Cellulite Guide (2021)


Have you ever noticed some bumps under your skin which aren’t pleasing to look at ?

They tend to give you self-esteem issues and regardless of applying several creams and doing certain workouts, they just won’t budge.

So what is this uneven, lumpy skin and how do I get rid of it- a thought which will often cross your mind.

No need to worry. We have you covered.

This blog will shine the light on all you need to know about a common skin condition called ‘cellulite’.

Cellulite is commonly found on thighs and buttocks

Usually found on your thighs and buttocks, cellulite is basically fat cells which get pulled into deeper tissues. This causes you to have uneven skin surface.

While it is most common on your thighs, other places where you can get this condition are:

  • hips
  • thighs
  • abdomen
  • buttocks
  • breasts


Cellulite Causes:

So why does it happen? And interestingly you would want why some people are more prone to getting cellulite as compared to others.

Since it happens due to a rush of fat cell buildup under the skin, there are several reasons why you might be having more cellulite and onto various places as compared to another person. According to Wikipedia, having a stressful lifestyle also leads towards itIt is more noticeable in certain people due to:

*hormonal conditions- you are more likely to have cellulite in unbalanced hormonal state

*poor diet also contributes to cellulite build-up

*an unhealthy lifestyle consisting of various habits make your skin prone to cellulite

*accumulated toxins can accelerate cellulite production

*genes also play a role; your genetic build-up determines the age at which cellulite will start to appear

* a sudden weight gain can also play a role

*having long periods of inactivity also contributes towards this

*one of the major side effects of pregnancy is cellulite build-up

It is also a common state where women’s cellulite is more visible than men. It also becomes more visible as you age. This is because your skin begins to lose its elasticity and becomes thinner.


After a good understanding on what cellulite is, we will now move to determining at what stage is your cellulite. These are usually called as ‘grades’.

The 4 Grades of Cellulite

There are 4 grades of cellulite; we will learn how to get rid of cellulite.

Depending on the severity and the duration of its existence, your doctor will categorize your body and its ability to develop cellulite as:

  • Grade I:This is when your cellulite isn’t really visible but you are noticing early changes to your skin.
  • Grade II: While it is still not as readily available, your skin will look more compressed than usual. You will be able to notice this right away.
  • Grade III: At this stage, your cellulite is quite noticeable when your body is at complete rest. Body contouring is also an important element.
  • Grade IV: This is the last category for determining where your cellulite stands. It is now quite visible and is severe.

Another set of factors which your doctor can look into when determining the grade of your condition are:

*Number of depressions you have

*The depth of these depressions

*How is the shape and arrangement looking?

*The state of looseness or sagginess of your skin

These are called Nurnberger-Muller classification grade.

So having looked into the various attributes of cellulite and determining what stage your cellulite exists, let’s talk about if we can combat it before it strikes.


Can We Prevent Cellulite Build-up?

While cellulite also widely forms due to your genetic and hormonal buildup, one of the best ways in which you can ensure you are not prone to it happening for other reasons is if you maintain a good circulation in those parts of the body where fat-buildup is likely.

Maintaining a good exercise regime is the key. Also adapt healthy eating habits which make you refrain from refined and processed food. It is all about getting a healthy outlook on life.

But for those who are already facing cellulite problems, check out your treatment plan consisting of home remedies that can make a difference to medical procedures which will solve the problem.

Let’s begin with things you can do right at home:


Home Remedies for Cellulite Reduction

Adapt healthy eating habits to combat cellulite

Lifestyle modifications can make a difference. If not completely, they can help reduce the look of cellulite on skin. Adapting home-style tips and techniques target:

  • Hitting on the fat stores
  • Improving circulation
  • Combating inflammation issues
  • Defining the skin and connective tissue health

Let’s get to them:

Weight Issues

Whether you have recently gained a lot of weight or lost it, both can give you cellulite problems. For people who suddenly lose weight, there is a higher chance of them having this condition.

This is because their skin becomes loose. However in the case of someone gaining weight, the cellulite becomes more prominent.

But gaining or losing weight based on cellulite isn’t wise- this decision should be made by your doctor in accordance with your health.

In both cases your doctor will most likely encourage you to have proper nutrition. This means your diet should have :

  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Whole grains
  • Healthy fats
  • Lean protein
  • Remain hydrated

So how will this aid in your cellulite formation? When you consume food which prevents water retention and has lower inflammation, it helps to combat your cellulite appearance.

Exercise Often

It’s one of the first things you are told to do when aiming for a healthy living- work out. There are no two ways about it. Whether its endurance training, acrobatics, or any exercise that burns calories, adapt it in your regular regime.

It helps to keep your body fat levels in control and stable. It also helps in blood circulation, keeping your skin cells and connective tissues healthy and well-maintained. Work out often, it will serve you in the long run.


It is an age old habit known to cause serious issues to your connective tissues. Some of the major concerns come with how it can cause premature aging. Affecting your skin, cellulite is common among those who smoke heavily. Hence it is best to just avoid smoking altogether or getting rid of this filthy habit readily.

Now, we will talk about the medical treatment plans that help you solve cellulite crisis:


Medical Treatments for Cellulite Reduction

there are several medical treatments for cellulite reduction. This includes treatment to control obesity.

The best ways to get results- get medical experts on it!

Certain medical treatments are known to provide great results. Its best that you get a consultation session with your dermatologist or healthcare provide to figure out which treatment works for you and why.

You will be guided to opt for one of the following treatments:


Also called Cool Sculpting, it is a non-invasive treatment. This removes the cellulite by freezing your fat cells under the top layer of the skin. Once they are frozen, the fat cells will rupture and its contents are then absorbed by the body.

The only drawback is you don’t get quick results, in fact you will multiple treatments to get the results you want. Normally it will take 3-4 months for the results to start showing.


This is another non-invasive and makes use of what’s called sound waves to remove fat cells. It usually targets the fat in abdomen and thighs. Since it focuses on these two areas only, your doctor will advise you to combine this treatment with another. The results are also noticeable in a span of 2-3months.

This ultrasound is also a good measure on the results and effectiveness of other cellulite treatments.


This too is a non-surgical procedure. What happens is a needle is used to target the bands which are stubborn, so to be able to hit on the fat cells of the cellulite which are hard to reach to.

It is considered as a highly effective treatment for it gives results in just a few days and these last for several years.

*Acoustic wave therapy

This procedure makes use of stimulating collagen production. This is done by vibrating the connective tissue the parts of skin which are most likely to get cellulite. The collagen production allows for you to get better texture and appearance while hitting on greater elasticity of the skin.

However you will need to have several treatments done before you see concrete results.

*Laser and radiofrequency treatments

These procedures have been around for several years. There are multiple techniques that come into play in this method. This includes infrared light, diode laser energy as well as heat and suction method.

The laser procedure aims to break into those tough bands which are making cellulite so visible. You will need to undergo several treatments before the results are visible. A treatment will be conducted over 4-6months for you to get visible and long-lasting results.

Vacuum-assisted tissue release

This is a state of the art treatment where the tough bands break using a device with sharp blades. When the bands are cut, the tissue will move in an upward position. The treatment brings results which last for more than 2-3years.


This method involves the insertion of carbon dioxide just beneath the skin. When it’s done, there is an increase in the blood flow to the area. This leads to appearance reduction of the cellulite. It’s only disadvantage is you will get temporary bruising and you will feel numbness and discomfort for a few weeks.


A well-know treatment which uses aluminum oxide and salt crystals. These materials help to exfoliate your skin, so to remove the dead, aging skin cells for new cells to emerge. The treatment doesn’t give quick results and you will need several sessions.


It is a spa treatment in which you get a deep massage and the skin is lifted with a vacuum type of tool. The results from this treatment can last for over a year.


In Conclusion

adapt a healthy lifestyle to avoid getting cellulite

While cellulite doesn’t impose any major health scares and risks, it in itself is a nuisance. It causes low self-esteem. It is caused by uncontrollable factors but you can fight it.

You can adapt a healthy lifestyle and exercise often to avoid cellulite formulation in the first place, for certain cases.

In cases where you have it, combat it with home-remedies which help to a certain extent.

In cases where you wish to get rid of the problem completely, you can also go for medical treatments.

This blog listed all you need to know about cellulite. We know you have concerns and we covered them in the best way possible.

However for any treatment, it is best you speak and consult your doctor before agreeing to one so it suits to your health, lifestyle and overall goals. We at Dr.Amal Al Qedrah provide proper consultation and look into your history and lifestyle to determine what cellulite treatment will give you great results.

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