How Drinking Water is Great For Oral Health

woman drinking water for oral health

Drinking water is good for your overall health but also your oral health.

Besides water, you have the option to drink unhealthy beverages like soft drinks, coffee, tea and alcohol.

However, none are as good to your teeth as water.

In one way or the other, these beverages will cause harm to your teeth.

Whether it is staining or weakening the enamel.

On the other hand, water strengthens the enamel.

Plus, it also helps reduce the bacteria inside your mouth among other benefits.

This article discusses all these benefits. Learn why you should replace all unhealthy drinks with water.

drinking water strengthens teeth

Drinking Water Strengthens The Enamel

Your enamel is made of 96 percent minerals.

It is even harder than your bone.

However, whatever you consume over time can weaken it.

Enamel erosion is common for people who eat acidic foods and drink coffee, tea plus other staining foods.

Furthermore, sugary and starchy foods also interact with bacteria to release acids.

As a result, plaque accumulates on their teeth and starts eroding your enamel.

Plaque is a bacterial biofilm that if accumulates can cause gingivitis and staining.

Furthermore, it can also lead to tooth decay and cavities as the enamel wears down.

However, the water that you drink contains fluoride.

Fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel by remineralizing it.

It restores the levels of minerals calcium and phosphorus in the enamel.

It also prevents the demineralization of the tooth enamel.

Children should also take fluoridated water as it can make their permanent teeth stronger before they erupt.

Thereby already protecting them from cavities.

However, you should not give children under eight years old an overdose of fluoride.

This could cause dental fluorosis.

Hence, you will have to limit their fluoride consumption in juices and toothpaste if they are getting it through water and showing white lines on their teeth.

Though, otherwise, the fluoride content in water is great to prevent cavities which are very common in kids.

Hence, if your enamel is stronger, it is not as susceptible to decay or attack from bacteria.

As a result, it keeps your teeth healthier for longer.

Remember fluoride and minerals are only present in tap and mineral water.

They are not present in bottled and filtered water.

Therefore, you can get your fluoride content through tap water if it’s safe.

Having fluoride in water is a plus but even without it, it is great for your mouth health.

tooth with and without bacteria

It Washes Away Bacteria

Do you know that saliva is about 99 percent water?

The rest of the 1 percent are proteins and salts

So when you drink water, you also promote salivary flow inside your mouth.

It helps to wash away the bacteria inside your mouth accumulating on your teeth.

So when you drink water while eating, it helps to clean any food stuck on your teeth.

Moreover, it washes away the sugars and food debris that can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

What’s better, it also dilutes the acids that the bacteria produce.

Thereby protecting your teeth from erosion and cavities.

Juices and soft drinks are tasty but they cause harm to your teeth.

They are full of sugars and also contain phosphoric or malic acids.

Hence, they may help you eat but they actually harm your teeth more.

Unlike water which even dilutes the acids that the food you eat and bacteria produce.

Though, you still have to keep brushing and using fluoride toothpaste to prevent cavities in your mouth.

Drinking it can still prevent you from accumulating sugars and will get rid of the cavity-causing bacteria.

healthy teeth by drinking water

It Decreases the pH of the mouth 

The pH of the mouth is neutral at 7.0.

However, as you eat and drink acidic foods, the pH lowers down.

This is a breeding ground for bacteria and helps them attack your teeth.

However, water, especially containing fluoride maintains the pH of the mouth.

It protects your teeth from bacteria and acids by preventing lower pH levels.

As the pH remains near neutral, there are fewer chances of cavities and decay.

Furthermore, your mouth remains clean and healthy, keeping your overall body healthy too.

family eating a meal together


Drinking Water Prevents Dry Mouth

Water helps to increase the salivary flow inside your mouth and dry mouth results from a lack of saliva in the mouth.

As a result, the saliva keeps doing its job of being the first defense against bacteria, cavities and decay.

The saliva with 99 percent water content, washes away the food particles as you eat.

It assists in swallowing the food while your teeth chew it.

Furthermore, it also provides your tooth enamel with calcium, fluoride, and phosphate -the 1 percent mineral content.

However, if the saliva in your mouth decreases the bacteria are open to attack your teeth.

Saliva production can decrease because of certain illnesses or medications.

Your mouth will also feel parched and you will want to drink more water, even coconut water.

However, that also helps in keeping your throat clean.

It stimulates the flow of saliva to wash the bacteria away.

It is not a long-term solution, however, it can ease your mouth for a while.

Moreover, sugar-free chewing gum also helps to increase the flow of saliva.

These are temporary solutions but keep drinking more water until your doctor works out a permanent solution.

At least you can prevent the adverse effects of less saliva inside your mouth.

You can limit your chance of getting decay and cavities while also providing some strength to your enamel.

soda stains teeth

It Prevents Bad Breath and Staining

When there is a lack of saliva inside your mouth, the bacteria will accumulate inside your teeth and tongue.

As a result, you will give off a bad breath while speaking.

Furthermore, you will not have a fresh breath after eating as bacteria accumulate on the debris.

However, water washes away bacteria and also stimulates saliva.

So, it can clear your breath and freshen it that you no longer feel embarrassed in public situations.

Moreover, water is unlike other beverages that stain teeth.

It is colorless, sugarless and with no calories.

So not only does it carry a dark color or substances that can end up giving you yellow teeth, it actually whitens teeth.

It washes away the bacteria and does not contain acids.

Hence, it does not pose any harm to your teeth.

Additionally, it does not contain any calories hence, you have a drink which you can consume in a big amount regularly.

Tea, coffee and alcoholic drinks contain tannins.

These can stick to your teeth and the bacteria can start accumulating on them.

Plus, they also have a dark color.

Soft drinks and juices contain sugars and acids.

Bacteria in your mouth feed on sugars to produce acids.

These acids and those inside the drinks can slowly erode the enamel.

As the enamel erodes, your teeth become susceptible to staining and sensitivity.

The dentin appears underneath the enamel which cannot be whitened using home remedies.

You will have to visit teeth whitening clinics, Sharjah to whiten your teeth back.

Hence, if you do not want sensitive teeth and staining, you should rather drink water.

Over time your teeth will get worse if you keep drinking alternatives.

Hence, it is much better to stick with water to maintain your oral health and hygiene.

drinking water from bottle

Increasing Water Intake

Now that you know the importance of drinking water, it is time to increase your intake.

It is necessary to drink around 8 glasses of water in a day.

However, humans are forgetful and we get busy so you should make a schedule to drink water.

Whenever you are about to drink, take two glasses instead of one.

This way you will fulfill the minimum requirement only four times.

Also, remember to drink only water during meals.

Though saliva also washes down juices and soft drinks while you eat, it is still better to replace them with water for your oral and overall health.

Though, if you habitually drink more juice, sodas and other beverages then it will be hard to give up on them.

What you can do instead is to add some flavor in your water.

How about cutting fruit slices to get a slight flavor?

It is much healthier for your mouth than directly drinking fruit juices.

If you are on the go, it is hard to find water and drink it according to your set schedule.

Therefore, carry a water bottle with you at all times.

You are likely to drink more water in a bottle than otherwise.

If you still find yourself missing your daily requirements, then you should set reminders.

Let your alarm ring whenever you want to remind yourself to drink plenty of water.

Even if it is after every one hour.

At least forgetfulness will no longer remain your excuse.

Furthermore, your oral health and body will stay clean.


Drinking water is a much better alternative to juices and drinks.

Not only is it essential to living but also keeps your body healthy.

So grab a glass of water right now and keep drinking several times throughout the day.



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