Mindfulness in Children: A Guide

adapting child mindfulness

Have you ever heard of the term giving full attention or child mindfulness?

This is basically relating to when you absolutely take all of your energy to focus on something, right there and then.

It is actually different from when you are actually rushing through and try to multi-task your way through your work.

Being mindful means you are taking your sweet time while taking into consideration all things relating to your present moment.

It is actually very helpful and it is as beneficial for children as it is for adults.

Usually it all comes down to how you make use of this activity.

So in this article, I want to talk in detail and cover how child mindfulness is a concept which can provide you with a great deal of return and ensure you are getting the results needed.

Child mindfulness is highly effective and will be providing you the kind of results you will be needing to make a stance in terms of wholesome living.

Let’s learn all that you need to know about child mindfulness in this article:

What is Mindfulness?

focusing attention on the now

It basically means when you are trying to give your complete attention to something.

So for that to happen, you need to take things slowly.

This concept is actually opposite to what we call getting into a very busy routine and doing multiple things all at once.

But know that this stillness, rather calmness will take its due course to take over.

It is not something that you can master quite easily.

You will be needing to take it easy and focusing on one thing while keeping your body and brain relaxed.

So how does it work?

Simply by ensuring your brain is ingrained into the now.

Tactics for Mindfulness

When talking about mindfulness, know that there are a few ground rules which allow you to remain completely focused and committed to your surroundings.

Some simple habits which ensure you have it covered, include:

  • Paying attention and focusing on one certain element
  • Dedicating and committing to not letting anything distract you easily. This will take time to maneuver but when you get a good handle on it, it will be yielding great results.
  • Also you need to ensure you are learning more in the process.
  • Make your time your priority. This means you need to learn how to remain calm even when under stress.
  • While most of us are guilty of doing so, it is important that you learn and adapt ways in which you can forgo getting upset on things easily. It is super helpful.
  • Listening. No matter how much anyone emphasizes this, it is essential that you understand that having good hearing abilities will allow you to understand and register things better.
  • Patience is key. Do you know how hard it is for some people to handle but being patient can serve you really well in the long-term.
  • Feeling happy. It is not hard. You just need to ensure your happiness is happening over the simplest of things.

Now let’s look into what is mindfulness in children.

Child Mindfulness

attaining complete attention and focus

When it comes to children, they can most definitely gain a lot of benefits when adapting the practice of mindfulness.

This means being able to have a gentle approach and attitude to getting things done.

It is about making them appreciate and adapt the now. The present moment can make all the difference in the world.

This serves in the long-term, allowing the parents and caregivers also to ensure that there is no stress and the child is feeling loved and secure in a safe environment.

While some people even wonder how is this even helpful for kids, but as it turns out even in their early age, kids can get really anxious.

They can get tense over the smallest of things  and may even suffer from sleep deprivation and having to practice focus and meditation allows them to ensure the energy is on something far bigger and greater than their existence.

How It Helps Your Child?

As soon as a child is born, they enter into a continuous cycle of growing and adapting.

This means from being able to identify their parents, to adapting language cues as well as to heading to the first day of school, it is a continuous and never-ending process.

You are on a hamster wheel and it just would not stop till the day you die.

While for adults it is not as hard to understand these emotions and adapt ways to bear it, when it comes to children, it is a rather different story.


Because they have to go through a whirlpool of emotions including high levels of anxiety.

This is where mindfulness comes in and plays a role in ensuring that the now is getting the attention. When that happens, a child’s nervousness takes a backseat as they overcome with the ability to take control in a productive and strong manner.

So how to get it done?

Well, now I am going to be providing you with some super, amazing techniques to adapt this concept and have it practiced naturally by your young ones.

Here goes:

Awesome Ways to Adapt Child Mindfulness

ways to adapt mindfulness in younger minds

So now it all comes down to adapting solid ways of making a difference. One of the first things you need to do is ensure your child is ingrained with and understands his/her surroundings.

And this they can do by allowing them to be fully aware of their body and how it moves.

Of course it is hard for a child to do that. So what you can do is create an interesting story.

For example you can tell them that they have to pretend they are walking on really thin ice.

When done so, they would feel every fiber and focus how their body is doing certain movements.

Journaling Thoughts

While many children actually do not do that. And it is not as popular amongst kids as it is for adults.

But you can get them a really fancy journal and some really cool stationery and ask them to start penning down their thoughts into it. They may be nail-biting into it but it needs to start off somewhere.

This they can do so on a specific day of the week or at a specific hour of the day.

While in the start it may be pretty simple and straightforward.

However with time, they will get the hang of it and will be providing details, expressing their emotions more strongly than ever.

When they are doing it strongly, they will be instilling in themselves the habit of paying attention and giving focus to the now.

This allows them to ensure they have things in control and they can exercise control when things seem uncontrollable.

Enjoy the Scents

Sometimes it may seem as the hardest thing to do but it is actually what will be making a difference. Scent is actually one of the best ways which allows for a child to known of their surroundings.

And also to appreciate what is happening around them.

It allows for them to savor the here and now,

So it is best to invite your child to a beautiful garden with amazing scents.

Have them close their eyes and enjoy the scents. They make it all the more interesting.

It allows for them to actually live in the moment and make the most of it.

Counting Breaths

This is one of the simplest and yet most effective ways in which you can ensure that your child is investing time in the now.

It is as simple as it can get.

To be able to quiet the child’s mind means you can ask them to close their eyes and count the breaths.

This in itself will make a major difference.

While this activity may not actually impact the breathing in any way, it does allow the kids to become every more mindful of their surroundings and that makes a major impact.

Drawing Aplenty and Music Relaxation

Sometimes all it takes is for you to allow them the time and focus to enjoy relaxing music, this will allow your child to find peace and calm, making them even more focused and in tune with their surroundings.

Also you can invest time in getting your child coloring books as those will as well be allowing them to invest time and find complete focus and clarity on how to get something done.

When the focus is completely on one thing, it allows you to indulge and savor in it completely without thinking of how it will be manifesting.  It also leads to having full energy and you don’t suffer from drowsiness.

And this is what you need to do.

These small, simple efforts will be making all the difference in the world.


Child mindfulness is needed now more than ever. It has become so easy for our young ones to actually not appreciate life as it is. They don’t enjoy and don’t actually have the luxury of having pleasure of investing time into the simple activities in life.

When you adapt simple activities which emphasize the need to focus on the now. That would lead to great things for your kids.


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