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maintain instant oral hygiene with dental implants

If you’re thinking of getting dental implants in Sharjah, you are exactly where you need to be.

Getting a dental implant is now becoming a common procedure with high success rates. It allows you to have amazing looking teeth which also boosts your self-confidence and growth.

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The dental implant is a process of installing a synthetic tooth roots into the jawbone. It is the safe, protected, firm, effective and long-lasting solution of the teeth replacement. An implantologist is a trained and expert specialist for dental implantation to operate the finest repair technique for missing or broken natural teeth. It can be either single or multiple teeth replacement.

Before getting treatment from anywhere, it is important that you understand the procedure and see the qualifications of your dental surgeon, so to ensure you get wow results.

Necessity- why do you need it ?

“Teeth aren’t pearly until you smile.” – Anthony Liccione.

If one suffering a dental problem are not able to smile broadly and have to face certain difficulties in daily life, from eating to smile. To overcome such a problem Dental implant is the best choice to go through, it seems to be real teeth because it is the part of one’s jaw. Additionally, they don’t change or slip around while one eat or talk.

Having a beautiful, dazzling smile is what everyone desires. Now, you can have one.

It is all about knowing the process in detail so you can very well make an informed decision which will give your teeth a brilliant smile and good oral hygiene. It will prevent you from tooth loss in the long term.

Here’s a quick overview on what dental surgeries really consist of:

Process of Dental implant in Sharjah

The dental implantation process in Sharjah takes numerous stages such as;

  • Inspection of jawbone, tissue and gum after consulting the best implantologist in Sharjah– it is important to know whether you are suited for the treatment or not.
  • Removal of teeth in case of breakage or damage
  • Preparation of bone for grafting. Placement of titanium post with an abutment.
  • Insertion of the crown by the dentist after healing.

Types of Dental implant in Sharjah

Deciding on the treatment plan is one thing. However there are a variety of different dental implants treatments you can opt for. It all depends on what suits according to your needs and will provide the desired result.  Many people often suffer from bone loss involving the area underneath the gum line. Check out these options and speak to your oral surgeon to determine which one will work for you:

Single Tooth Implant:

As the name indicates this is the process in which implant is positioned over the primary root for a dental crown in the jawbone.

Multiple Tooth Implant:

The replacement of several teeth by insertion of a dental bridge that is supported by the dental implant over the jawbone. It will remain solid and stable.

All-on-4 Dental Implant:

It is the process in which 4 implants support one full arch of teeth unlike using the dental bridge which may fall away.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation:

This process is recommended to a patient having many dental problems involving the replacement of all teeth in both upper and lower jaws by the help of 6 or 8 implants in both of the jaws.

Zirconium Dental Implants:

This is a less time-consuming process, unlike other implant procedure. Zirconium is a metal widely used by the dentist to replace the damaged teeth.

Titanium Dental Implants:

The most frequently used implant because of having property to fix and fuse into bone easily.

Ceramic Dental Implants:

Dental implant require no metal, it resembles the natural tooth and all the gum problem can be recovered through it. This feature makes it a very popular treatment option as you don’t have to go through various stages and it’s non-invasive.

Let’s now look into the many advantages of dental implants:

Advantages of a Dental Implant:

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There are many advantages to dental implants. These include:

  • Better appearance- one of the major things you’ll notice is how your own teeth will start to look so much better. Also when there is a fusion with bones, they settle in permanently.
  • Speech Improvement-when you have poor-fitting dentures, you will notice that the teeth seem to be slipping within your mouth structure. This makes you mumble your words and have a slurred speech. When you have proper dental implants, you speak without having to worry about the teeth slipping away.
  • Comfort increase- you will definitely feel a better sense of discomfort than while wearing dentures. This is because the implants become part of your mouth and not a separate structure within the mouth.
  • Eating access- Since with sliding dentures, it is harder to chew and swallow food. Dental implants are able to function like your own teeth and does not give the feel of an artificial tooth. They allow you to eat whatever texture you want with complete ease.
  • Better self-esteem-one of the major improvements you’ll notice is there is a major hit on your self-esteem. You will be more comfortable in your body and showcase confidence.
  • Oral hygiene boost-in this treatment, there is no need for the reduction in teeth. There are no major alterations done. The majority of the teeth are left inside. Having also individual implants makes it easy to have better access between the teeth. This has a major impact on your oral hygiene.
  • Longer duration-when taken good care of, dental implants can last for a large number of years, even a lifetime.
  • Convenience is key- they are always better than removing dentures, allowing you to have a better mouth structure as the procedure keeps your teeth in better shape and complete control.

Risks of Dental Implants

Much like any other surgery, a dental surgery is also associative to certain risks. These problems are not that common but should be taken care of. Some common ones are:

  • Facing certain infection issues when the process is happening or already suffering from an infection which hasn’t properly healed.
  • You should be careful there is no injury or damage to associative tissues in the mouth. This includes your blood vessels too.
  • Be careful of any nerve damage situation that can happen. Be sure to look out for warning signs like constant flickering pain or a numbness in the mouth.
  • Sinus problems should also be looked into

When it comes to how the preparation begins for the treatment:

Prepare for Dental Implants

There are a lot of specialists involved in giving you the complete treatment plan. How this happens is you will get a complete overview and evaluation on your medical history. Before setting off any treatment, it is important to know whether it its suited to your needs and requirements or no. A few checkups that will be done on you include:

A complete dental exam- this is when your dental surgeon will ask for your 3D images. The images help to create models of your teeth and jaw.

A Medical History Review-it is important that you come out clean and share all the medications and prescription you are to ensure the treatment provides good results, when your health is taken into complete consideration.

Once all of this has been take care of, a comprehensive treatment plan on your situation will be made. This means the procedure is done taking into account your jawbone condition .

Is it Painful?

Yes. In certain cases it can lead to pain. However local anesthesia options during treatment will be decided by your doctor. They will decide which option works for you best. Your dental care team will of everything for you.

They will also provide you tips on what you should be eating and drinking- before surgery and after. Giving you a complete care package is our dental responsibility. We ensure you will not be disappointed.

What to Expect?

The dental implant surgery is done in bits and pieces. The procedure consists of several steps. Let’s look into what these are:

  • damaged teeth are looked into
  • any damaged teeth are then removed by your dental surgeon
  • after which, the dental implant placement programme begins
  • the bone growth and healing mechanism is kicked in
  • abutment placement is then out into order
  • the final step is when the artificial teeth is placed

Why Dental Implant in Sharjah?

Having this treatment can be overwhelming for anyone. We understand your concerns and confusion. However our capable and dedicated team will work around the clock to ensure you receive great treatment which provides amazing results.

Our team consists of a dedicated and qualified team which applies state of the art technology and work methodologies to ensure you receive amazing treatment that will go for the long run! We have a a large customer base with many satisfied clients who have received amazing treatment and greater results.

If you still have questions and concerns, feel free to reach out to our team and we will be more than happy to set up a consultation  session for you and give you complete details, clearing any doubts you may have.

Dr Amal AQedrah Medical Center is located in Sharjah and providing better dental implants services of different kinds, You can click on this link to book appointment at the dental clinic.

Get the treatment you truly deserve!

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