laser dental whitening

Best Laser Dental Whitening

laser dental whitening

What is laser dental whitening?

Laser dental whitening is a nonintrusive treatment in which high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and a zoom light is used to create a visibly white smile. It could not be done on pregnant women and on children who are under 16.

How does it work?

Laser dental whitening treatment provides long-term benefits and is the most congenial procedure of teeth whitening. As compared to the other method, it is shorter because it lasts only about 20 minutes. Teeth sensitivity is not so prominent after the treatment; that’s why this treatment is so famous in comparison with other procedure. It shows the visible immediate result and makes teeth normally 4-6 grades lighter.

What are the benefits of Laser Dental Whitening treatment?


There is no use of that equipment which can cause irritation and cause gum’s bleeding. It is done under expert supervision. A professional dental specialist should perform this treatment.

Immediate visible results:

In the very first session, there will be an immediately noticeable difference to your teeth. While in extreme cases, multiple sessions may be required to have whiter teeth.

Long-lasting effect:

This treatment has a long-term impact that its whitening effect can relatively last for years. It depends on your daily routine of oral care. The key to longevity results is to brush your teeth twice a day and use mouthwash, recommended by the dentist.

Quick and painless procedure:

This treatment is performed in the clinic of Dr Amal AlQedrah Medical Center Sharjah, which takes up to an hour to complete the process. It is painless and quick with guaranteed results. The result you will achieve with laser dental whitening in the Dr Amal AlQedrah Medical Center Sharjah will be more impressive and livable.

Very effective method:

Laser dental whitening is a very effective method that is done to improve the appearance of discoloured teeth. It reduces the yellow effect of your teeth and makes your teeth’s appearance numerous shades whiter than previously. The laser dental whitening treatment intrudes deep to the core for removing the stains.

Laser dental whitening is safe:

This procedure is completely secure. It ensures that your gums, mouth and tongue will not be affected by this procedure. It provides a safe, faster and softer approach to teeth whitening and removes pigments for a charming smile. So, book an appoitment with us at Dr Amal AlQedrah Medical Center.

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