Invisible Braces: Procedure and Options

invisible braces

If you want to straighten your teeth without having a mouth full of metal look out for invisible braces.

As the name suggests, it is hard for people to see what you are wearing on your teeth.

Only because they are clear aligners.

Aligners are transparent and help to put your teeth in position, however, they cannot straighten teeth that have many issues.

Furthermore, you may confuse the name with ceramic braces and lingual braces though, they are different metallic braces.

This article discusses how invisible aligners help to align your teeth and let you smile confidently.

Keep reading to know more.

what are invisible braces

What Are Invisible Braces?

Precisely put, they are clear aligners.

One of the most popular aligners in the market is Invisalign however, they are not the only ones.

Byte, SmileDirectClub, and AlignerCo also provide value and expert care.

Invisible braces refer to clear aligners rather than clear ceramic braces and lingual braces.

Ceramic ones are like traditional metal braces however, they have clear brackets.

The brackets are tooth-colored therefore, it is not as visible as the wire.

Hence, they do not give the look of a mouth full of metal like traditional teeth braces do.

Though, you can still see them.

On the other hand, lingual braces are hard to see.

While they are traditional braces they go on the inside of teeth rather than at the front.

Hence, they are not visible to others.

Though, they are not clear aligners which the term virtually invisible for braces refers to.

You wear these for about 3 to 18 months which is generally less than the time for traditional ones that can last from 12 to 24 months.

Though, treatment times vary and so do the desired results, Invisalign costs, payment plan in Invisalign treatment.

They are custom fit according to your teeth and bring them into alignment periodically.

You will get several aligners during your treatment as your teeth start getting into position.

You are the perfect candidate to get aligners if: 

  • Your teeth are crooked
  • You have an underbite
  • You have an overbite
  • There are gaps in your teeth
  • There is overcrowding in your mouth

It may not be able to correct severe problems with your teeth.

However, it will realign them to form straight teeth.

Though it usually takes 12 to 18 months, simple alignment can result even in 3 to 6 months.

This procedure is best for you if you want to maintain your aesthetics while you get treatment.

You don’t need to be conscious of your smile.

treatment procedure

Invisible Braces Procedure

First, your dentist will assess your mouth to see if there are any issues.

Typically your dentist will remove any impacted wisdom teeth to make up space for the new teeth alignment.

If there is enough space, they will not need to do that.

Furthermore, they will look for cavities and tooth decay which can be problematic for your oral health and hinder your procedure’s efficacy.

Hence, if you suffer from gum disease or a cavity, they will first treat these and then begin the procedure.

The first step is to take impressions of your teeth.

These will serve as the bute impressions to form the mold of the aligners.

Your dentist sends them to a laboratory to form the aligners.

Once your aligners arrive, you can start wearing them.

Your dentist may also give you an additional pair for correcting your teeth.

Wear them at all times, day and night, also while sleeping.

Remove them only when you have to eat, drink, brush your teeth, and floss.

Hence, you should be wearing Invisalign or other aligners 24/7 only sparing two hours of eating, drinking, and taking care of oral hygiene throughout the day making the wear time 22 hours.

Remember, that while these may be uncomfortable to wear at first, your treatment is complete only if you keep wearing them at all times.

Therefore, if you are irregular in wearing them, you will render the treatment useless.

After a while, your dentist will take another impression to make different molds for your now slightly aligned teeth.

You may get a few more molds to adjust your teeth even more.

Aligners look like clear removable retainers.

However, teeth retainers only maintain the position of teeth and keep them stable.

Whereas aligners work to bring your teeth into perfect alignment.

Once, your teeth look perfect, you can flaunt your smile.

braces vs invisalign

What Are Its Advantages?

Clear aligners are removable.

You need to wear them all day long but can easily remove them whenever you have to eat and drink, as well as brush and floss.

Conversely to braces which you wear all the time and risk getting food stuck in between them.

Moreover, when you brush, you cannot your teeth properly because of the metal brackets and wires.

This procedure is very simple and easy.

All you need to do is to wear the aligners.

You will continue dental visits to check the progress of your teeth and get new aligners.

However, the process is simpler than getting braces and changing brackets.

Hence, you do not feel as much pain as with braces either.

In fact, it is almost painless and more comfortable.

Also, you do not have any restrictions regarding what you eat and what you cannot.

As you can take them off while eating and drinking.

Hence, you can enjoy eating without changing your lifestyle and food habits.

Furthermore, as their name suggests, they are invisible.

If you care a lot about your aesthetic appeal and do not like a mouth full of train track wires and brackets then these are best for you.

After all, they are hardly noticeable.

While you are wearing them, it is hard to tell if there is something on your teeth.

That obviously, is only possible if you keep them clean.

Which is also not a big issue.

In fact, you can easily clean them using a soft brush and use a cotton ball to clean the curves.

However, if you do not clean them properly then you can risk getting oral problems.

Therefore, aligners are hassle-free.

Neither do they cause pain and are easy to wear and remove.

Plus, they require less time than braces.

procedure results

How Long Till You See Results?

Your dentist will check your condition to assess if you are the best candidate for aligners.

If you have more complicated issues, then they may tell you to go for braces instead.

However, if you only need alignment and fixing teeth to straighten them then Invisalign braces or other clear aligners are fit for you.

Teeth that are crooked will require more dental visits rather than those that need simpler adjustments.

The process is performed in these steps.

Step 1:

A comprehensive examination to check the health of your teeth begins the treatment.

Your dentist then devices a treatment plan for how often you need to visit their clinic.

 Step 2:

Next, they will take the impression of your teeth and use it as a mold for aligners.

Step 3: 

Once the aligners come, they will be fitted i.e. known as brace fitting.

Step 4: 

You will periodically have reviews and adjustments with your dentist.

They will look at your progress and give you new aligners that suit your teeth structure now.

Step 5: 

After you achieve perfect alignment, your dentist will remove your aligners.

They will only remove it if you are satisfied with your results.

Step 6: 

This is not the end.

To maintain the position of your alignment, you still need to wear retainers for 6 to 12 months.

They help to keep the newly aligned teeth in their fixed position.

If you do not wear them then your teeth will go back to their original shape and position.

Step 7: 

Your dentist can look into giving you refining enhancements and adjustments.

These include teeth contouring, teeth whitening, and micro-bonding to further enhance the look of your teeth.

You can now smile happily without hesitating.

If you don’t need huge changes, you’ll see results in 6 months.

invisible braces options

Options for Invisible Braces

There are at-home aligners available as well as those that you can only get in-office.

Dentists use Invisalign in Sharjah as it can also correct severely misaligned teeth.

Your doctor will take a 3-D digital scan and customize your treatment according to your needs and condition of teeth.

Furthermore, these are safe to use as they are FDA-approved and do not contain harmful BPA or latex.

Moreover, it happens in the care of your dentist hence, there are fewer chances of anything going wrong.

Though you will have to come frequently for treatment and the procedure is also costly.

Though, if you want cheaper options the cheapest invisible braces will be the home treatment options.

A popular one is Byte.

It is convenient to use in your home and does not require regular dental visits.

They are also BPA-free and provides a 3-D visualization of your current teeth and that after using the aligners.

However, they will only solve mild and moderate alignment problems, not complex ones.

Furthermore, while they provide access to orthodontist-directed treatment without dental visits, it is safer to have dental visits.

Additionally, you can’t get cosmetic enhancements such as teeth whitening after your procedure.

Ask your dentist about what is the best procedure for treatment.

invisible braces and dental tools


If you want to get a dental treatment that does not affect your aesthetics then invisible braces are the best option.

Though, always be open to other options in case you require more complex treatments.

When there are several Invisalign teen treatments available there is no need to hide your smile any longer.

Meet your dentist at an Invisalign center at the earliest to get your orthodontic treatment and smile to your heart’s content.





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