Chills Without Fever: Guide

feeling chills without fever

Every once in a while you might get the sensation that you are coming up with a cold or fever. One of the major symptoms and side effects with this medical condition is that you will feel sudden chills.

This is when your muscles are contracting. And it is a safety mechanism in which your body tries to warm itself when it becomes really cold.

So the major misconception is that chills relate to fevers only. However that is not the case. They can be due to other possibilities as well.

In this article we will be talking in detail about what are chills and how can they happen for reasons besides having a fever or high temperature. You will be surprised to know chills without fever are common and there may be certain reasons and causes to it.

Let’s get into it right away:

Major Causes for Chills Without Fever

what are the main causes

It is common to have certain conditions which causes you to feel these terrible chills. We will talk about all of them in detail:

Cold-Led Chills

This is one of the most common causes of chills without fever. In its most simplest definition, it means to feel cold because of certain stimuli. Either because you are in a room which is really cold, like the air conditioning is on or if you are feeling chilly winds outside. Also being by the ocean or pool and having your clothes dampened or wet, leads to your feeling chilly and cold.

One of the reasons why this happens is, is that as you age your body’s ability to regulate body temperature becomes harder and harder. So much so, that being in a cold environment would lead to feeling chills.

The good thing about these kind of chills is that they can be taken care of once you get the body temperature warm again. They dissipate as soon as the body gets warmer.

However in case they don’t, and you continue to feel chills, that means there are some further complications you will suffer from.  This includes having continuous shaking  and feeling the intense cold not getting any better.

Two major kinds of complications you will suffer from are hypothermia and frostbite. This is not to be confused with another condition known as pneumonia. If that is the case you will have to get to a doctor immediately. Major symptoms that point towards these complications include feeling numbness all over your body, you will see that there is a change in your skin color. In certain cases, there is also slurred speech patterns and usually you are overcome with extreme drowsiness. Blister formation can also happen and sometimes you will suffer from a burning sensation even.

Medicine-Led Side Effects

having high medicine intake can cause chills

Sometimes having chills comes across as a side effect due to taking on heavy medication. This can also happen if you are taking on the incorrect dosage of a medication.

This also lies true for herbal medicines and supplements which you are taking on for the first time. However despite whenever you are taking on the medication for the first time or feeling that side effects on a regular basis, if the chills are persistent, it is best that you have a complete checkup with your doctor to ensure things are progressing smoothly.

If the side effect gets severe, it is best you seek medical attention as it can get worse.

Physical Exertion Reaction

This is quite common, especially among those people who don’t usually get a lot of physical activity done. It is especially true if you are taking on an exercise or physical activity which is heavily excruciating.

If you are running a marathon or involved in extreme sports, it is normal for your body temperature to spike up. This leads to chills and it is more common in cold temperatures.

intense workout causes change in body temperature

It can equally happen in extremely hot temperatures too.  Two major and severe reactions can take place in case of  this state:

  • You can suffer from hypothermia when you work out vigorously in cold temperatures
  • When it comes to taking on extreme sports in hot temperatures, you can very well suffer from heat exhaustion and dehydration as well

Having chills from such kind of workout which is too exhausting and excruciating on the body would most likely come with feeling dizziness, cramps, fatigue as well as heavy dizziness.

In certain severe cases, you will also likely be suffering from continuous vomiting , as well as nausea.  One of the best ways you can avoid these kinds of chills, in either temperature extremes, is by taking in a lot of water as well as wearing really comfortable clothes while working out.

If you do feel heavy exertion, it is best to wait out a bit for the temperature to stabilize again. If that doesn’t happen,  it is best you take on UV fluids to keep things regulated and stable.

Hypothyroidism Causing Chills Without Fever

thyroid issues can lead to chills without fever

This is a medical condition on which you don’t have complete control. It is a thyroid gland issue when enough hormones are not made which focus on the fast and proper regulation of metabolism of the body.

It also doesn’t help with your overall health. And also leads to having a high sensitivity when in really chilly temperatures. This leads to you feeling chills a lot. A few more symptoms you need to keep an eye out for are having gained weight quickly without any explanation, suffering from high puffiness of your face.

You can also be suffering from having very dry nails, skin and even hair. Having pain or weakness in the muscles also common. In very severe cases, you will also have constipation issues as well as feel frequent episodes of depression and isolation.

Blood Sugar Drop

This is yet another health condition which leads to your sudden chills. When your blood sugar levels drop unexpectedly and are lower than usual, you might have what medical experts call ‘hypoglycemia’.

This is usually because you are suffering from an unhealthy diet. In certain cases, this kind of chills are more common in people with diabetes. They need to be even more careful with their diet and adapt a more wholesome eating pattern.

When you are suffering from hypoglycemia, this usually requires for you to get your blood sugar levels back in the normal range. Otherwise you will suffer from certain complications and worse health scares.

Some of the most common symptoms in this kind of chills trigger is you will sweat profusely, feeling heart palpitations and feeling tingling in the mouth. Also if you feel there is confusion,  you are having blurred visions and even seizures, that means you need to get medical attention right away.

Facing Malnourishment

poor diet causes a weak immune system

Our body needs its right amount of nutrients to continue working properly.  Malnourishment means when you are not taking in the correct amount of nutrients in. It also can mean that your body is lacking the capability to ensure it is absorbing the nutrients efficiently.

Some of the common eating disorders you have which leads to malnutrition like anorexia or bulimia. It is very important that you get a proper diagnosis to ensure things are working properly and your nutrition mechanism is in its most stable form. Also the opposite i.e. obesity can also create similar symptoms.

Here are a few symptoms you should look out for:

  • feeling extreme weakness which doesn’t go away despite eating well
  • having fatigue
  • getting tired and sleepy but not being able to take proper rest
  • having pale skin with rashes
  • suffering from heart palpitations
  • light-headedness is common
  • fainting or feeling faint
  • getting a tingle or feeling the numbness in your joints and arms
  • women can also feel heavy menstrual cramps or have missed periods
  • in severe cases, you will also suffer from infertility if this isn’t taken care of in a timely manner

Unstable Emotional Levels Lead to Chills Without Fever

Here’s something interesting which you probably didn’t know of- even your emotional levels and how you react to certain situations can trigger a response in you. Sometimes,  the emotions become overwhelming and your only way to comprehend an uncomfortable situation is through physical change.

One major emotional feeling is anxiety. Anxiety or even fear can lead to feeling sudden chills.

Interestingly, even positive experiences can lead you to have chills, like surprises, enjoying hobbies and meeting loved ones. The phrase ‘chills going up your spine’ is quite common and it stands for good measure.


familiarize the symptoms to know what are causing chills in your body

Chills without fear may sound uncommon but it isn’t. It can be due to simplest of reasons or it can be a symptom signifying something more serious which needs addressing.

In this article, I wanted to share the different causes of chills that are not due to fever. Knowing them allows you to prepare well on how they impact your body and what you can do.

It is key to seek medical advice where needed.

As we know now already, chills that are coming from medical conditions like hypothermia need immediate medical attention, however those that come from climatic changes or emotional instability can be well-taken care of right at home.

What is important to know is that you need to properly identify the symptoms and know what needs to be done and when. Remember your sound health rests in your own hands.


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