Laser Stretch Marks Removal: Procedure and Effectivity

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Do you know that stretch marks affect around 80% of American women as well as men? Thanks to the laser stretch marks removal techniques that enable you in the stretch marks reduction as well as absolute removal of stretch marks.

Stretch marks are mostly common after the gestation period is over, due to excessive stretching from rapid weight loss following rapid weight gain.

Most typically, it occurs on the dermis that is the middle layer of the skin.

When they begin to emerge, they mostly appear as reddish-purple.

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Later on, they may start to appear as white-silver in color.

How Does Laser Stretch Marks Removal Work?

As per a research, there are at least a few little known facts about stretch marks and its procedure. Let’s learn about them:

  • The levels of hormones can actually affect the way you get stretch marks. Hormones are generally responsible for creating collagen as well as elastin fibers. Fluctuation in the levels of hormone can decrease the elasticity of skin and make it prone to stretch marks.
  • Laser stretch mark removal mostly comprises of removing the striae (stretch marks) by using laser resurfacing or fractional lasers.
  • It mostly works by removing an outer layer of your skin that helps to restructure the overlying skin.
  • During the procedure, we use various beams of light in concentrated amounts for the purpose of encouraging new growth.
  • Laser removal helps to make the striae more smooth and hence reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

Types of Lasers

There are two types of lasers that are mostly used for the skin resurfacing treatment:

  1. Ablative
  2. Non-ablative

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  • Ablative lasers (Erbium YAG, CO2) helps to treat stretch marks by destroying the upper most layer of your skin. The resulting skin tissues will be comparatively smoother in appearance as well as texture.
  • Non-ablative lasers (Fraxel, Alexandrite) don’t really target the upper most layer of the skin. Rather they destroy the underlying skin areas that promotes the growth of collagen from inside out.

How Much Does Laser Stretch Mark Removal Cost?

As per the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS), treatments for skin resurfacing of this sort usually cost from $500 to $8,900.

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Moreover, cost varies depending on whether ablative type of laser is used or non-ablative.

Usually, there are other hidden costs other than these estimated charges.

Your total cost usually depends on:

  • lab costs
  • office fees
  • consultations
  • anesthetics
  • office fees
  • post-treatment pain killer medications

The good news is that when it comes to time, the procedure is pretty quick.

Ablative lasers usually take around an hour and a half. On the other hand, non-ablative procedures hardly take 30 minutes in total.

Does Insurance Cover the Cost?

Stretch marks removal by using the laser therapy as well as other treatments are considered as a cosmetic procedure.

Laser therapy may also be covered in specific cases that are deemed medically necessary, such as pain management.

What is the Recovery Time for Laser Stretch Marks Removal?

Laser therapy is generally classified as a noninvasive treatment, which means there won’t be any surgical incisions.

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This would make the recovery time way faster in comparison to the traditional surgery.

Still, you should be planning to take your time off on the day of procedure.

Like we discussed earlier, depending on the type of laser, the time for total procedure may last between 30 to 90 minutes.

This doesn’t include the time that goes on filling out paperwork and the prep time before the procedure.

You might also notice that after each treatment procedure, your skin becomes slightly pink in color.

However, this is pretty normal and usually subsides within a few weeks.

When it comes to treating striae, ablative lasers are the most effective.

However, they also have a few side effects because of the aggressive nature they have.

These side effects generally include mild discomfort as well as raw skin.

Your skin may also scab over before revealing the new tissues around the stretch marks.

Depending on the area that is being treated as well as the type of laser, some of the people decide to take several days off work after undergoing the procedure.

It may also take a few to several months in order to see the full results, especially when it comes to the non-ablative lasers.

If you chose to go for a platelet-rich plasma treatment to increase collagen production and remove stretch marks then it won’t require as much downtime either.

How Long Does The Laser Stretch Marks Removal Last?

Generally speaking, the treatments for skin resurfacing can last for years.

The catch, however, is that this also depends on how well you take care of your skin.

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At times, stretch marks need one time treatment when it comes to ablative type.

However, non-ablative treatments are not as aggressive, though.

As per an estimate, you’ll be needing between one to six non-ablative laser treatments, on an average.

Each treatment typically costs almost the same as the starting session

The exception, however, might be if your particular provider would be offering any discounts for a series of multiple sessions.

You’ll also be needing to wait for at least three or four weeks in between every session.

Once your skin heals completely and you’re done with all of your sessions, the results may last for years.

What Are The Key Benefits of Stretch Marks Removal Treatment?

benefits of LSMR

There are several benefits of laser stretch mark removal in Dubai that mostly include:

Non-Surgical and Non-Invasive Procedure

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this treatment is that it doesn’t negatively affect your daily life.

There isn’t any anesthesia required as well as no lengthy ‘recovery period’ afterwards.

Way More Effective Than At-Home Treatments

While there are many different creams and other products on the market that usually claim to fade the stretch marks.

Moreover, many people report less than the satisfactory results.

There’s nothing you can do at home that is going to be as powerful as well as effective like laser stretch marks treatment.

Treatments Are Pretty Quick and Easy

Experiences will mostly vary from one person to another mostly depending on the size of the treatment area.

That being said, most of the sessions hardly take a few minutes to complete.

Moreover, several steps can also be taken for the purpose of ensuring your comfort during the whole process.

Results May Start to Show After A Series of Treatments

Depending on how deep in the dermis stretch marks form, you may be needing a series of various treatments for the visible results.

Most people will begin to see improvements after their first few sessions.

Since each session is quick and convenient, laser stretch mark removal should not be hard to incorporate into your life.

Make the Most of Your Investment in Your Skin

Whether ablative or non-ablative laser treatment would be best for you as well as your skin type, there are several ways of absorbing the cost.

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The main two things you can go for are planning ahead as well as communicating with your provider.

If you want to add something or have any queries, feel free to leave your comments below.

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