getting effective PCR testing

PCR Testing and Covid-19

One thing we need to know and understand is that the pandemic is here to stay. Since its rise, it has been going through major changes but it continues to scare us with its unpredictability. There have been various variants and kinds since the world came to know of Covid-19. Which is why you need…

Gut health 4

The Link Between Gut Health and Oral Health

With today’s online information, you have become more aware than before that your digestive health plays a massive role in your overall health. The gut is the essential part of your body as it connects to your digestion, metabolism, immune system, and brain. But the simplest way to detect illness might be through your mouth….

sensory play

Sensory Play: Benefits and Activities

Using flashcards, fidgets and reading stories helps children learn using their senses. This involves sensory play to stimulate touch, smell hearing and sight. An infant communicates with the world using their five senses i.e. sight,and hearing, taste, smelling and touch. Over time they are also able to use movement and balance. Through these senses, they…

Oral cavity 3

Oral Microbes and Their Role in the Oral Cavity

Your mouth mirrors what is happening in your body- this is right. A gum issue is rarely, if ever, just a gum issue. To heal your body, you need to recover your mouth and vice versa. Indeed, bacteria are often blamed for problems like tooth decay and gum disease, but there is no such thing…

food intolerances

Food Intolerance: Causes, Types, Diagnosis, and More

Do you know that both food allergy and food intolerance are different terms? If you have a Doos Intolerance, then you often experience difficulty digesting certain foods. Food intolerances are common and according to some estimates, they may affect about 15 to 20% of the population. Moreover, food intolerances are common in people who have…

middle child syndrome

Middle Child Syndrome: Does Your Child Have It?

Is your middle child turning rebellious day by day? Maybe they are showing signs of middle child syndrome. Neither the oldest nor the youngest, the middle child feels left out in attention and affection in the family. While parents try their best to treat all their children the same, the middle one can feel neglected….

dark chocolate benefits

Dark Chocolate Benefits

There can’t be any news bigger or greater than this- especially for those who have a strong sweet tooth. As it turns out, dark chocolate benefits you in a number of ways you probably didn’t even know. When it comes to talking about our health, you should know that there are some leading ways in…

social skills in children

Essential Social Skills for Your Child According to Age

Whenever you are out with your child, this friendly kid at home avoids making eye contact with strangers. It seems that they have a lack of social skills which is concerning for parents. This is high time to develop their social skills as it could enhance their peer relationships and decrease stress. Hence, it is…

typhoid fever

Typhoid Fever: Causes, Symptoms, and More

ComplThough a rare fever, typhoid fever is still a very serious threat, especially in the developing world, especially for children. Typhoid fever occurs due to a type of bacteria: Salmonella typhi bacteria. It spreads due to contamination in water or food or close contact with an infected person with typhoid fever. Some of the common…

teaching emotional intelligence

Strengthen Child’s Emotional Intelligence

This is probably one of the most important things that needs the limelight. As a child is growing up, they need to know that they are perfectly capable of going through a range of emotions and it is fine. Children are to be allowed to experience different emotions and not feel trauma over them. But what is…