Breathing Problems: Reasons and Symptoms

understanding breathing problems

Have you ever felt wheezing issues? Does it sometimes feel you are having major breathing problems? What does that signify?

There can be many reasons as to why someone’s breathing can be affected. It can be either due to certain allergies, or  even if you are suffering from inflammation or have some kind of infection.

But the thing is your breathing can be unstable for any reason. You have to talk to your doctor to speak on what are the problems you are noticing. And it is best that you also keep an eye out for what is causing problems in it.

If you are suffering from certain kinds of symptoms, it is best that you get yourself first checked from a doctor to know the reasons.

Example chest-pain, cough and having high fatigue may be directing towards something serious.

So you should be identifying your condition properly before making a decision on treatment.

Now let’s look into what causes a person to suffer from breathing problems and how to combat them properly:

Why Am I Facing Difficulty Breathing?

breathing issues can trigger from anything

The fact of the matter is that there may be any reason as to why your breathing is impacted.

A person who is actually going through the trauma that they cannot breathe properly will be facing trouble as when they try to inhale or exhale.

This means there is not enough oxygen going inside their lungs.

Often you will be also facing concerns as when you are exercising. Your breathing indicates and is a sign that there is something very wrong.

So you have to look into reasons as to why there is significant problems when you are breathing.

In this article I will be looking into ways in which you will be handing your breathing in a normal manner and what are some of the major causes for suffering this condition.

Major Symptoms to Watch Out For

When your breathing is impacted, there are a few things you need to look into as the will be affecting your breathing heavily.

These show that your brain is not getting plenty of oxygen. And in order for you to identify it, here are some major signs that you have to look out for:

  • Check your breathing rate. How fast is it going? This is a major indication that there is something wrong.
  • Wheezing is also a common sign. This usually occurs during the Winters and when it is cold weather.
  • Having blue fingernails is also a major symptom that something is not right. It is also an indication that you may be very sick and need immediate medical attention.
  • Having a gray complexion can impact you in a major way. Keep your diet well and this may help in keeping your body healthy.
  • If you are excessively sweating then that is also an indicator that your health is
  • Flaring nostrils can be a cause of worry. Make sure your health is in optimal condition. Otherwise it will be showcasing that something is very wrong with your health.

These symptoms are not common in every case but you need to keep an eye out to know when there may be a serious issue which needs to be looked into.

Some of the distressing symptoms which can become problematic for you include:

  • Having high fever
  • You are feeling extreme pain in the chest
  • Your wheezing continues to get worse
  • Getting a feeling of tightness in your throat
  • A barking cough takes over
  • Shortness of breath is common when you are sitting up
  • Also this shortness of breath takes control when you are driving the night

Breathing Issues in Children

Babies and younger children also may be suffering from certain breathing issues. This is because they can very well be affected by respiratory viruses.

This means they will be having symptoms which are causing them to have severe breathing concerns.

It is also quite common in smaller kids who are not well-aware of what is causing the congestion in their noses and throats.

Also these are several things you need to look into before working out the perfect treatment for the same.

What is Causing My Breathing Problems?

asthma is a leading cause

Now, I will be talking in detail and looking into some of the most common issues which lead to having major breathing issues with how you breath. These will include but are not limited to:

Colds and Flu

It basically leads to when you will be having major issues and difficulty when breathing. Some of these symptoms are quite common and can include having a stuffy nose, a sore throat as well as inflamed airways and troubling sinusitis.


Many people may not be aware but anxiety is actually one of the leading causes of breathing problems. It means you will be having trouble balancing your breathing.

It can leads to many issues and your anxiety can actually even increase with time. Some of its most common symptoms are feeling very nervous, having a high heart rate, feeling that there is a sense of doom upon you and having difficulties when trying to concentrate.

Other Reasons

Here’s looking into some more reasons as to why your breathing is not becoming normal:


This is a chronic condition. It basically relates to when your airways are actually inflamed. This will cause you to feel incredibly sick.

The asthma condition can flare up in certain conditions or go down. This means it can have several kinds of triggers. These triggers can include when you are smoking, are doing vigorous exercises. Also if you are allergic to certain conditions, that can also cause major problems in your body.

When looking into what is causing asthma, here are some of the most common triggers- wheezing, having a major chronic cough, feeling major tightness sin the chest as well as having difficulty breathing.


This is something which happens when there is something stuck in your throat.

It can be a food item of any size.

In some cases it can also be life-threatening. This means your food is not removing completely. And it can cause a person to not have regular breathing.

Some of the most common symptoms of choking include, coughing, wheezing as well as gagging.

How to know whether someone is suffering from a breathing condition? Here are a few common signs.

You will be passing out, lips will be turning blue, there will be lack of breathing and you will  not be able to speak.


Being pregnant can have major effects on your body. The most common kind is that you will be having breathing issues. This means your muscles will get impacted in the process.

So in such conditions what happens is that your uterus will be pushing on your diaphragm. And this makes it even more difficult for a person to be able to take deep, long breaths.

Who is At Risk?

This is the most common question to ask. Who can get this condition? Who is most prone?

There are several factors which can cause you to suffer from breathing problems.

Example, children are at higher risk of choking than adults.

Also if you are smoker, you are at a higher chance of suffering from complications.

Asthma can also lead to more problems and complications as compared to a normal person.

Treatments that Work

look into solutions for breathing problems

There are several kinds of treatments which can make your condition better.

The cause of breathing difficulty can vary from one person to another.

So before deciding on the treatments, here are looking into some of the most popular treatments which work:

  • removal of an object in the throat
  • making use of medications which can provide great results
  • inhalers are a great way of treating asthmatic attacks
  • you should be eating small meals in case you are suffering from acid reflux conditions like GERD
  • Also there are some great antacids which work great in case suffering from an acid reflux

These are some of the simplest and quickest ways in which you can make sure your breathing comes to normal. It is also important in case of when adapting simple breathing exercises.

They will be definitely increasing your lung capacity and allowing you to adapt to better lifestyle habits.

Prevention Ways

A few ways in which you can ensure the breathing problems do not get severe. You should be:

  • Taking smaller bites of food
  • Avoid putting loose objects in the mouth
  • Take allergy medications
  • Eat healthy meals
  • Make a habit to exercise often
  • Prescribed medications can give results


make your health a priority

Your health matters. You should be understanding how breathing problems can happen for any reason.

In this article, I shared details on how you can maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It is important that you adapt certain habits which will ensure your breathing is normal and well-taken care of.

We looked into the various causes, symptoms to watch out for, treatments that work and how prevention tactics can make a major difference.

Ensure you are keeping your health a priority as it will make a difference.

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