that is making you uneasy.

In this article, we will be hitting upon and shedding light on why is anxiety cases on the rise, what are its complications and major causes.

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What is Anxiety?

it relates to high levels of stress and fear

Anxiety is said to link directly to facing stress concerns.  It majorly relates to feeling extreme high levels of fear and is also associative to physical symptoms which includes having muscle tension.

Many people consider it to be the same as panic attacks but it is different. It can relate to and triggers because of a certain situation or event. But there are might be certain other variations to it too.

A panic attack is somewhat more severe and it doesn’t trigger due to a specific event or situation, it just happens without a warning. Also the symptoms are also more severe than the symptoms that you face with an anxiety attack.

How Anxiety Attacks Differs from Panic Attacks?

I will now give you an interesting comparison between anxiety attacks and panic attacks. When it comes to anxiety, there are a few things you can keep a check on:

  • it is a condition that takes shape only in a certain situation, event or condition. Some of the major situations you would find yourself facing an anxiety attack is workplace crisis, health concerns (dental anxiety) or even relationship complications.
  • if you are suffering from an anxiety attack, it isn’t as severe as a panic attack
  • the attack doesn’t happen quickly. In fact it build up slowly when you start to feel anxious.
  • one of the major differences is, is that an anxiety attack gets associated with physical symptoms. Some of the major physical issues you will face are a very fast heartbeat, feeling knots in the stomach as well as having difficulty breathing.

What Makes a Panic Attack Different?

difference between panic and anxiety attack

  • it doesn’t need a special event or incident to happen
  • it is usually a symptom which arises from a panic disorder
  • there are various symptoms associating to this condition
  • the panic attack happens despite you feeling calm or cool
  • when it comes to the symptoms of this condition, sometimes they become so severe, that you feel you may suffer from death or loss of complete control

Now let’s move onto the kind of symptoms relating to this condition:

Symptoms of Anxiety Attack

a range of symptoms hit different people differently

  • you feel a constant sense of worry
  • apprehension is also common
  • there is a lot of restlessness which you just can’t overcome
  • many people feel that they are having issues with concentration
  • sadness is also a common symptom and it is one which comes on slowly and remains on for a long time
  • you will feel immense pressure
  • the need to constantly get things done is a common feeling
  • you will also feel that your heart rate is high and it doesn’t get better anytime soon
  • having tension in your head and neck is also common
  • in certain, severe cases you will also get a feeling of nausea
  • diarrhea is also common and it can stay on for several days, even when you feel your anxiety attack is well under control
  • sweating profusely is also very common
  • many people get subjected to a dry mouth despite you having ample of water
  • shaking and not being able to control your trembling sensation is one of the leading symptoms of anxiety attacks
  • you will also feel a little faint

When it comes to dealing with the symptoms, know this- different people suffer from different levels of anxiety. While some may have mild or moderate symptoms to go around, others have to go through severe symptoms.

Causes of Anxiety Attack

So after having a good understanding of the kind of symptoms you can have, let’s now talk about the causes of anxiety attacks. You can have one or more of these:

  • you are under a lot of work stress and pressure which isn’t letting you stay calm and collected
  • in certain situations you will feel an anxiety attack if you are under financial strain and under pressure to make it
  • sometimes if you are suffering from family or relationship issues, you will suffer from anxiety attacks
  • if you are suffering from a relationship dilemma like divorce or even a separation, it can also lead to an anxiety attack
  • sometimes the stress that comes with handling technology can become overwhelming and can lead to anxiety issues
  • you will feel there is some hindrance to proper physical functioning
  • in some cases, you will be subjected to mental function
  • in elderly, there are also strong chances of losing mobility
  • having phobia relating to social issues which you feel are not in your control
  • getting extremely anxious when you are getting into public speaking
  • feeling that you are being exposed to trigger which will lead to the anxiety attack
  • poor diet especially the lack of vitamin D is yet another cause
  • even the thought of having an anxiety attack can lead to an actual anxiety attack

Make an Impact : Lifestyle Changes that Make a Difference

While the stress and worry you get with anxiety attacks has complications, there are still some good lifestyle tips you can follow and adapt to ensure you are having your life in order and making the most of it.

Discover and identify the signs 

It is important that you are able to recognize the signs when you are feeling overly stressed. You can also keep a lookout on how becoming anxious can lead to serious consequences. If you feel that you are getting a strong setting of headaches, are not able to sleep properly or are overeating for no reason, then that means you need serious help and guidance before things get worse.

Always identify the triggers

It is best if you can look into ways in which your anxiety happens and try to steer clear of these conditions. You should be able to recognize what is triggering your condition and look into ways to combat these triggers in the best way.

Having a Balanced Diet 

balanced diet keeps stress level down

When you have so much going on and a very hectic routine, it becomes hard to maintain a healthy routine. And when we say healthy, it means that you are eating well as well as getting some good amount of exercise done. It is best if you limit your fast-food intake and try to workout often, at least 2-3 times in a week. Simply walking is also a great way of keeping those extra calories off and keeping your well-being in order. You can also try out intermittent fasting which is known to also give major health boost.

Emphasize Relaxation Techniques:

There are so many ways in which you can adapt relaxation tactics. These are done to inhibit better breathing in your system. It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety from your system. It has been found that aromatherapy is also a good measure and you can do so by using essential oils.

Adapt a New Activity 

pilates is a great activity to adapt in your routine

Sometimes all that you need is to get your brain working towards a new goal. This keeps your brain’s juices creative and flowing. Whether its meditation, yoga, painting, Pilates or anything that keeps your stress in check and worries at bay is a great way to keep it going. It is always great to hang out with your friends and workout the same kind of goals.

Make Friends and Socialize 

No one can beat the feeling of hanging out with your loved ones; meet and socialize with friends and groups of people who have similar interests as you. It also feels amazing when you give your time and volunteer for special causes and join support groups.

Important to Set Goals

Sometimes what happens is that we find it all becoming a little too overwhelming. You find yourself not being able to juggle it all together. In situations like these it is best to make solid plans and set small targets to attain them. You can keep a check on them and see how far along are you in attaining your milestones.


Anxiety is one of the major health conditions which is not getting the limelight it rightfully deserves. It causes a lot of stress and has a major negative impact on your well-being.

However the good thing is, you can manage it well. You can adapt certain habits or traits which will allow you to manage your stress in a better way. By adapting certain lifestyle habits, you can get a lot done. Most of the time, the stress arises from our own created concerns and issues and if we are able to recognize those, we can very well progress towards attaining a wholesome lifestyle.

This article aimed to provide you the symptoms and the causes of anxiety attack and shared certain lifestyle habits you can look into to ensure your life is well-maintained and in order.

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