Face Oil Benefits

understand the face oil benefits

Your skin matters. You have to invest in what will make your skin stand out. As we age, our skin will be losing its elasticity. It does not have that collagen power anymore. And so it becomes important that you take care of it in ways in which you ensure it will look good for long period of time. One such way is to soak in face oil benefits.

For many, considering applying oil on the face is not considered as to be a major beauty regime. This is because your skin care routine does have a lot on it already. Many beauticians swear by moisturizers, spot treatments as well as making use of masks every now and then. However, there is more to be done.

It is impertinent to know of various strategies and take on their advantage for keeping your skin feeling and looking supple and fresh. So in this article, we will be talking and covering all of that.

Let’s begin:

What are Facial Oils?

face oil has several benefits to your skincare regime

This is the kind of oil which is specifically used for your face. You need it as it will help take care of various skin conditions you might be suffering from.

One of the main features of this kind of facial oil is that it really helps when it comes to sealing in the moisture. You need something that actually acts as the skin’s lipid barrier. This works well as it will be used for making sebum production also. You need the same so that you have a strong hold onto giving your skin the best care it rightfully deserves.

Facial oils work really well as they will also be smoothing lines, controls wrinkles which leads to accelerated skin aging, and ensures you have soothing skin.

But when talking about the benefits of the facial oil, make sure that you are using an oil which is able to deeply penetrate into the skin. And when it does, it provides many benefits which includes omega fatty acids as well as antioxidants. All of these work great in ensuring your skin looks and feels supple and fresh.

Now let’s talk about what are the major nutrients you need to look into when using oils:

What Should My Facial Oil Contain

know the ingredients of your face oil

Remember that not all oils are actually the same. You should make sure you are opting for an oil which is organic, raw, cold and also completely unrefined.

It is important that you invest in quality face oil which has plenty of nutrient- rich benefits on the skin. Your oil does not need be very expensive. It just has to be healthy and choose one which is completely natural and not commercial. This means the oils should not be chemically advanced and have good levels of antioxidants and enzymes. It also protects the skin from damaging dehydration effects.

This allows for your oil to provide your skin a range of benefits. When you have so much happening for your skin care regime, it will ensure that there is complete clarity and hydration of skin which allows for the skin aging process to slow down to quite an extent.

Now that we have a fair understanding on the uses and benefits of oils, I want to hit upon what are the best oils you should be using for your skin.

Best Oils and Face Oil Benefits

there are different kinds of oils

Step ahead of conventional moisturizers and give your skin a major makeover. Face oils have been around for ages. They are giving our skin a major boost. For different skin types, there are different regimes to follow.

Here is a major myth to unfollow- face oils do not necessarily leave your face feeling oily. Also they don’t lead to your skin breaking out. This oil has plenty of goodness happening for you. It consists of fatty acids, antioxidants and will be able to also reduce inflammation and its effects. Allowing for your skin to have a major dewy glow. It allows for you to enjoy face oil benefits which is one of the non-invasive beauty treatments.

Now let’s get into the details of the different types of face oils and their benefits:

Coconut Oil

This is what you find in coconuts. The oil smells good and is also edible. It is used in a large number of ways, from skin-care to even making smoothies. It actually has some really good therapeutic properties making it a popular choice.  Some of the ways it is better than others is that it has huge amounts of vitamin E. This makes it a natural choice for a moisturizer. Aside from which, it also consists of fatty acids and allows for good amounts of moisture to completely lock in.  You can use it in your shower as well as it works well when locking in moisture. as either a leave-in conditioner or even a replacement for your lotion.

Argan Oil

This is yet another popular choice. You get this from the extraction of nuts in the Argan tree. The oil is actually very powerful and has a major soothing property, making it one of the best moisturizers for all the skin types. It also has plenty going on for it. And you can make use of it for even different skin conditions like eczema. It works well in giving your skin elasticity and also conditions it properly. This oil is very nourishing and it also something you can make of it as part of your night-care routine, allowing your skin to look radiant.

Pomegranate Oil

This is one of the most well-known oils which have any antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. This means the oil is most benefitting to those who have acne problems. This is because it works great as it is able to fight against zit-causing bacteria. This allows for your skin to look better. And it also helps to control the size of your pores. It does not break the skin easily. Also it is lightweight and won’t make you feel like you have a greasy mask on your face.

Rosehip Seed Oil

apply oil types which suit your needs

This is one of the best oils which allow for your skin to have antiaging effects. It is actually a cold-pressed oil and comes from the rose variety. It also contain a range of vitamins including E,C,D and it has many elements which makes it really effective when keeping the skin hydrated. Also fighting free radical damage and also combats the effects of wrinkle-forming radicals. The vitamins are also great as they also rejuvenate the elasticity of the skin. They will also defy and control how dark spots and the look of sunken eyes.

Marula Oil

This oil is basically that is harvested from the African marula fruits. It actually has many properties going for it. It has versatility, light texture and is also consisting of a range of beauty benefits. There are also a range of health properties relating to it. The oil helps in combating the effects of dryness on the skin. And it also controls the impact of irritation and inflammation.

The oil works great as it takes care of how your skin looks. It is also very good for your hair as well as your nails. You will also notice how it does not make your skin look or feel greasy. This allows for you to have a very luminous shine and look and feel young.

Jojoba Oil

This is one of the most effective oils which is known to treat different kinds of ailments. This includes its powerful usage for acne control and for your psoriasis treatment also.

People don’t just consider it as another kind of oil. It has many properties of being a botanical extract. The oil is very effective as it keeps the sebum production in control and combats the harmful effects of acne as well. It has many amazing properties including a range of minerals as well as nutrients. The oil is great as it not helps to soothe the skin. But it also works great as an all-day moisture.

You should just add a few drops on your hand and apply them on your skin in your day and night care routine. It is very effective and allows for your skin to feel refreshing and supple. These remedies are not so hard to follow and work great in making your skin look great.


many ways in which face oil benefits skin

Face oils have been around for centuries. It is something which has endless benefits and there are no side effects to it. There are actually quite a few kinds of face oils that you can make use. The face oil benefits are different from one oil type to the other, however all of them are really effective and allow for your skin to feel and look refreshing.

You need to look out for whatever it is that is making your skin refreshing and supple. These oils are also budget-friendly and allow for you to ensure that your skin gets complete benefits and is certainly refreshing.




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