Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry in Sharjah

​The laser is an instrument generating high focused energy in the form of light and there are a number of treatments that can be done through laser including different dental conditions. In 1989 it commercialized clinical dental practice for techniques concerning tooth tissue. Laser dentistry found to be a more comfortable treatment method comprising hard or soft tissue, unlike other non-laser treatment tools. Laser making dental treatment is more easy, competent, cost-effective and calm. There is a number of procedures such as

  1.  Hypersensitivity treatment
  2. Tooth decay treatment
  3. Gum diseases treatment
  4. Teeth whitening

Treatment Performance

​There are two major techniques: the Soft tissue which refers to gum and Hard tissue refers to teeth. Laser treatments vary in price depending on the procedure and equipment being used in the treatment. It can be more economical than other procedures of treatments. At the clinic of Dr Amal Alqedrah in Sharjah, one will get this treatment in a modern way because they have modern technologies and equipment for Laser dental whitening teeth.

Certain treatment procedures that are available in Sharjah(U.A.E) with are listed as;

Detection of Cavity:

A cavity can be identified by laser leads to evidence of tooth decay.

Tooth preparation and dental filling:

Bacteria in the cavity can be killed through laser, no need for local anaesthesia and this is often long term tooth health. One will get all these facilities at the click of Dr Amal Alqedrah clinic in Sharjah.

Regeneration of Nerves:

It could be helpful in the renewal of broken blood vessels, nerves and scars.

Cold sores treatment:

Laser dental whitening can decrease pain and reduce curing time from cold sores.

Teeth Whitening:

bleaching process for teeth whitening can be enhanced through lasers.

Viewing Tissues:

tooth or gum tissue can be viewed to dentists through optical coherence tomography.

Removal of Benign tumors:

tumors can be detached through laser by pain and suture-free method.

Temporomandibular Joint Treatment:

it could be very helpful to minimize the inflammation and pain in the joints.

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea:

Throat can be reshaped by lasers and breathing problems when sleep apnea is triggered by an overgrowth of tissue.


  • There is possibly a reduced need for sutures with soft tissue lasers.
  • Laser enhanced blood clotting as It reduces bleeding while treating soft tissue.
  • There is no need for anaesthesia in certain procedures.
  • Sterilization of area leads to the lower the chances of bacterial infections.
  • High healing and tissue renewal.Cheap and less expensive


​Prevention and mitigation are the best to overcome dental problems rather than treatment. No need for it. One may never need dental treatment. If one follows oral hygiene routine regularly by cleaning and brushing the teeth twice a day, cleaning and washing mouth by using medicated mouthwash killing germs up to 99%, flossing daily and concerning the dentist twice a year for guidance and checkups. The more one is aware and cares for soft and hard tissue, no need for a cure. But if one has suffered from these dental issues then they are suggested to visit the clinic of Dr Amal Alqedrah located in Sharjah.

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