Dental Implants Sharjah

Dental Implants Sharjah

The dental implant is a process of installing a synthetic teeth root into the jawbone. It is the safe, protected, firm, effective and long-lasting solution of the teeth replacement. An implantologist is a trained and expert specialist for dental implantation to operate the finest repair technique for missing or broken natural teeth. It can be either single or multiple teeth replacement.


Teeth aren’t pearly until you smile.” – Anthony Liccione.

If one suffering a dental problem are not able to smile broadly and have to face certain difficulties in daily life, from eating to smile. To overcome such a problem Dental implant is the best choice to go through, it seems to be natural teeth because it is the part of one’s jaw. Additionally, they don’t change or slip around while one eat or talk.

Process of Dental implant in Sharjah

The dental implantation process in Sharjah takes numerous stages such as;

  • Inspection of jawbone, tissue and gum after consulting the implantologist.
  • Removal of teeth in case of breakage or damage.
  • Preparation of bone for grafting.Placement of titanium post with an abutment.
  • Insertion of the crown by the dentist after healing.

Types of Dental implant in Sharjah

Single Tooth Implant:

As the name indicates this is the process in which implant is positioned over the primary root for a dental crown in the jawbone.

Multiple Tooth Implant:

The replacement of several teeth by insertion of a dental bridge that is supported by the implant over the jawbone. It will remain solid and stable.

All-on-4 Dental Implant:

It is the process in which 4 implants support one full arch of teeth unlike using the dental bridge which may fall away.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

This process is recommended to a patient having many dental problems involving the replacement of all teeth in both upper and lower jaws by the help of 6 or 8 implants in both of the jaws.

Zirconium Dental Implants:

This is a less time-consuming process, unlike other implant procedure. Zirconium is a metal widely used by the dentist to replace the damaged teeth.

Titanium Dental Implants:

the most frequently used implant because of having property to fix and fuse into bone easily.

Ceramic Dental Implants:

There is no metal in this implant, it resembles the natural one and all the gum problem can be recovered through it.

Why Dental Implant in Sharjah?

Because Dr Amal AQedrah Medical Center is located in Sharjah and providing better dental implants services. You can click on this link to book appointment.

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