Dental Whitening in Dubai

Teeth whitening in Dubai includes other dental processes like veneers, bonding and braces removal

Eager to have an economical and up to mark treatment of dental whitening in Dubai, UAE? Well this blog post gives you the complete guide on how to get it done in an effective way.

Do you want to change your stained and yellow teeth into shiny, white teeth and smile with great confidence?

It will surely enhance your complete appearance.

Some of our routine habits such as smoking, drinking coffee, and tea bring teeth discoloration. Aging is another factor too.

You have got a great chance for having multiple options for teeth whitening treatment in Dubai. There is no fixed cost or duration of it, rather it depends on what treatment you chose.

And yes! You also don’t face any place constraint; be it your office or at home. Your dentist will help in this regard.

Teeth whitening in Dubai includes other dental processes like veneers, bonding, braces removal, etc.,

What is Dental Whitening in Dubai?

Whitening is necessary to lighten and bring the surface of the teeth to a more neutral whiteness.

In fact, in nature, they occur in various shades mainly of yellow and grey and tend to darken when – for example – a root canal treatment or devitalization has been undergone.

Let’s look into the types:

Types of Dental Whitening in Dubai

there are two ways in which you can whiten teeth

In general, however, teeth can be made whiter in two ways: by rubbing (mechanical whitening or whitening strips), or with bleaching substances (chemical whitening).

In any case – regardless of whether it is mechanical or chemical – teeth whitening can basically be of two types: professional or at home.

The professional treatment, of course, must be carried out by the dentist in specialized beauty offices or centres for a period of time; while the home treatment can be carried out at home through the use of certain products.

Alternatively, it is possible to whiten your teeth by carrying out combined treatments (dental office, specialized centre – home).

Why is Teeth Whitening Required?

With the passage of time, the teeth lose their original color, and they tend to darken in tone as well as lose a healthy and bright appearance, it is an unavoidable fact, but it can be solved.

The tone of the teeth is under the influence of factors related to our habits that can cause a darkening of our enamel and make the surface stain. They are what we call extrinsic causes of this darkening, among which are:

  • Infusions your consumption in excess coffee
  • your consumption in excess Tobacco / cigars
  • Food with high levels of colorants Carbonated drinks or with high levels of colorants

Ideally after ingesting these foods or beverages we should proceed to brush our teeth as a shock to “stains”.

To get white and really clean teeth, daily oral hygiene is essential. As is periodical going to the dentist for cleaning, or scaling.

However, there is also another treatment that you can undergo, also for aesthetic reasons: professional whitening.

Professional Teeth Whitening 

One technique to give you whiter teeth in a professional way is LED whitening. This is more effective than teeth whitening kits and other home kits.

This treatment (which is carried out after careful de-traction) uses the action of a cold light which, combined with specific whitening gels and pastes, guarantees the removal of even substantial stains and discolorations.

Such discolorations are more common in those who regularly drink wine or a lot of coffee, carbonated drinks and acidic foods, or in smokers.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

Here are a few:

teeth turn white, perhaps even more than their natural colour;

enamel and gums are not damaged;

dental sensitivity is not altered;

as soon as the treatment is finished, the results are immediately visible.

However, treatment is not recommended in pregnancy, because there are still no in-depth studies on the possible effects of the treatment on the fetus.


To obtain professional and long-lasting results, it is certainly recommended to consult a dentist. There are in fact do-it-yourself remedies, which however are not recommended for several reasons.


Professional Whitening

professional whitening is done in two ways

As mentioned, professional whitening must be carried out in dental clinics – or in any case in specialized centers – directly by the dentist or, possibly, by the dental hygienist.

When we talk about professional whitening, we refer to the so-called bleaching, that is the whitening carried out in the chair through the use of bleaching chemical agents that can be activated or not by any light sources (as happens, for example, in laser whitening) .

Naturally, professional whitening is more effective than home whitening in terms of speed and degree of whitening obtained.

Before proceeding with any whitening method, it is necessary to perform a thorough dental cleaning (or scaling, if you prefer), in order to remove tartar, plaque and any external pigmentations.

One of the most commonly used techniques in this area is represented by air polishing (for teeth scaling and polishing) which involves the use of a jet of air, water and sodium bicarbonate, delivered by a specific instrument directly on the tooth surface.


Without prejudice to the importance of a periodic scaling that should be performed every time you undergo a professional whitening treatment, every 6-12 months – depending on your needs – you can contact your dentist to carry out a whitening treatment of professional cosmetic dentistry (bleaching).

Bleaching is the most widely used professional technique and is performed directly in the dental office. This procedure exploits the action of highly concentrated chemical bleaching agents that may or may not be enhanced by specific lamps that favor their action in depth.

The most common whitening agents in the professional field are represented by the gel based on hydrogen peroxide at 38% and by the gel based on carbamide peroxide at 45%.

Hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the tooth surface and requires 2-4 applications of 15 minutes each which can be carried out in one or more sessions.

Carbamide peroxide, on the other hand, is placed in contact with the teeth with the aid of special customized masks that must be left on for 30 minutes.

The hydrogen peroxide gel is thus activated by the heat generated by the irradiation and releases free radicals that are able to penetrate the tooth structure.

In this way, redox reactions are triggered inside the tooth which break down the molecules of the stains into smaller, colourless and easily eliminated compounds (for more information: Laser Teeth Whitening).

After the session, it is important to avoid smoking and drinking-coloured foods and drinks for at least 24 hours.

Whitening gels and treatments with LED lights

LED Whitening is an effective method

Teeth whitening techniques can vary. They include the popular laser dental whitening process as well. Also, they usually require proper home hygiene procedures to be combined with clinical treatment. In fact, at the dental office, a whitening product activated through an LED lamp is applied, while at home the patient will have the task of wearing, for a few nights, some masks that allow the whitening process to continue.

The function of the whitening product, a hydrogen peroxide-based gel, is to exploit the light source to release oxygen. The gas penetrates into the tooth structure and, through precise chemical reactions, breaks down the molecules that make up the stains into smaller particles, which thus become easily eliminated.

The longer the gel application time, the greater the whitening effect. However, excessive penetration of the peroxide into the tooth could cause problems with increased sensitivity at the end of the treatment. To maximize the final result, whitening can be combined with a professional hygiene intervention, a procedure that is performed only in the absence of tooth decay and hypersensitivity.

For this reason, it is important to evaluate every detail before surgery and, of course, to rely on expert dentists able to manage the individual characteristics of each individual patient.

Home Remedies bring desired results:

Rubbing baking soda on your teeth or using sage or lemon leaves, as we often read on blogs and non-specialist sites, can certainly give you whiter teeth, because it erodes the enamel.

If you persevere with these methods, if you repeat them often, the abrasion of the enamel can become important, thus obtaining the opposite result to that desired: white teeth but with small lighter spots and no longer the protection provided by the enamel.

Pharmacy-Related Remedies for Dental Whitening in Dubai

There are also other pharmacy remedies, such as whitening toothpastes or adhesive strips: they are more delicate and efficient, even if they do not guarantee the results of a professional.

Toothpastes, in particular, or gels that contain carbamide peroxide whitener, if used too frequently, can also damage dental enamel. They are therefore suitable for correcting small discolorations and for short treatment periods.

Repeated procedure – a recommendation

Once the optimal situation has been recreated within the oral cavity, the dentist can then proceed and work on the whitening, obtaining a recovery of lustre and brilliance of the dental enamel even in different shades compared to the starting colour.

It is important to know that teeth whitening is not intended as a definitive treatment, as over time the teeth will tend to lose their lustre again; it is possible to repeat it whenever you wish, without causing damage to the teeth and maintaining a natural and aesthetically pleasing white smile.


Teeth whitening is indicated to treat dental discoloration that can occur over the course of an individual’s life. In this regard, we remind you that these discolorations can be superficial (such as those caused by excessive consumption of coffee or tobacco), or more or less deep (such as those caused by the intake of some types of drugs).

Get Amazing Results for Dental Whitening in Dubai

get a whitening package with great results

Finally, it takes less time that’s two to four hours to complete the process. You won’t be bored for too long sitting in the lounge waiting for doctor’s call.

The number of visits depend on how stained or yellow teeth you have. The patients wear the given kit for 1 to 2 hours a day for approximately a week. The kit, either is a part of your whitening package or you may buy separately.

After reading all this, you need to carefully examine your teeth and decide yourself whether to get teeth cleaning now or wait for some more years to make your teeth stained up to the extent. Pick your choice to see what how far can you go to keep your neglected before giving them the due care.

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