How To Improve Your Memory

learn ways to improve memory retention

Everyone suffers from memory issues as they grow older. It is quite common. Having occasional memory lapses is also common and this article is going to touch on ways to improve memory.

Memory loss can be simple- like when you forget where you placed your things, or when you feel that  you had something at the tip of your mind but lost it again.

Usually it isn’t a cause to worry. It can simply be because you are too distracted by something else.

However at other times , it can point towards something more problematic. And something which needs immediate attention.

Some of the leading reasons as to why you are suffering from a memory loss can be due to your genes, the age factor, any medical concerns or even simple tasks like diet and lifestyle which need proper management.

So while having memory loss is not preventable in many cases, in some, you actually have ways in which you can even sharpen and improve your memory.

In this article, I am going to be talking about all of those in great detail.

So let’s start:

Effective Ways to Improve Your Memory

how to boost your memory

These are some of the best and proven methods when it comes to making your memory sharper. It isn’t as hard.

And by adapting simple tactics, you can ensure you are giving your brain a good workout.

Let’s check out what these are and how

Emphasizing Brain Training

This simply means you are making use of your muscles to train your brain to stay active and healthy.

Much like our body, our brain also needs quality exercising often.

You need to implement just a few of these and your brain will be powered up.

When you challenge the brain and involve in mental activities, you are essentially adapting some solid brain functioning tactics that serve in the long run.

These workouts help to keep the memory strong, including your short-term memory. To be able to adapt problem solving skills which are really good in giving your brain a boost.

Exercise Aplenty

exercising helps boost and improve memory

Yes it will definitely help your brain as much as it does your body. Physical exercise is really good for the health of your brain.

If you are involved in simple, regular exercising, it will help to reduce the risk of cognitive development.

This is especially true in the case of when you start to age and your brain’s activities and functioning significantly begins to decline.

It has proven that when you adapt aerobic exercising, it is a good measure to improve your brain’s functioning.  This is especially true for those who have Alzheimer’s disease.

Adapting aerobics is a really good way of keeping your body and mind in a fit state. Some of the common activities include:

  • brisk walking
  • dancing
  • jogging
  • running
  • hiking
  • swimming
  • dancing
  • cross-country skiing

Improve Memory with Meditation Tactics

meditation helps the brain and boosts memory

It is important that you make use of certain meditation tactics which will keep your memory sharp.

There have been many instances where to improve your brain function, and to reduce brain degeneration, you should adapt a working memory as well as a long term memory.

When you are doing meditation it essentially helps to keep the brain more focused. It is important for the health of the brain.

You should look into practicing certain regimes which will allow you to have a healthy and focused brain.

Getting A Good Night’s Sleep

sleeping well will improve memory

Emphasize on ways which will allow you to get plenty of good sleep. Know that sleeping is vital and necessary to keep the brain in working condition.

If you interrupt the way your body works and impact it’s natural sleep pattern, your brain will suffer as well.

You should make sure that you get about 7 to 9 hours of sleep. This is essential for keeping the brain in top working condition and ensuring you get long-term memories in the process.

Cutting Back on Sugar

Sometimes all you need to do is make sure you are getting enough natural food. Did you know that sugary drinks and foods are essentially troublesome?

If you consume them on high end and on a regular basis, you will suffer from a poor diet. You will also have to face other problems like losing proper and deep sleep. Enhance your diet so to avoid vitamin D deficiency. 

All of this is what makes your diet poor and also affects how your memory works. Your memory will definitely be impacted by your diet.

Sugar is definitely harmful.

Avoiding High Calorie-Diet

Aside from sugar, it also helps if you cut down on excessive calories. This is essential as it will keep the brain protected.

Did you know that certain researches have shown how having a high calorie diet is essential in keeping your mind fresh and working.

Having a healthy diet is essential as it leads to you having a good verbal memory as well as it helps to keep your diet in optimal state.

Caffeine Helps to Improve Memory

caffeine will improve memory

Did you know that caffeine is also really good for your memory. It is a major booster in your health.

It works great in boosting your short term memory. And studies have shown how those who take caffeine in the morning are able to get a major memory booster as opposed to those who don’t take caffeine at all.

The Wonders of Dark Chocolate

Isn’t this just great news? Here’s to knowing how dark chocolate is one of the greatest things you can eat. And it also happens to be a major memory booster.

There have been various studies conducted that have proven the many benefits of dark chocolate.

In fact it is also a major player in improving the blood flow to the brain.

And this is in thanks to an ingredient called cocoa flavonoids. These help with the blood flow to the brain.

It is what keeps your brain sharp and alert allowing you to hold onto long-term memory. But be careful.

When we say you can consume dark chocolate, it means those which have a percentage of 72% cacao. This means there is not much added sugar to it.

Berries Affect

So it turns out berries are also really good for you. You should eat berries in order to stop the memory decline.

A research was done in which it was found how adding berries into your diet essentially does wonders.

Those who had been consuming berries for two weeks straight had better memory retention power as compared to those who did not eat berries at all.

Chewing Gum

Now this may come as a surprise to some of you but turns out if you are chewing gum, it will help you to retain memory in a stronger way.

It allows for you to grasp and learn things in a better way. How this happens is if you are chewing gum on a regular basis, it will actually increase the hippocampus effect on the brain.

This is an important region which plays a major role in ways in which you can retain and improve memory retention.

Also some researchers suggest that chewing gum actually increases the flow of oxygen into the brain. This allows for you to have better focus and attention. It allows for you to create even stronger connections.

You will be in surprise to know that chewing gum also plays a major role in increasing the heart rate levels. This in turn leads to more oxygen flowing into the brain.

Memory Impairment Concerns

We have talked in great lengths about how memory can be made sharper. And looking into tactics that help you to retain your memory for longer periods of time.

But what about those people who are actually prone to memory impairment issues

How are they to combat and take control of the situation?

Unfortunately for the majority of it, this is more relating to the genes makeup. While you may prone to suffering from memory loss due to certain genes.

But what you can do is you can adapt a more active lifestyle. If you are able to cut out sugar, as well as high calories from your diet, you can impact it in some way. Also when you have good sleeping patterns, that will also help in making your lifestyle better.

This in turn is very helpful for your brain, allowing you to retain memory in a stronger way.


boost and improve your memory with these simple tactics

Memory is one of the most essential elements in our lives. We need to know the ways and techniques in which we can improve memory and be able to remember and focus in a better way.

This all leads to how your brain functions.

You can adapt certain strategies that allow you to have a better working brain. This article was all about learning these tactics and applying them in a better way.

Enjoy these memory boosting tactics. They serve in the long run. They are also very helpful in making your brain focused.

You can also gain benefits of reducing stress levels to the mind and being able to enjoy longer memory retention.

In some cases it is not possible to control how your memory loss takes place but you can improve memory retention by adapting certain techniques. This article aimed to provide you the complete overview of the best mindfulness practices.


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