Covid-19 Vaccine and Infertility

Covid-19 is one of the scariest things we are seeing right now. A major relating factor is the link between vaccine and infertility.

The pandemic has shown us that nothing is certain and it comes with a bunch of scares.

Among them, one of the major concerns people are having is how covid-19 and infertility are interlinked.

There are stories spawning around about how if you will get covid-19 vaccine, it will affect your ability to get pregnant.

what are the effects of covid-19 on pregnancy

How true is that?

This article is going to give you the complete intel on the topic.

We will touch base on the rumors as well as talk about how certain aspects are true and what you can do to ensure your health and that of your loved ones is in great condition.

I will also talk about the vaccine and what are its known side-effects and ways to combat it.

Getting the vaccine is one of the essential decisions you need to make and with such rumors making the rounds, it is important to clear the air to know the actual situation.

So let’s begin our discussion:

The Truth About Covid-19 Vaccines & Infertility

covid-19 and infertility effects

As the world continues to fight the raging pandemic, different governments are working endlessly to combat this horrifying health scare with vaccinations.

Everyone should get it done.

But there are certain scares and rumors spreading around, which are halting the process.

Among them the major rumors making rounds is how covid-19 vaccines are actually leading to complications in the women’s reproductive system. It is impacting their ability to get pregnant.

Many people are feeling hesitant for taking the jab because of this reason.

There is so much of misinformation on social media and this causes confusion and accelerates issues.

Did you know that leading centers for disease control and prevention state their safety? They have pointed out how these vaccines are safe for usage especially when you are pregnant or even trying to get pregnant.

But why are people still worrying? Why do misconceptions happen?

We will talk about all the relating elements to the topic in hand to explore it from all corners. And give you a complete overview:

The Way the Rumor Began

what is true about covid-19 and infertility

So it turns out the story began when a German epidemiologist pointed out how that the spike protein in the virus which is causing Covid-19 is the same as the one who will find in a woman’s placenta.

Before moving on, I wanted to let you know that placenta is the major organ that is developing in the pregnancy. Hence it is important to nourish it properly so that the growing baby gets all the needed nutrients to grow in a healthy way.

However the thing to note here is that the three vaccines that were available at that time did aim at the spike protein which made certain scientists come to the conclusion that it is also affecting the placenta.

But it turns out that it wasn’t really the case.

There is no evidence to suggest this otherwise.

Doctors stress that any similarity between the placenta protein and the spike protein is extremely small. This means making any connections between the two will become void.

Also when you look into the way the protein-structure is made for either, the similarities for both completely end there.

So for a woman who already has a placenta and is pregnant, there is no way it can be said that she is infertile.

Should Pregnant Women Get the Vaccine?

getting vaccine in covid-19

The vaccines don’t play a direct role in the infertility of a woman. But there is still room for discussion when we talk about whether pregnant women should be getting the vaccine or not.

Again, health centers and government officials point out how getting vaccines will not be harming you.

But I have to point here that when the clinical trials were done, it was not including pregnant women in the trials.

So we cannot say we have complete information.

There are certain limitations we are facing when it comes to understanding the full scope of the condition.

Majority of disease control centers encourage everyone ( in the prescribed age span to get the vaccination). It is not specifically recommending women who are expecting to get the vaccine.

Case Studies: Confirmed Pregnancy After Vaccine

So how does the vaccine impact a pregnancy?

There have been certain proven cases which are showing that women are able to conceive after they get the vaccine.

This was done for women patients who took the Pfizer-BioNTech.  It is in which doctors have released reports on how there were no side effects or problems faced by these women.

One of the leading doctors in the UK informed that these women, who were in her healthcare, went on to have very healthy babies.

The cases were tracking through the Covid-19 Pregnancy Registry.

Now let’s talk about the kind of side effects you can face from this vaccine:

Proven Side-Effects of Vaccine

side effects of covid-19 vaccine

So while we have cleared and talked in detail about where does the administration stand when it comes to vaccines and their effect on a women’s infertility.

I want to also mention the kind of side-effects you can face though.

Firstly it is completely normal of you are experiencing side-effects from the vaccines.

It has taken scientists and researchers their own ample time to come up with these vaccines.

From the latest feedback, we can see they are effective.

But the vaccines are also what we call reactogenic. This means it is likely that they are impacting the immune system and are triggering a noticeable immune response.

So having certain mild side effects is expected. Let me talk about those which have been noted by the health professionals. These are:

  • You will suffer from a soreness in the area where you got the injection. But this discomfort is not long-lasting and will go away.
  • Having a feeling of fatigue and lightheadedness is also common. You may want to take a few days off from work. This is to relax and regain your strength and energy.
  • Muscle aches is something felt by certain patients including those in old age.
  • Joint pain is also a side effect in certain cases.
  • Getting chills and fevers may also be some of the side effects patients can face. It can also go away in a matter of hours or a few days even.

Let’s now see some more intel on these side effects, as from the experts:

The Nature of Side-Effects to Vaccine

Firstly it is important to mention here that these side-effects are not long-term. They will stay on for just a few days or even hours.

The important thing is to take ample of rest. And make sure you don’t excite or stress yourself from the way we use it.

Also the side effects you will face from one manufacturer does not mean that you will suffer the same kind from another.

But majority of these are more or less the same. The difference usually lies in how severe the vaccine’s effect is on the body.

What we know is that these side effects usually come about as a reaction to the inflammation that comes from the vaccines. Your body basically responds to the vaccine and it is usually the person’s own immunity which decides on how severe the reaction is.

Interestingly in certain vaccine trials, it was also seen how the extent and the severity of the side effects is actually lower in elderly. But this again can be taken in stride to how strong a person’s immunity is.

So it is advisable that you keep your strength high and strong to combat this condition.

Now I wanted to also touch upon another important topic on how the vaccines can impact women. Read on to know more:

Vaccines and Menstruation

According to certain case studies, women have said how their periods have been messed up when it comes to getting the vaccine.

However as of now there is not a lot of information that supports this theory.

Leading experts say that your cycle and period can be off for a number of reasons.

It is not necessarily due to your vaccine administering.

Also did you know that just by stressing about the vaccine can cause issues to your system. So it is best for you to relax and not think it over alot.

Vaccines and Breastfeeding

impact of vaccine on breastfeeding

When it comes to the effects of the vaccine on women who breastfeed their children, the results are also not clear.

This is because the initial vaccines trials did not include women who breastfeed.

But again, from the chemical formulation and from the perspective of the manufacturers, it is proven that the effects are not as disastrous.

In fact some researchers have even said that it can actually even be good for the baby. This is because the antibodies from the mother can pass onto the infant.

This can keep the baby safe from the virus.

So to Sum Up

When it comes to the discussion of covid-19 and its vaccines, it will branch into many different areas.

However in this article I wanted to specifically clear the air and talk in detail on how it relates specifically to the ways the vaccine is said to impact infertility in women.

The article basically shed light on the rumors and the facts on how it impacts the way women get pregnant, how it also plays a role in menstruating women as well as how it impacts breastfeeding women.






















































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