Clinically-approved Dental Implants in Sharjah

Losing a tooth is not just aesthetically devastating, it can also affect the way you chew your food and lead to other dental issues. But you don’t have to let oral health concern go on without a solution. Today, dental patients will be able to replace their missing tooth through dental implant treatment.

Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center is an accredited practice located in Sharjah that offers a suite of dental services and oral restorative treatments. We are experts in dental implants treatment, having placed over thousands of clinically-tested and approved implants to patients, restoring their oral health and their smiles. Combining our industry experience and competent staff, we can be your partner to resolve your dental issues.

Highly-qualified Implant Dentist in Sharjah

Dr. Amal AlQedrah Medical Center takes pride in our implant procedure success rate all thanks to a competent team of experts and support staff. Dr. Ahmed Abou Foul leads a team of practitioners who have a wealth of real-world experience in general and cosmetic dentistry. Apart from their skills, they are known to deliver world-class patient care and ensure that patients feel comfortable and safe all throughout their procedure.

Some of Dr. Ahmed’s work portfolio on Instagram

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