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What is the right time to go for Dental Implants (in Sharjah)?

Having missing teeth is not only embarrassing, but it also deteriorates your mouth condition rapidly if left untreated.

On the other hand, your smile should last a lifetime. There are several methods of teeth replacement, but if we talk about the most effective one, it’s dental implants.

Are you missing one or more teeth due to an accident or infection? Does denture seem painful to you?

If yes, don’t worry because Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center allows you to get the best treatment of dental implants in Sharjah. The clinic realizes how teeth are essential for your appearance and oral health.

Missing teeth can cause gum disease to develop on your gum line. To maintain good oral hygiene, brushing and flossing are an essential part of it. To protect multiple teeth at the same time, dentists place implants so that the gum diseases do not develop in the missing or damaged teeth.

It is fascinating to know that dental implants help you look and feel better. The treatment in our medical center allows you to regain your self-esteem, and have a better quality of life.

Dental Implants StructureA dental implant is considered the standard of care for restoring the functionality of a rapidly deteriorating mouth. We believe that you deserve to smile again, and dental implants will help you do that.

Dental implants improve your quality of life:

  • Improve eating habits immediately
  • Eliminate messy adhesives that are used to hold dentures
  • Eliminating unsightly and destructive metal clasps
  • There is no need to take out dentures or bridges again

Why are Dental Implants Better Than Dentures?

It is fascinating to know that dental implants provide far greater stability. Dental implant treatment in Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center offers a far superior experience as compared to dentures.

Furthermore, it is challenging to keep any denture continually stable because of wear on the bony ridges that dentures clasp. One of the most frustrating aspects of dentures is their poor chewing ability.
There are two types of dentures, fixed and removable dentures.

Many patients have to limit their diets because they are unable to chew certain foods but here is good news because dental implant allows you to eat and munch all kinds of food.

  • Better than DenturesDentures often have to be kept in the mouth with the use of dental adhesive
  • Have to be removed for cleaning
  • Dentures cover the roof of the mouth
  • Can easily slip out while eating
  • It’s hard to chew with dentures
  • Dentures may click while eating
  • Dentures don’t provide the stimulation that is needed to prevent bone loss
  • Progressive bone loss due to dentures can cause facial collapse.

Implants Surgery?

Our Implants surgery comprises a small, titanium screw that serves as the replacement for the root portion of a missing tooth. The screws are placed in the bone of your upper or lower jaw with the help of bone grafting.

Bone grafting is a process in which a part of a bone is placed by your dentist in the jawbones. It helps set the base from the application of artificial tooth.

These screws are generally set into the jaw bone that provides a base for your replacement tooth. However, there is no need to worry about the pain because our treatment is painless.

Implants require strong jawbones so that they can hold the artificial tooth firmly. Depending on your healing process and overall oral and dental health, your dentist can perform day dental implant surgery, i.e. single-day treatment.

However, if there is bone loss and there is tooth root left, this treatment can take up to 3 months, as the bone needs time to grow and heal.

Our experienced dentists use Anesthesia and sedation at the dental clinic, during the Dental Implant Surgery to limit the patient’s discomfort. We have the best implantologist in Sharjah who makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible.

Why Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center?

There are several reasons by which Dr. Amal AlQedrah is considered the best medical center in Sharjah. All the professionals with years of experience allow you to get maximum comfort at affordable rates.

Dental Implants Improve Your Appearance

One of the significant benefits of dental implants is that we preserve bone and prevent further deterioration of the facial structure. In this way, the patient can improve facial appearance.

When most or all the natural teeth are missing, there is nothing left in the jawbone that can stimulate bone growth, and it results in rapid deterioration of the facial structure. Some common facial decline is that lips fold in, the inappropriate shape of the chin, and wrinkles around the mouth to create “marionette lines.”

Better AppearanceIf only one tooth is missing, long-term aesthetics are usually much better with an implant-supported replacement.  It is particularly essential in front of your mouth, where it prevents visible bone.

Dental Implants Get Immediate Results

It is fascinating to know that Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center allows you to replace your missing or falling teeth with new and beautiful implant-supported restorations.

Our professional dental implant team will give you a permanent solution for a smile compromised by missing teeth. You will be able to experience a dramatic improvement in chewing ability and teeth stability with overall comfort.

Restore Self-Esteem

Dental implants in our clinic help you to feel better about yourself because the treatment allows you to eat, laugh, and smile without reservations. Our medical center is all about being pain-free and worry-free. Dental implants in Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center make your teeth look and feel like real teeth throughout life.

Our treatment Lasts a Lifetime

It is essential to keep in mind that dental bridges may only last around ten years, but our treatment of dental implants can last a lifetime. We use high-quality material for implantation that is made from titanium and integrates with the jawbone. We promise that our procedure is always non-toxic and not rejected by the body that makes a sturdy replacement tooth.

Keep Natural Healthy Teeth

It is crucial to keep in mind that teeth replacement with traditional tooth-supported bridges requires a dentist to grind down teeth so that the bridge can be cemented onto them and into place on the tooth root.

In this way, the natural tooth structure that is lost can never be replaced. If we talk about partial dentures, they have clasps that hook onto adjacent teeth.

It puts pressure on these teeth like a metal framework, which rocks during daily movements. However, these clasps also eat away the remaining gum tissue that causes more damage.

Healthy Natural TeethHowever, the replacement of missing teeth with implant-supported crowns/bridges in Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center does not involve the adjacent natural teeth. It means that your remaining teeth can never be damaged or compromised. Our dental implant in Dubai treatment allow you to keep as many of your natural teeth as possible.

If you want to be comfortable in every situation like brushing, eating, drinking, and flossing with dental implants, there is no better medical center in Sharjah than Dr. Amal AlQedrah.

We aim to provide maximum comfort to the patients at reasonable prices. If you are reading this, then you must also be looking for dental implants in Sharjah, get your appointment, and make your life full of happiness.

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