Reasons for Drowsiness

Feeling sleepy?

It is quite common for people to feel sleepy all the time. That is especially true if you are having a really long day.

But this condition can still cause you to suffer from a disruptive pattern which will cause you to have poor quality sleep.

And that in itself can become problematic.

Even going about your normal daily routine becomes very hard.

While the common reason for this usually relates to having poor quality sleep, there can be several other ways in which your quality sleep is getting compromised in the process.

It is important that you understand and identify the reasons as to why you may be having this kind of condition which is making you tired more often.

So read on to know about the various reasons and issues which lead to you suffer from drowsiness. Feeling sleepy all the time is not a good sign.

This article will be giving the details of it all.

Let’s start:

What is Causing You to Feel Sleepy?

The thing with excessive sleeping is that it is hard to identify what is the reason behind it.

For different people it can happen for different reasons.

Usually it relates to when you are feeling fatigue take over. Now let’s look at some of the leading causes for you to have an onset of feeling sleepy.

Sleep Deprivation

This means when you have very limited sleep. This will be causing you to suffer from excessive sleepiness.

This means people will regularly not be getting enough sleep and that makes them constantly tired.

So why are you feeling you are overly tired and not getting enough zzz’s.

For starters, it may be your workload.

If you are consistently working and are not getting even small breaks, it will be you chronically tired.

That will be a major onset of you feeling highly drained all the time.

Also there may be several obligations which you have to go through. This is keeping you up and keeping you worried all the time.

It makes your sleep less and keeps you on alert mode all the time.

Another major condition as to why you may be sleep deprived is because you are suffering from some health condition.

This is making you restless and does not allow you to have a proper rest.

The most important thing to know is how to identify the underlying reason.


This is a very common sleep condition in which you are not able to get into a deep slumber that easily.

It is different from sleep deprivation in the way that you do feel tired in this condition and you feel you are sleepy but as soon as you hit the bed, you are not able to fall or stay asleep.

There are different ways in which you can suffer from insomnia.

Some of the most common symptoms are:

  • You will not be able to get proper sleep at any time
  • It is possible that you will be waking continuously throughout the night
  • In most cases, you wake up early in the morning but then it gets tough for you to fall back to sleep again

Medication Intake

Sometimes the kind of medication you have been taking will also likely cause you to suffer from certain conditions.

Medicines like antidepressants, anxiety issues , blood pressure, among others have drowsiness as one of its leading side effects.

This means you will be feeling lazy and tired throughout the day, despite you having rested properly.

It is a common side effect and it impacts people as it disrupts their daily routine, causing them to suffer from these minor conditions which make them feel tired all the time.

The condition is becoming quite normal but the only way you can combat it is to make sure you have a good intake of medicines and are aiming for full recovery.

Once you recover from your illness, you will likely recover from the symptoms too as soon as you discontinue this medication.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Another common reason as to why you may be feeling sleepy but not being able to sleep is when you have a disorder which causes you to stop breathing temporarily.

This is actually quite a common reason.

Two major types of sleep apnea condition which exist include:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea- this is when the soft tissues in the throat will be collapsing. And when that happens, your airflow will get blocked.

Central Sleep Apnea- in this, your brain will actually be failing and it sends out a signal to the respiratory muscles that you have to breathe normally.

Sleep apnea is actually becoming quite common in recent times. And there are several effective ways in which you can handle and combat this condition well.

Restless Legs?

Have you ever gone through a condition in which you are having this completely uncontrollable condition in which you just cannot rest properly.

There is also a high surge of discomfort in the legs. The sensation is one which would not just go away.

This is what we call the restless legs syndrome (RLS).

It basically relates to when you are not able to get into a deep sleep due to discomfort in the legs.

Your legs will spasm or even jerk throughout the night. This does not make you lose sleep but it does cause you to not go into a deep sleep.

This would then mean that you are feeling sluggish and tired.

RLS onset happens due to major abnormalities in the brain and this in turn controls the muscles movements.


Sometimes the reason for you having to suffer from drowsiness is simple. You are battling human emotions.

This means you have excessive concerns of daytime sleepiness.

You will be tired and worried and this in turn is causing you to lose complete sleep.

Fatigue and tiredness actually go hand in hand.

There are some major symptoms of depression you need to look into and realize. They include:

  • Having feelings of sadness
  • Hopelessness and despair can also come under the same umbrella of tiredness
  • Sometimes a bolt of anxiety can take over you
  • Whatever kind of positive conversation you try to get into, sooner or later you will feel a sense of negativity blanketing over you
  • You will also be suffering from concentration problems
  • It becomes very easy to agitate you
  • Nothing holds your attention span for long and pretty soon you get bored of things
  • Remembering even the smallest of details can become tough

Treatment for Feeling Sleepy?

As we have already looked into the major and leading reasons as to why you are suffering from drowsiness but are not feeling up to having a complete sleep, now it comes down to how you will be getting a treatment.

So here is the general and specific treatment relates to ways to ensure you are getting a good sleep. It will not work on everyone but it can make a major impact.

Lifestyle changes you can adapt are:

Make sure you are eating a healthy and balanced diet . This means you need to adapt mindful eating habits. Adapt super foods into your diet.

You are making sure you get plenty of fruits and vegetables in the body.

Also you should be limiting the amount of caffeine you are drinking. If your body has a high intake of caffeine, a time will come when your body will not recognize what is a good, long rest.

Also exercising regularly is important. You need to indulge in some kind of activity to keep your body healthy.

Sometimes all you need before hitting the snooze button is taking a warm bath. That will make you all rested to take on good night’s sleep.

Experts also suggest you should completely stop eating food at least 2-3 hours before you sleep. This sets the body to take on a resting mode, making you fully charged when you have a proper rest.

Otherwise you will be feeling sleepy all the time.


Excessive sleepiness is actually becoming a common norm. Many people suffer from this condition.

It is basically relating to when you are getting insufficient sleep.

If you are suffering from drowsiness, then that means that your body is usually tired and you feel very drowsy all the time.

But this is a sleep disorder which can actually get worse with time if a proper solution is not given.

Look for ways of identifying what is causing for your condition to set in motion.

There are various reasons for feeling sleepy and having drowsiness take over. It is common in both men and women. It is more so common in adults, especially those who take on certain medications.

What can be yours?

But here’s the good news- you can very well recover from your state of drowsiness.

Only when you know the actual reasons will you be able to get the right treatment.

In this article we talked in detail about feeling sleepy, why you are getting episodes of drowsiness and ways to combat this condition.


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