Daydreaming: Symptoms and Impact

what is daydreaming

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were completely seemed to be zoned out? So there is actually a word for that. It is called daydreaming. This is actually quite a common condition. It was something that was identified by a doctor many years ago. It is called clinically as maladaptive daydreaming. This is when you get distracted and can’t focus on the things around you, happening in real life.

Did you know that it usually happens or gets a trigger from the real-life events which are happening around you. These can be something as simple as having a conversation, or you can get zoned out from certain sensory stimuli including noises as well as different types of smells.

In some cases, it can also get onto you due to certain physical experiences that you might be having. But whatever the cause, it is something which holds onto you and it takes time for you to actually come out of it.

In this article, I am going to be talking about how this condition affects your life. Daydreaming is becoming rather common. But if you can identify the symptoms, and get a proper diagnosis, you can also expect to get a good treatment.

So let’s learn more and let’s get started :

Symptoms of Daydreaming

what causes daydreaming

When you say you are suffering from this condition, there are a few certain symptoms which you will definitely be having. It includes:

  • You will be having these very vivid dreams. It means your dreams will include very extensive detail including a story plot, characters and a detailed setting. It isn’t something out of the ordinary and only happens to those who are suffering from this condition.
  • Also these dreams set into motion because they get influenced due to certain real-life events. It is basically due to the formation of events which are reflecting your real-life thoughts and instances.
  • When it happens, you get completely lost in your own world. And when you do, you will be having problems even trying to complete the simplest of tasks. It becomes hard to keep your focus also.
  • You will also have problems even trying to sleep at night. In fact it becomes hard for you to even get some sleep. You get distracted easily and it becomes hard to get good snooze at night.
  • The biggest side effect of this condition is that you will be suffering from the urge to want to daydream. It becomes a sensation that your mind and body gets easily accustomed too.
  • In certain cases, what happens is that you will be certainly doing repetitive movements every time you get into the sensation of daydreaming.
  • Many people also suffer from the condition in which you will be making different facial expressions as you daydream.
  • Some people also suffer from the habit of actually talking and even whispering when they are daydreaming.

What Causes Daydreaming?

When it comes to understanding what is actually bringing this condition, people are still unclear on that. In fact despite many researches, there hasn’t been a significant find on the matter. It is still unclear as to why a person falls into this subconscious state. However when it comes to trying to create a a proper diagnosis, there are still a few things which can be done to get a better understanding of this condition. And why it is happening to you. Let’s learn as to what that is.

Getting a Diagnosis of Daydreaming

getting the MDS diagnosis

While there is actually no proper and universal rule in which you can consider the diagnosis of this condition. But there is actually a Maladaptive daydreaming scale (MDS) which actually helps in determining the condition and how it is actually rating the state in which you are in right now.

This MDS is actually a 14-part scale. This means it is a way of determining the characteristics of your condition and how it actually falls into this scale. It deals with certain features and this include:

the quality of your dreams; this means how much of details are in your dream and how much you remember it

  • if there is a high level of distress with it
  • the kind of perception that comes with our daydreaming habit
  • how much is your daydreaming ability actually interfering with your daily activates
  • the rate and how often you are having them is also a certain factor which is looked into

In certain cases, it is also considered as schizophrenia .And your doctor may be able to figure it as one of the kinds of psychosis. This is probably due to the reason how when you are having schizophrenia, you can also not really differentiate between reality and fantasy.

However there is a fine line between them that and what daydreaming is. This is because for a person suffering from daydreaming, they can actually tell and recognize that this isn’t actually a part of your complete reality.

Other Issues that Arise from Daydreaming

The one thing that people often worry about is how this condition can relate to and can cause for other issues and concerns to pop out. While this may not be in every case, but there have been instances where you will also experience certain other conditions. This includes:

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder- this is basically when you are seeking attention and your focus is always hit upon. You need attention and if you don’t get it, you will feel immensely upset and it can also lead to anxiety issues within you.

Depression-one of the major things that can be considered as a side effect is how daydreaming makes you get depression episodes. You feel like your life is not in control and get overwhelmed with the changes. It is also because you feel that you are not in control anymore.

Obsessive compulsive disorder- this is when you get completely obsessed with the situation and don’t know how to control or combat it. The obsession becomes even more dangerous when you think that daydreaming is taking the control away from you.

So now we have talked plenty on how there are various symptoms to this condition, I also want to talk on the negative but also the positive things relating to this condition. Let’s take the negative side first.

The Negative Side of Daydreaming

This is especially in the case if the daydreaming is causing you to lose focus. For those who already have a lot on their plate, if they lose focus and attention, it can actually make them less productive. And when that happens you will start to lose and forget important information.

This is especially true if your episode hits when you are actually at work. When it does, you will lose your productivity and will also lose your attention. In case you are working with big machines, it can also mean that you will be putting yourself in harm.

In case your daydreaming is relating to a memory or real-life incidents, then it can spell even harder for you as it relates to and causes you to suffer from more trauma and issues. Having too much detail can also work against you.

So there’s still some goods news- this condition is not all that bad. In fact it has many things that might even work in your favor. Now let’s talk amount the positive aspects of this condition.

The Positive Side of Daydreaming

using daydreaming to your advantage

So it turns out that daydreaming can also be something that will do good for you. You can actually get some advantage from it as well. One thing you can do for yourself is recognize when is your daydreaming time. You can set it as your separate special alone time. It is when you can focus on your own self and get your thoughts organized.  Many people use this condition as a stress reliver.

This allows you to make your way out of a stressful situation. It allows you to remove yourself from the harshness of reality. You can take that time to just focus on yourself and allow for you to figure things out in your own time and manner.

This is why in some cases, it is definitely fine that you allow yourself to let the stress pass and relax for a while. There have been some recent research on how this condition can also allow your mind to relax. It is kind of a push which would not come otherwise.

Daydreaming is also known to play a major role in how it can actually lead to major ways in managing your relationships. When you daydream, you allow time to unwind and think about the situation and ways to mend it and make it better.

It also allows you the chance to manage your conflicts in a better way. This might not be in the case of many such people. But if you make use of the term organized daydreaming, you are actually making use of this state in which you can review


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