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identify the dehydration symptoms

Dehydration is one of the most common conditions in which the water amount in the body is low. It actually means that there is more fluid leaving your body than it is entering it. This would be leading to issues like constant headaches, feeling overly lethargic, and having very strong constipation. And these are what make up the most common dehydration symptoms.

Did you know that your body has about 75 percent water. And this water is extremely important for survival. It is what we find within our cells as well as blood vessels. It all comes down to managing these water levels in a proper manner. You have to ensure that there is proper balance to it.

While the best way to reverse the effects of dehydration is to take in more fluids, it is important to also realize how it is impacting your life. To look at the dehydration symptoms and plan for the right steps.

So let’s begin our complete discussion on what is dehydration and how does it impact our lives.

What is Dehydration?

looking into putting more fluids into your body

This term basically relates to when your body is actually losing too much fluid. It is losing more than it is actually gaining. It is a state when your fluids intake is not regulating and in balance with how much is also going out. This means you are not rightfully taking care of your health and the onset of dehydration is impacting you physically.

This condition can happen to anyone. Be if young ones or adults- it is quite possible for anyone to feel dehydrated. When we look into its onset in young children, it can happen due to sudden onset of diarrhea and constant vomiting. These conditions will make you lose more water content in the body. And if you are not combating it, by taking in more fluids than you will seriously fall ill and go to the dangerous levels of dehydration.

Hence especially for younger ones, you need to make a conscious effort that they are taking in proper liquids.

Let’s now talk about identifying the major symptoms that there is something wrong:

Dehydration Symptoms

With several kinds of medical complications out there, it is best if you can identify what are the symptoms you should be looking out for to affirm that this indeed a case of dehydration and nothing else.

Now let’s check out some of the common symptoms which are causing you to suffer from the effects of dehydration:

  • You feel thirsty. It is as simple as that. The first and major sign of something is wrong is that you will be feeling very thirsty. And this is not just when you have actually come out of a major workout zone. You haven’t even put your exertion into something and you feel extremely parched. This is your major warning sign that something is not right. And something needs to be done.
  • In some cases, you will notice that you have a very dry and a sticky mouth. This means you will be feeling extremely drained out. Despite drinking something, in a while again you will feel like your mouth is completely drying out.
  • Another major sign is that you will not be peeing as often as you should. This also goes in the case of children. And when it comes to babies, just check into the diapers to see how much have they peed in it, so as to ensure that it isn’t a case of dehydration. Or if it is some other medical complication that will be needing your due attention.
  • Headaches are also common in dehydration. But since headaches are common in many cases, you need to get a proper affirmation through a medical examination from your doctor to rule out any other problems.
  • Muscle cramps can happen often in such a case. And as your case gets even more complicated, y0u will notice that the frequency of these cramps will keep on getting higher.
  • Your pee will also likely be of another color. If it is dark yellow in color, it means you are facing dehydration. When your pee is of a very light color, it means you are having plenty of fluids in your system.

These are some of the most common symptoms of dehydration. But sometimes things can get even further complicated and the symptoms for the same can be even more complex. Let’s see what these are:

Severe Dehydration Symptoms

  • You will be suffering from a very dry skin. This is all over your body.
  • In certain stances, you will be feeling dizzy often. Even when you are completely nourished, you will be having certain bolts of dizziness.
  • Your heartbeat will be very rapid.
  • In some cases, you will notice that you have a very rapid breathing. This gets out of control in certain instances.
  • Sunken eyes is also a major symptom which sets place in severe cases only.
  • Sleepiness can take over. You will be feeling tired most of the time and won’t really be able to pinpoint as to why.
  • Confusion is common when you are suffering from dehydration.
  • In some cases, you will likely become irritable. This too over the smallest of issues.
  • A few severe cases can also lead to the situation of fainting if it is not controlled.

Now let’s also hit upon and see how do the symptoms vary and come about in young children. As these may differ to a certain extent.

Dehydration Symptoms in Young Children

looking into how the symptoms differ

When talking about the kind of symptoms and warning signs young children may be facing, these are a little different to adults. And since many of these kids especially babies cannot identify the problem areas, it is important that you keep a keen eye out and identify if there are any areas of trouble which you will be needing to rectify.

These will be including:

  • Having a dry mouth
  • Also your baby will be experiencing a very dry tongue. This is something which will not be going away on its own.
  • Another thing parents can look out for is that when their baby is crying, there will be no tears. This is a major sign that there is something wrong and needs attendance.
  • Babies and young children can too be subjected to having very sunken eyes.
  • Aside from sunken eyes, they can also suffer from having sunken cheeks.
  • You can also sense that there is a actually a soft spot on the top of your skull.
  • The problems can also relate to having severe sleepiness.
  • Lack of energy can be a major problematic area.
  • You will be feeling a sense of irritability taking over you.

These are all signs of trouble and you will need to get quick and medical emergency treatment to ensure it is taken care of right away.

So there you have it. We looked into all the details when it comes to analyzing the symptoms. The symptoms in children would differ from those in an adult. Also there are severe symptoms to look out for as well as well as those which are specific to younger children and babies.

But how do we analyze who is at risk to severe dehydration.

Who is at Risk?

The point is anyone can suffer from dehydration. But there are certain odds which make certain people more prone to the issues as compared to others. These include:

Babies– they will be suffering from heavy diarrhea and even vomiting. This means they will be losing most of the water. Your baby will also suffer from high fever. Also since they can’t actually say how they are feeling, you need to keep a keen eye and trying to determine whether they need a good drink or not.

Elderly- the ones who are in their old age are also prone to many complications. They also find it hard to drink liquids especially when they are taking in medications. It makes the situation even harder to manage.

Illness– if there are those who suffer from certain illnesses, you will notice how they will be having a cold and sore throat. They also find it hard to eat or drink anything. Making it even harder for them to make up for the limited fluids in the body. Also if you are smoking, you will be facing more issues. So better to quit smoking.

Chronic Conditions– those who are having some serious illnesses, will be suffering from even more problems. This is because of the heavy medication they have to take on making it harder for them to take care of their health.


watch out for the symptoms and take care of your health

mDehydration is a very serious condition. In this article we looked into details of identifying what are the major dehydration symptoms. You were able to determine what are the symptoms in adults and how do they differ in children and babies. Also we looked into what are the mild, common ones and how can we know the case has become severe due to the kind of severe complications we may be suffering from. It all comes down to knowing your condition and identifying the right kind of action plan to ensure the health is looked into in the best way!


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