Excessive Drooling: Causes

understanding what is excessive drooling

Have you ever been in a condition where you were excessive drooling? This is when there is too much of saliva that is flowing outside of your mouth.

When this happens you will most likely be suffering from a weak system. It also means you are having underdeveloped muscles in the mouth.

A+*nd that in turn results in you having too much saliva forming inside your mouth.

Did you know that the glands which are making saliva in your mouth are known as salivary glands. You have in total 6 glands and 2 of these are in the bottom of your mouth while there are those in your cheeks and two in front of your teeth.

In a situation where you have too much saliva formation in the mouth, it will be leading to you having excessive drooling also.

When drooling is happening in the first two years of your life, it will be common and normal. This is because infants are not able to have control over how drooling takes control on your life.

The control happens between the ages of 18 and 24 m0nths. It then just gets better afterwards.

In this article, I am going to be sharing and talking about what is excessive drooling, how it happens, reasons and ways to control it better.

So let’s begin:

What is Hypersalivation?

what is causing drooling ?

This is a condition in which your mouth is getting impacted.

There are several reasons why saliva is going to form in your mouth.

It is actually a clear liquid that is forming in the salivary glands. To some extent, it is actually good for you.

Because this is a kind of lubricant which helps you in moistening the food. And it aids in swallowing it properly as well.

This is because it consists of what we call enzymes. They are really good in giving a boost to the digestion process.

Also saliva has many other functions. It is really good in healing wounds. It is able to remove the germs that form in the mouth.

And most importantly, it is great way of preventing dryness in the mouth, also fighting against the buildup of toxins in the mouth.

Did you know that a healthy person has about 0.75 liters of saliva made in their mouth. It is usually at its peak when you are eating food and its lowest when you are sleeping.

But then there is the point where you are producing way too much saliva in the mouth.

When that happens, excessive drooling will take place. And that is not something which you can control and combat.

Now we will be looking into the leading causes of excessive drooling.

Reasons Behind Excessive Drooling

Drooling in its simplest statement is when you might be having too much saliva in the mouth. When that happens it is considered as due to a medical condition. You may also suffer from concerns like having problems swallowing and issues with your muscles.

What else can cause drooling to increase?

Age Matters

In its simplest definition, your age can be a leading reason for this. It usually takes on after birth and it can go to its peak between three to six months of age. That is when the infants become even more active and their teething will continue.

As you age, the saliva control can happen and this causes for the drooling to take a step back,

You will be able to see a significant improvement and this in itself will allow the person who is drooling to have a control over their condition.


What you eat is also going to be playing a major role in your health. Diets which are high in acidic content are usually the ones which cause a high increase of saliva production.

You should make sure you are consuming food which is not impacting your health in any way.

When there is high saliva production, it will be leading to various issues and concerns in the body.

Make sure you have a good control on what you eat and consume. As this will be directly playing a role on how saliva increases in your mouth.

Suffering from Neurological Concerns

conditions impacting your health

There are actually a few medical problems and issues as well which can make you more prone to drooling issues.

It is especially true if these conditions are leading to you suffering from what we call loss of control in facial muscles.

This includes and is not limited to issues like cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease as well as other ailments which will make your muscles weak.

When that happens you will find it hard to even do something like being able to close the mouth.

So it is best when you have a good handle on these conditions. They will allow you to manage your lifestyle better.

Drooling can also be due to several supporting reasons. And these include issues like suffering from acid reflux as well as pregnancy. They will cause you to suffer too much from complications,

And this includes having a strep throat, tonsil infection as well as sinusitis.

All of these accumulate and shine the light on the various ways in which your health will get impacted.

So now that you know of all the leading reasons for why a person may be suffering from drooling, let’s now check out effective treatment.

How is Drooling Treated?

The first thing to know is that drooling is not something you should be treating properly. It is not a major crisis for that matter.

In fact there are several things you need to consider when talking about how drooling impacts you.

This is especially true when drooling is happening in children who are 4 years and younger.

For them it is especially true that you just let them get over this condition on its own.

But if there is excessive drooling then it is best that you get treatment for your condition.

In case you notice that the saliva is dripping from your lips and onto your clothes then this is something which will be affecting how you go about your daily activities.

It can also lead to and cause social problems in your life.

In some cases, having to suffer from severe drooling can lead to the saliva actually going into your lungs. And when that happens, pneumonia can take place.

So these are some of the serious consequences which you may suffer from in case you have excessive drooling. But the treatment is something which depends on where your condition is and how to take control over it.

While meditation can give results as well as making use of oral motor therapy, as it turns out you will be needing to adapt some effective ways to see results. Otherwise it will be falling flat.


This is quite common. You may have to see a speech or occupational therapist who ensures that your lip closure and swallowing is kept in control.

The therapist will also work hard in controlling the saliva as well as ensuring that there is muscle tone which depicts how to manage the condition in a better way.

They may also suggest a shift in your diet plan which allows for the therapy to work completely.


There are definitely some medications that can help. They will be reducing the amount of saliva production in the mouth.

You will also have other medicines which are going to be helping with your condition and providing you better health and control.

It is essential that you speak to your doctor and get a full analysis before you get a treatment which is yielding good results in you.

Botox Works

In most cases, Botox can definitely be providing you really good results. It has been found that this treatment is most effective when we use it for the treatment of drooling.

The most common kinds of Botox treatments are known to treat drooling as well. It really helps when you are able to reroute these salivary glands and see some really good results.

In some cases, your treatment will show results simply by making use of Botox. This is super effective and can give great results in no time at all.

You can make sure you are getting the most from this.

And of course surgical treatments are really going to be giving the kind of impact needed. It is therefore essential that you have all of these elements in sync in order to create a major reaction.


managing drooling effectively

Excessive drooling is something that can happen to anyone. It suggests that there are problems which need to be looked into.

When you look into ways in which you can control and combat this condition, you are essentially adapting effective measures which are yielding great results in no time.

In this article we looked into what is drooling, what are the causes of drooling, how it impacts you and effective ways of getting a good treatment.

While it is not something harmful, it can impact your life and knowing ways to combat it will make your condition better.


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