Invisalign Dental Braces – An Overview

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Straightening your teeth can be done by a dental professional in several ways. The most popular and preferred treatment nowadays are traditional braces and Invisalign dental braces, both of which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Like other teeth straightening approaches, Invisalign aligners are considered to be an effective way to straighten teeth. These Invisible braces can start transforming your smile right from your very first fitting. Making a decision can be difficult at times, so read through this article that would help you to make the right choice.

invisalign dental braces

Braces are fixed onto the teeth, have been around for a long time with a history of great results. They are efficient at treating difficult bite problems and more severe cases.

Both traditional braces and Invisalign are typically designed to straighten teeth, but there are definite differences between the two. Among the two, Invisalign dental braces are a popular choice today as they can help you in your quest for straighter teeth and the most beautiful smile possible.

Invisalign braces are clear aligners that are made of flexible material for comfortable results. You can feel the difference from start to finish once you start using them. Whether you are eating or playing sports, you can easily remove your aligners when you need to. These set of aligners are strong enough to keep your teeth in their final position.

What are the Invisalign Dental Braces?

The Invisalign system is a recent, virtually invisible and hygienic orthodontic treatment that makes use of an innovative approach to straighten teeth effectively. The Invisalign system uses a series of removable aligners custom made for you.

what are invisalign dental braces

These aligners that are virtually invisible plastic that you can wear over your teeth. In order to move your teeth that is irregular to the ideal position gradually. Most people won’t even notice you’re wearing Invisalign, allowing you to keep your lifestyle during treatment. The Invisalign System is available through Invisalign-trained doctors who determine the treatment plan.

Traditional Braces vs Invisalign Dental Braces: Which is Better?

There are also several advantages to Invisalign Dubai treatment. Virtually invisible, these Invisalign aligners are a clear alternative to traditional braces, giving you a virtually invisible treatment option that lets you maintain your confidence, beautiful smile, and lifestyle even when you are in treatment.

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Invisalign aligners are more comfortable than other kinds of braces with no metal brackets to irritate your gums or the inside of your mouth. As a result, these aligners help you maintain oral hygiene; they are easier to clean and use.

Moreover, the treatment requires fewer doctor visits than some other types of braces. Below are the reason why people choose Invisalign Dental Braces

a) Invisalign Dental Braces Looks So Amazing

When you opt for traditional braces installed, you are, in effect, giving your dentist the permission to stick a huge piece of metal into your mouth. Though they are available in attractive colors, they are never pretty. Unlike Invisalign aligners that are not only invisible but are very comfortable to use. They also provide the desired results in a few months.

The trays that help straightening your teeth are made of a clear thermoplastic material. If you’re one of those people who wish to make your smile as perfect as it can get, Invisalign trays are the way to go for you.

b) Invisalign Trays can be Removed Anytime

The chances of food particles sticking in the metal in the case of traditional braces and it can present difficulty in cleaning the teeth. These problems eliminate when you opt for straightening of your teeth using Invisalign trays.

You just have to remove the aligners, brush and floss your teeth, clean your entire mouth and put them back in place. You must note that constantly removing your Invisalign trays can interfere with the teeth straightening process. It can also make it ineffective, so you need to remove the trays judiciously and not very frequently.

c) Invisalign Aligners Allow you to Eat Anything

It is very troublesome to eat with traditional braces fitted in your mouth. The chances of food particles getting stuck to the metal are high. Moreover, there are certain kinds of food especially chewy and sticky food, which you cannot eat when you have metal braces.

Additionally, you cannot eat hard or brittle food items which can damage the wires and brackets of your braces. If you are like normal individuals who cannot live with a long list of food restrictions, then you must go for the Invisalign trays. The flexibility of removing and wearing them proves very handy as you can just pop them out, have your food which you otherwise have to skip and pop the trays back.

Effectiveness of Invisalign Dental Braces as Compared to Traditional Braces?

One must note that Invisalign is not for complex types of orthodontic conditions. Neither do we consider it as a more effective treatment as compared to braces.

effectiveness of invisalign dental braces

It, however, scores heavily on the following points listed below.

  • Nearly Invisible – Invisalign allows you to smile with confidence as it is virtually invisible, as compared to traditional braces. In case of braces, the wires and metal brackets can be seen conspicuously.
  • Removable – Invisalign aligners comprise of the flexible material, thereby making it super easy to remove and put back on, unlike traditional braces. Hence, you can enjoy your favorite food any time you want.
  • Lesser Pain – The underlying technologies for Invisalign ensure that there will only be gradual and gentle yet effective teeth movement throughout your treatment. Braces generally irritate and may cause pain.
  • Lesser Visits to Doctor – In case of braces, you have to visit your doctor every three to four weeks. However, in case of Invisalign, the visits to the clinic is limits to once in six to eight weeks.
  • Clearer Timelines – When you opt for Invisalign treatment, you can visualize every stage of the treatment, thereby giving you a clearer picture of the timelines. In case of braces, you can get an approximate duration at the beginning of the treatment.
  • Better Oral Health – You can still floss and brush your teeth as per normal as Invisalign aligners are removable. Whereas, braces are difficult to clean as there is a tendency of plaque accumulation in between the metal brackets. This can also result in poor oral hygiene.

Treatment Costs of Invisalign Dental Braces?

Traditional braces typically cost about $2,000 to $6,000, whereas Invisalign comes with an average cost of $3,500 to $8,000.

However, most dental insurance plans cover both the regular braces and Invisalign aligners.

cost of invisalign braces


Although it would be a good idea to verify it from your insurance plan and your insurance company to prevent last minute blushes. These prices are indicative in nature and are for patient awareness only. Since Invisalign treatment plan is a customized plan, there will be variation in individual costs.

Each case is separate and customization governs costs cum duration. Note that the final price of Invisalign treatment depends on how severe your teeth alignment problems are. It also depends on how many trays you will require throughout the Invisalign treatment process.

So, it is appropriate that you get in touch with your specialist orthodontist today and chalk out your Invisalign treatment plan. The plan will include the costs and duration based on the complexity and other factors. You can also discuss your specific needs and aesthetic issues, which should be discussed beforehand.

Costs of Invisalign dental braces vary from doctor to doctor and it might also depend on the merits and demerits of your case and your course of treatment.

How the Invisalign System Works?

Since the introduction of Invisalign treatment in the late 1990’s, the software has undergone numerous upgrades.

purpose of invisalign

Today the software helps to scan the patient’s mouth, which your dental expert then uploads and then the Invisalign technician and orthodontist work together to straighten the patient’s teeth on the computer.

X-ray and photographic imaging of the teeth help to complete the treatment plan for an individual. The system uses a series of clear plastic trays that help to gently align your teeth. You’ll have to wear each tray for 20 to 22 hours a day.

After the development of SmartTrack, an highly elastic aligner material you can now change trays each week which can reduce your overall treatment time. In reality, the entire Invisalign treatment requires the same amount of time as traditional braces.

However, Invisalign is a less invasive approach for straightening your teeth. Most of these orthodontic treatment take a shorter amount of time. On an average, it takes around 6 to12 months for most adults.


Invisalign are most advance form of clear aligner system in the world. Moreover, it has been receiving approval by over millions of smiles worldwide.

Once you decide to opt for Invisalign treatment, it is just a matter of time before you emerge out of it with the healthy and beautiful Hollywood smile that you always wish to have.

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The Invisalign system is not necessarily a more effective treatment in comparison to braces. Furthermore, we don’t recommend it for more complex type of orthodontic cases.

However, it is a great alternative for individuals who want to straighten their teeth without the stigma of metal braces. If you find this blog post useful, don’t forget to check our other blogs on Invisalign braces Sharjah as well as Invisalign braces treatment (UAE).

Another blog post on a similar topic also uncovers the elaborative details on the effectiveness of Invisalign clear braces.

If you’re looking for the finest Invisalign center, do check our service post covering Invisalign. You can also discuss the monthly payment plan in case you have any queries. Invisalign patients can call at our official number to book an appointment today.

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