Eating for Two: Nutritional Guide

eating for two when pregnant

The biggest news for a person wishing to become a mommy- you’re pregnant! You can be in pure joy learning of this epic news. It is really something that just puts you on cloud nine. But when hearing you are pregnant, you will suddenly be bombarded with many kinds of advices. It will be relating to everything from eating for two, what to wear, how to dress, sleeping positions and what not.

This can definitely can become overwhelming for a new mom. When there is advice coming from all corners, you can definitely get confused over what to follow and what to completely sideline.

In this article, I want to help you out in making a decision on what your diet plan should be like. Nutrition during pregnancy is very important to consider and plan. Having a healthy diet is essential. And it is true, what you are consuming is going to your baby too. So you should be making wise decisions.

Now let’s get into the details of it all:

Am I Eating Right?

After you learn that you are pregnant, it all comes down to realizing that now you are going to be providing nutrition for your baby too. You need to aim that your baby is getting the proper development. As well as ensuring your baby is getting all the essential ingredients.

Now that you are eating for two, does the calories matter ? Or are you free from eating as much as you want. We will be answering and providing feedback on all of these essential questions.

There are certain dieticians and many diet programmes on how you should be consuming calories while expecting. But make sure not to fall for all of them. You need to make wiser choices.

I am going to break it down and give a complete picture on how your diet in pregnancy should be. Here’s something you should know- it does not need to be complicated.

You need to take on healthy options much like you would at any time. Read on to know more on this subject.

Should I Be Eating for Two?

In simple words- no. When it comes pregnancy nutrition, this is a common blunder many people make. Sure your baby will be needing vitamins and minerals, it all comes down to eating right and not eating too much.

You have to not double the amount you eat. You especially don’t need to pile on the extra calories. This is especially true when you are in your first trimester.

As it turns out, experts suggest you just need about 340 extra calories in the first trimester and would need about 450 calories in the second trimester. However in case you are under or overweight, then there is actually a certain amount of standard weight you should be adhering to.

In fact when talking about those extra calories, there are plenty of negative consequences of eating too much. Let’s now look into what those are:

The Negative Impact of Eating Too Much

When eating during pregnancy, you need to understand how it impacts your health. It is extremely important that you realize that your diet matters more than ever when you are consuming food.

Here are a few major concerns which you need to be aware of:

  • When you consume too much, you will carrying excess weight. This is extremely unhealthy. And it will become difficult for you to take it off even after your baby is born.
  • This excessive weight gain also increases your risk of getting gestational diabetes. This is especially in the case when you are carrying bigger babies.
  • In certain cases, when you are having too much weight, then there are chances it will impact your blood pressure. It can lead to high blood pressure. And this is actually a symptom of preeclampsia. It is known to cause you many organ failures.

A Diet Plan

When it comes to your nutrition during pregnancy, there are a few elements you need to keep in order. You have to realize how it matters to eat proper when you are carrying a baby.

I am going to be giving you an overview of a good diet plan which allows for you to have a good balanced nutritional level which keeps your baby healthy as well.

  • Remember that you should be eating 6 times in a day. This means having 3 proper meals, alongside simple 3 snacks too.
  • It all comes down to proper planning. You need to keep your blood sugar stable. And this too while you are getting all the needed nutrients.
  • Also make it a habit to consume low-nutrient snacks and avoid consuming high-sugar products.
  • And while it may cause discomfort, as you would be needing to visit the loo often. But you should be drinking plenty of water. This means you should be taking in at least 1-2 liters of water in a day.
  • It all comes down to having a balanced diet. This means you should be consuming sweet potatoes, broccoli, as well as leafy greens, meats, berries, dried fruits among other things.
  • Lastly, it is essential that you do not skip a single meal. If you do so, it can cause you many problems. It can lead to unstable blood sugar levels. As well as lead to nausea and make you vomit often.

These are some simple guidelines on how you should be consuming your calories to gain maximum nutritional levels.

Daily Diet Recommendations

When eating for two, your diet does not need to be too much, however you need to have a really, good nutritional balance. When it comes to making good choices, you will be choosing lean meats, as well as vegetables. Whole grains and cereals are also essential.

This should be done in combination of drinking plenty of water and other healthy beverages with no added sugar. Also you really need to limit the amount of caffeine intake in your body. If you can’t completely say no to it, then you must make an effort to limit your intake to 2 small cups in a day.

Now lets break some myths relating to nutrition during pregnancy

Breaking the Myths

Over the internet, you will find there is a lot of misinformation circulating around. Information on what expectant moms should be consuming and what they should avoid.

Well, I want to clear most of that with you. So here it is:

Myth: Pregnant Women Should Eat Meat

This is not entirely true. As it turns out you can gain plenty of nutrients when you are consuming plant-based diets. These are equally healthy and there are many protein sources from which you can gain the benefits including yogurt, eggs, soy products as well as quinoa. All of these are good sources of protein.

There are also ways in which you can enhance your iron absorption without the need to pile on the meat. You can also get your vitamins need from vegetable options. It does not need be from animal sources only. This includes getting nutrition from eggs, dairy as well as fish. So you can make wise choices without compromising your health.

Myth: Do Not Eat Fish When Pregnancy

Here there should be a fine line drawn. There is undercooked or raw fish which can be considered as harmful for your health. However as it turns out eating seafood is not all that harmful for you. You can have low-mercury fish like salmon, catfish, scallops and even trout. These are all safe to consume, however the key is moderation.

Myth: Double What You Eat as Eating For Two

It is extremely harmful if you consume too many calories. You should not be doubling your meals and snacks each day. Especially if you are planning to consume too many calories and also high-fat foods.

Aim at eating healthy and that you can do by eating healthy meals and also healthy snacks. These would include:

  • Small bananas
  • Peanut butter
  • Whole wheat crackers
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Granola Bars
  • Greek Yogurt

These are super foods. They are very healthy and provide you the rush of energy which you need in order to remain healthy during your pregnancy.


When it comes to eating healthy during pregnancy, there is not a complete and one-size- fits all answer. But there are still certain guidelines which you need to follow when it comes to eating for two.

Your health matters a lot. Having a baby is a major milestone in anyone’s life. You need to aim to eat in a healthy manner but not to over consume as it can lead to many issues as well. Obesity can diabetes during pregnancy is very real.

Make sure you are providing your growing fetus the calories without gaining too much weight. In this article I looked into some of the basic myths relating to nutrition during pregnancy. You need to be sure what guidelines to follow.

It all comes down to making wise choices. And choosing to have a healthy baby. Your baby’s health matters a lot and so does yours. Ensure you are eating in an healthy and effective manner!


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