lactose intolerance

Lactose Intolerance: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Lactose Intolerance affects about 75 percent of people in the world. It is a digestive issue where your body does not digest the sugar lactose present in dairy products. This adversely affects the quality of your life and causes you to have regular digestive problems. If you have it, you will be unable to enjoy…

effects of lupus on the body

The Effects of Lupus: Everything You Should Know

You must have heard of a condition called Lupus. Let’s learn about effects of lupus in greater detail. This is actually a chronic autoimmune condition.  You should know that it is becoming more common in various regions of the world. However this condition can not be considered as being systemic. The effects of Lupus can…

restless leg syndrome

Restless leg Syndrome (RLS)

Restless Leg Syndrome RLS is s neurological disorder and is also termed as Willis-Ekbon Disease or WED. It causes unpleasant sensations in the legs and a powerful urge to move the. For most people suffering from it, the urge is more intense when you are relaxing or trying to sleep. It usually happens in the…

learn about heat exhaustion

Heat Exhaustion: Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention

Are the summers setting in, do you feel heavy sweating ? This is coupled with a rapid pulse. So what does this stand for? What does it signify? It is actually because of a condition in which your body actually overheats really quickly. Did you know that there are actually three kinds of heat states….

boy smiling with permanent teeth

What Should Parents Know About Permanent Teeth

The primary teeth of your child will start falling by the age of 6 to make way for the growth of stronger permanent teeth. They will carry these adult teeth for the rest of their life. Hence, parents should be well aware of how to take care of these adult teeth when the baby’s teeth…

Getting a mammogram is essetial

Getting a Mammogram: All You Need to Know

Getting a mammogram is an important part of the health of all women around the world. For some it is essential to detect something is wrong. For others, it is a necessary precaution. In it’s most basic definition, it is a screening tool which determines whether you are suffering from cancer or not. It is done…

plaque on teeth

Plaque on Teeth : Causes and Treatment

What is Plaque on Teeth? Plaque is a thin, sticky film that forms on your teeth every single day. Do you know that slippery/fuzzy coating you feel when you first wake up early in the morning? The plaque is the colorless yellow film that is constantly forming on your teeth. Scientists have named it “biofilm”…

buck teeth

How to Deal with Buck Teeth

Buck teeth are commonly known as malocclusion or overbite. It is a common condition when your upper and lower sets of teeth don’t fit perfectly together. Malocclusion can cause physical discomfort as you are not able to eat properly. It may also be related to appearance and might be significant in a few.  Also known…