Breast Pain Causes

analyzing breast pain causes

Breast pain is actually common among women. Some kind of breast pain may be nothing to worry about and will require certain medication to get it sorted out. However others are of serious state and will need your immediate attention. Breast pain causes can be several.

In order to ensure your health is in complete order, you should have a better understanding on how does breast pain feel like and what are its causes.

This kind of pain is also known as mastalgia. And you can consider it as being either cyclical or noncyclical. When we are talking about cyclical, it means the pain is associated with your menstrual cycle.

Whereas the noncyclical pain is one which means there is some injury to your breasts. This pain can happen in the core of breasts and is also existing in the surrounding muscles.

In this article, we will be talking about the breast pain causes and how to identify them.

So let’s begin:

What is Breast Pain?

looking into what is breast pain

The breasts develop when there will be an increase in the level of estrogen when you are hitting puberty. What happens during your menstrual cycle is that the level of hormones will change.

This will be then causing you pain and major discomfort. Both pains can happen at any time, however noncyclical pain is actually less common as compared to the cyclical pain.

But mastalgia can actually vary in intensity from the sharp pain. There is actual major tenderness in the breast region. And one of the key ways of identifying this is that you will notice your breasts are feeling fuller than usual.

Now let’s get ito the major reasons as to why you might be suffering from breast pain. These can include:

Breast Pain Causes

A number of factors can be associated with why your breasts are feeling tender and why there must be pain in them. Did you know that almost 70percent of women will be suffering from breast pain at some point in time.

However the good thing is that only about 15percent of them will be needing some kind of medical treatment.

While the severity can differ from one case to another, the pain can be relating to similar causes. In some scenarios, you may be suffering from pain in just one breast or even just around the region or the underarm.

Knowing the reasons is important. It allows you to get the proper diagnosis which ensures your treatment is how it should be:

Now let’s talk about some of the common breast pain causes:

Hormone Fluctuations

When a woman is in her period, there may be some strong hormone fluctuation in your estrogen and progesterone level.

These hormones will be making your breasts feel swollen as well as lumpy. In case you feel certain pain in them, then that will be a cause of concern. And you should look into the symptoms and have it checked out.

Breast pain can vary in degree. Some women will have severe pain as they get older. This is because there is high sensitivity as women age.

The hormone fluctuations will cause your pain to get even worse and this is usually before the period’s onset. In some cases, the pain stays on only during the first few days, in other cases it can be through your whole menstrual cycle.

A women’s development stages of puberty, pregnancy and even reaching menopause can trigger it.

Developing Breast Cysts

formation of breast cysts

When a woman is aging, her breasts will be experiencing major changes. And this is called involution. It is when your breast tissue is getting replaced by fat.

And this can lead to the development of cysts as well as fibrous tissue.

In certain cases it does not make an impact, however it can cause pain in some women. This is more so on the side of it being tender.

You will feel this tenderness in the upper and outer portions of the breasts. There can be certain lumps as well and these will be happening in the upper as well as outer areas of the breasts.

Pain from Breastfeeding

This is probably the most common kind. A new mom whose body is just getting accustomed to this new role will be feeling certain pain from breastfeeding.  There can actually be many reasons as to why you are feeling discomfort.

These can include:


This is actually a kind of infection which takes place in breast milk ducts. It will be causing you to have severe pain. This is because your breasts will be feeling cracked, and will have a burning sensation around the nipple region.

You will also be having major red streaks. This comes with fever and even chills.


When you are breastfeeding and suddenly halt in between, your breasts will suddenly feel like they are overfull. They will be enlarged and feel tight and in pain.

This makes the situation incredibly painful. In such cases, it is best that you manually express the milk as it will become too painful and extremely tender.

Your Diet Impacts

The food that you consume is also going to be contributing to how your breast pain is. Women who are in the habit of consuming unhealthy diet, will definitely be suffering from breast pain.

This means there diet is high on elements like fat and refined carbs. This will cause you to suffer from higher breast pain.

This also means that your breasts may increase in size and when that happens, it means that the proportion of breasts to the rest of the body is not right. And this will lead to discomfort and pain.

Surgery and Medications

surgery and medications can cause breast pain

In some cases, if you recently had a surgery on your breasts, it can lead to pain which will linger on for long. This is something which can stay on for even a couple of weeks and even months.

The severity can vary from individuals. There can be severe inflammation and even certain nerve damage that you will suffer from.

However with the rest and proper care, the pain will begin to subside.

Also if you are on certain medication including taking on hormone therapy or even antibiotics, then you will most likely be suffering from breast pain.

While it is not recommended that you suddenly discontinue taking these medicines, you can ensure that you speak to your doctor and look for certain alternatives which will subside the pain.

Poorly Fitted Bra

This is one of the most common reasons why you are feeling breast pain. It is not known but if you are not wearing a proper bra, which means it is either too tight or too lose, then that will be causing you to suffer from discomfort.

To make sure your bra is fitting properly, look into if the bra is riding up in the back or not? Also check out how the straps are bulging or not.

It is important that you get help from an expert and get a proper bra-fitting service done so that you are looking good while also not jeopardizing your health.

Breast Cancer

This is a major wakeup call. While many consider breast cancer as the leading cause of breast pain- that is far from the truth.

In major cases, breast cancer does not cause breast pain. But there is definitely inflammation and you will suffer from discomfort.

But in case you are feeling a lump or pain, and there is some kind of nipple discharge and you are also suffering from breast infection which includes feeling redness and even pus, then it is time to hit the doctors.

In either case, it is best that you get yourself checked from a doctor to make sure what is causing these discomforts.

When to See the Doctor

If you are feeling a sudden pang of pain which includes chest pain, this means there is something wrong. You will need to seek medical attention right away.

It is best that your symptoms get a proper diagnosis. It will ensure that your health is in order. So this means you will be needing to head to your health care expert if your pain is lasting longer than 2 weeks, and if the pain is actually increasing then it is best that you look into why it continues to worsen.


People consider breast pain to be a major cause of concern. Some people associate it with breast cancer. But it can happen due to any reasons.

You need to look into ways in which you will be analyzing why there is pain. Not all breast pain causes need to be terminal. And some are actually solvable.

It all comes down to understanding the condition well. When you are diagnosing what is causing the pain, it will ensure you are getting the right kind of treatment.

All it comes down to being informative. Because when you have the right kind of information, you will be able to analyze the condition well. And this will in turn allow you to get the treatment needed.



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