Erectile Dysfunction: Guide

erectile dysfunction

This condition, also called erectile dysfunction (ED), is a common sex concern among men.

It affects more than 30 million men.

However an erectile dysfunction sometime can trigger for any reason and it isn’t a cause of concern.

But if you notice it is happening routinely or becoming progressive, then you need to find ways to treat it.

This blog post is providing all details for this common condition. Men worry and it leads to psychological issues.

But don’t worry, we will aim to answer and figure out most of your concerns about ED with this complete guide.

Let’s get started:


What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Looking into what is Erectile Dysfunction?

It is when you cant have proper intercourse as you cant have a proper erection.

People also call it being impotent.

Having few episodes of ED is normal. You are probably under stress, had too much alcohol or were lacking in energy.

But what if it becomes a routine condition? This is a warning signal. You might be facing serious problems. And you will need treatment and consultation of a health professional.

So before talking about anything else, we will look into:


What Causes an Erection?

The process is simple. You will get a proper erection when there is a rush of blood flow into your penis. This happens when you get strong sexual thoughts or the penis is directly touched.

When you get a sexual arousal, your penis muscles will relax . And this leads to an increase in blood flow. The blood rushes through the penile arteries. It fills the chambers in the penis and this organ then becomes rigid and stiff.

The erection finishes off when the muscles will contract and the blood flows out from the veins.


What Leads to Erectile dysfunction?

what causes ED?

We will now look into some of the common causes of ED. Your condition can be due to one or more of these reasons and it’s important to determine the underlying condition with your doctor before starting off treatment.

  • cardiovascular disease
  • hypertension
  • obesity
  • kidney disease
  • increased age
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • relationship issues
  • affects prescription medications
  • uncontrollable drug use
  • consuming too much alcohol
  • heavy tobacco use
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • damage to the pelvic area through injury or surgery
  • heart conditions
  • clogged blood vessels
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • obesity
  • metabolic syndrome
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • certain prescription medications
  • tobacco use
  • multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • alcoholism
  • substance abuse
  • sleep disorders
  • prostate cancer treatment
  • surgeries or injuries that affect the pelvic area or spinal cord
  • low testosterone

ED Tests

determine with tests what is causing your ED

Two major things that determine how ED testing is done for you-your health and sexual history.

Let’s look into the various tests men with ED can go through:

Physical examination

In this examination, your doctor will do a complete check on all your organs and systems. Monitoring of your heart, lungs and blood pressure is done. Also a complete physical check-up on your testicles and penis will be done.

Sexual history

It is important for your doctor to know how is your health standing. It helps to determine how severe is your ED.

  • Common questions which your healthcare provider will ask:
  • Was ED onset gradual or sudden?
  • Is it affecting your sexual desire?
  • Are you able to ejaculate properly ?
  • Do you sometimes face erection in the middle of the night or early morning?
  • Are you in stress lately?
  • Are there any emotional concerns with your family?
  • Do you workout often?
  • Are you on any medications?

Other Tests

If the reason for ED is not clear. There are a few additional tests which will be done. These include:

Ultrasound-this is done to see if there are any problems with the blood vessels of your penis.

Nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) test- its a device used to see how your noctrunal erections are happening.

Injection erection– this is when a doctor injects your penis with a medication to erect it and check the firmness and duration it lasts.

Urine check- this will help to check if you have health conditions like diabetes which is causing the major erectile dysfunction.


ED Complications

complications with ED

The following are some of the leading complications you can face if this problem persists. These include :

Sex life suffers: you will not be able to have a satisfactory sex life if you face this condition often. It leads to frustration build-up and impacts your life with your life-partner

Stress build-up and anxiety problems: interestingly, stress can cause ED and ED leads to more stress build-up. This impacts your daily routine. You can also face anxiety attacks if the problem becomes persistent.

Low self-esteem: sometimes ED can lead to further problems. It affects your confidence and can lead to low self-esteem.

Pregnancy Concerns and breakups: it remains one of the main reasons for why couples breakup. Due to not getting that sexual satisfaction, it is a common cause for couples to call quits especially those trying to get pregnant.

It leads to many problems and concerns in couples who wish to get pregnant.


Treatment for ED

treatment plan for ED

Sometimes one treatment method is enough and sometimes you will need a combination of various treatments.

We will discuss the different options available to you for treating erectile dysfunction:


Some of the common oral medications that help to increase the rush of blood flow to the penis are:

  • Viagra
  • Cialis
  • Levitra
  • Stendra

It is important you speak to your doctor to see if your ED is a side effect to other medications. Your medical advisor can assist on changing your medicines.


Sometimes the reason for ED is personal. You are facing emotional and stressful concerns in life. ED causing factors include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • PTSD

It helps if you get the guidance of a licensed therapist. This includes talking about:

  • any major issues which are giving you anxiety
  • not being sexually aroused or active
  • having certain subconscious conflicts

It also helps if you take the guidance of a relationship counsellor if you are having relationship problems. Sometimes having to speak to and have the differences sorted can make a major impact.

Let’s now look into natural remedies that make a difference:


Natural Remedies to Treat ED

eat whole grains to manage your erectile dysfunction

There are certain herbal supplements which can make a difference in maintaining an erection:

  • Asparagus racemosus
  • Ginseng
  • Zinc
  • Goat weed
  • Yohimbe

It is best to speak to your doctor before starting off any herbal treatment as they can contain ingredients which can be harmful to you.


This ancient Chinese treatment has been around for a long time, providing instant relief when done right. It works by stimulating your nerves and releasing neurotransmitters.

While the exact way in which they attempt to work on ED isn’t clear, people who have this issue state that it does help in the situation.


Prostatic massage is conducted where a practitioner massages tissues around the groin so to promote blood flow to the penis.

The massage is scheduled quite a few times in a week and is effective when its combined with other treatments.


Prevention Techniques:

walk often to prevent the onset of ED

ED is dreadful. It disrupts your normal routine. But there are ways in which you can control its effects before they set.

Adapt a healthier lifestyle. Follow these simple steps to lead a better sex life:

Walk: It’s as simple as that. Just setting a half hour time everyday for walking helps in decreasing the risk of ED by a significant number. Brisk waking, doing yoga also helps in revitalizing your sexual drive.

Diet Control: It is healthier for you to eat natural foods and not processed food items. This includes vegetables, fruits, lean proteins like fish and whole grains.

Vascular Health Focus: If you are constantly facing problems like high blood pressure, high cholesterol and other concerns with the heart, it would also be causing concerns with normal penis functioning.

It is important to determine the state of your vascular system and ways in which you can ensure its in good shape, whether its through lifestyle changes or medications.

Get Slim: If you are overweight, the first important thing is to shed those extra pounds. To fight ED you need to maintain your weight at the optimal level. Obesity links directly to vascular conditions and problems. Keep your weight in check.

Pelvic Exercises: Aim to get your pelvic region rigid. This will aim to keep your blood from leaving the penis faster. Kegel exercises give a great workout session. It helps to strengthen your muscles. And gives overall better health when you combine it with limiting alcohol and tobacco use.



manage your relationship better with a better ED treatment

ED is one of the most common problems men around the world are facing. However the good news is there are different medications and treatments available to tackle it properly.

In some treatments you can improve the symptoms. In others you can get an effective treatment by combining both medications and physical therapy.

Either way if your condition is consistent, the best way to handle it is to seek the advice and consultation of your health professional.

ED causes a lot of complications and has many risk factors. Take control of your life by determining what you are experiencing and then combating it in a better way.

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