Body Aches: What Are the Causes?

familiarize to body ache causes

Have you ever felt pain which is extremely excruciating and you cannot really point out where is it generating from? Usually body aches happen as warning to some major underlying condition. You need to steer clear and be aware of what is happening and identify the causes. The body ache causes can be originating for different reasons.

Make sure you are aware of your own well-being in order to ensure that your health is also in optimal condition. Aches can happen at any age and at any time period. It can something which happens to you on a daily basis, especially if you are standing or walking or have been actually working out over long periods of time.

In many cases all you need to do is just rest plenty and you will be able to relieve some of the body aches pressure that is in your body. In other cases, you may have a serious condition and it is best that you speak to a health expert to determine the cause.

In this article, I am going to be taking about body ache causes, how to identify them and knowing when to get treatment.

So let’s start:

Why Is My Body Aching?

determine why is your body aching?

Simply put, your body is aching because there is some concern. But body aches are actually common. They happen because either you are tired or you have suddenly been exercising too much.

Or there is some serious underlying condition which needs your attention. In most cases, these body aches are harmless. But that is not the case for many. Especially if your body is aching for long durations and you cannot put a thumb on why is this intermittent pain is becoming dull but it is also very persistent.

The main thing to do is not to ignore and strive for action. In some cases you can get lucky, identify the symptoms and causes while in others you have to seek medical attention. But the bottom line is you cannot ignore what is happening to your body.

So now with a fair idea on what are these muscle pains, I want to get into the details of body ache causes and how to identify them.

Determine Body Ache Causes

Your body is aching because there is something not right. It is your body’s way of sending out distress signals. And you need to identify them well. While there can be several reasons for this, your body can be suffering due to the following. Look into them and see if you need to act in some way:

Stressing Out

stressing can cause muscle pain

One reason can be that you are not in a good state. You are stressing over something and this is impacting your immune system. This will lead to your body’s inability to determine what is causing the sickness. And when that happens your body will have even more inflammation in the body. As a result, your body will start to ache as there is a chance it will be getting an infection.

So when talking of symptoms of stress, check out what these can be:

  • Having high heart rate
  • There is also high blood pressure in the body
  • You will be getting even hot flashes
  • This can be opposite too- having cold sweats
  • In some cases, you will also be hyperventilating
  • Certain severe cases will also be going through physical shaking
  • Headaches become frequent
  • This can even evolve and get severe like migraines¬†

In such cases where you are stressing way too much,  you need to focus on meditation practice as well as take on happy walks to reduce the level of anxiety and try to get plenty of rest and sleep. All these things add up and matter a lot.

Dehydration- A Leading Cause

Now this may come as a surprise to most of you but not taking in plenty of water can be an issue. You need to keep your body hydrated so that is its functioning in a normal and healthy way.

It is needed so when it comes to being able to breathe properly and digest food properly as well. But when you are not doing that properly and you are dehydrated then it will lead to the following warning signs:

  • You will have very dark urine
  • In some cases you will feel even dizziness
  • Disorientation can happen and you will not be able to focus well on your work
  • Extreme thirst is also a cause of concern
  • Exhaustion sets in and you will experience sunken eyes

All of these are signs that you are dehydrating and you need to do something about it. This is especially in the case if you do a lot of physical exercising. Which leads to sweating making you lose more water from the system.

Not Sleeping Enough

are you getting plenty of rest?

This is yet one of the leading body ache causes. You need to be getting your rest. It is the key to overall health. Experts suggest that you need to be sleeping from 6 to 8 hours every night. This means having the deep sleep called REM.

You will be needing it so that your body’s tissues and cells are properly rested and healthy. Only then will your brain be completely fresh and in an alert mode.

If you are not getting the proper sleep, your muscle pains will get severe and it will also be coupled with:

  • confusion
  • disoriented over several things
  • having trouble trying to speak properly
  • there is confusion on how to remember things
  • not being able to listen well
  • it becomes hard to even read properly

In such cases, in order for you to try to feel refreshed you need to stir sleep and this can be done by meditating, drinking hot fluids, you can also have a warm bubble bath with Epsom salts.

Having a Cold or Flu

Sometimes the reason can be super simple. You are suffering from a viral infection which is causing inflammation in your system. This can either be a flu or it can be a cold. These are major infections which attack your system and make you extremely drained and tired.

You will also likely suffering from:

  • sore throat
  • having a hoarse voice
  • sneezing continuously
  • coughing rapidly without control
  • being subjected to a very think mucus
  • there is ear ringing and continuous headaches

For these the remedy is quite simple. Again you need to rest well, take in hot fluids and gargle with warm salt water which will provide you instant relief.


Many may not be aware of this but as it turns out your body ache causes can also include when you are not having plenty of red blood cells in the body. This means the cells in the body are not getting plenty of oxygen.

And when this happens, your body will feel fatigue and restless. Exhaustion, having chest pains and even a very pale looking skin can be leading to anemia. It is best to consult your doctor for the same to determine what is the best solution for it.

Vitamin D Deficiency

There are a few situations and health conditions which can take over when your body is suffering from very little vitamin D. This includes having low calcium level as well as suffering from hypocalcemia. This means that many of the organs of the body are not working in a proper condition and due to having very little calcium in the body, you will feel body aches constantly. This will also include having body cramps, feeling muscle twitching as well as having numbness completely taking over.


As it turns out body ache causes can be far too serious and would need immediate attention to resolve. One condition which can become very severe is having a lung infection. This means your respiratory system is not in a stable condition and it is impacting many functions like breathing, sweating as well others.

You will also likely be suffering from coughing, exhaustion, vomiting uncontrollably, as well as shortness of breath.

Chronic Fatigue

This is yet one of the common body ache causes. It is called the chronic fatigue syndrome and it relates to when you feeling very weak and exhausted, despite resting properly and getting plenty of sleep.

And it is coupled with symptoms like having a sore throat, getting headaches, there is trouble remembering what is happening around and feeling continuous dizziness take over you.


This is a muscle condition which can cause you to feel joint inflammation. It also makes your body ache and you will be also suffering from certain infections hence it is best that you see a doctor as your joints will have stiffness and you will not be able to walk and move properly.


what are the body ache causes

So this concludes our discussion on some of the leading causes as to why is your body aching. Muscle pains can be a sign that there is something wrong and you need to determine what can be by looking at the symptoms you are suffering from. It is not always easy to determine but you should be able to when you see the signs of what are your body ache causes.


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