Lip Fillers: An Overview

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You might be knowing – a bee-stung pout is synonymous with sensuality and beauty. The lips are indeed a visual cue for age, and studies show that men or women who appear young for their age tend to have larger lips. So to get fuller-looking lips, should you get a lip implant or lip fillers?

It is no wonder that full lips are so apparent on social media. While lip injectables and lip fillers represent ways to achieve more noticeable lips, certain natural methods can also help your lips appear larger without surgical intervention.  Are you looking for a temporary or permanent solution to lip augmentation?

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Lips are one of the main areas of your face, which, if symmetrical and beautiful, can give an attractive look to your face. A well-done lip filler in a trained hands or trained plastic surgeon makes you look fresher and rejuvenated.

An interesting story. Kylie Jenner has more then 229 million Instagram followers. The make up queen has a brand new hair color each week and uses a line of best-selling lip products in her every shot. But do you know that her beautiful lips are all because of lip fillers?

Lip Fillers and Lip Augmentation

Lip fillers are lip injections that will give your lips a more plump appearance. These lip fillers or lip injections are composed mainly of hyaluronic acid. There are other chemicals as well which are used in fillers. 

The lip filler is a minimally invasive procedure and is very simple. However, this treatment is temporary, and you might need to get future sessions to maintain a fuller and plump look.

You might have noticed that lip injections or lip fillers Dubai are gaining popularity. It is a safe procedure with very little risks involved if done correctly.  

Lip fillers, like Juvederm – are basically a series of injections that shape and plump up your upper and lower lips. Note that these lip fillers are only a semi-permanent solution. On the contrary, lip implants like Permalip implants – are solid yet soft silicone implants shaped like a natural lip. The Permalip implants are solid and hence this type of silicone implant will not rupture or leak. They are a permanent solution to lip augmentation.

Lip augmentation is a cosmetic surgery procedure primarily designed to increase the size of your lips. In fact, it is one of the most common types of plastic surgery.


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You might not have been born with beautiful lips that fill out your face. Or you have thin lips – because of the thinning effect that aging has on your lips. Or you could have thin lips due to the wrinkles that develop around your lips. Whatever be the reason, lip filler is your best solution to get beautiful looking lips. 

The Rising Demand for Lip Fillers

It is an era of selfies and pouts; everyone around is conscious of their looks and photos. However, fuller-looking lips have been one of the basic parameters for measuring facial beauty for ages. 

Today lip fillers are one of the most googled search items on the web relating to cosmetic procedures. People are curious to know about it, hearing stories about celebrities how they changed their looks with lip fillers. And lip products have also gained popularity due to these celeb stores only.

With modern dermatology and aesthetic practices – giving proper volume and definition to your lips has become an easy job. A perfectly done lip augmentation would last you for more than six months. 

Previously fat injections and collagen were primarily used as fillers but they had a low success rate. Hyaluronic acid(HA) became popular and no wonder it is extensively used for lip augmentation. There are a number of dermal fillers available for lip augmentation, each has different characteristics, advantages and limitations. Among all these the most common type of filler these days is hyaluronic acid (HA).

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Your dermatologist will usually suggest using hyaluronic acid fillers in the lip. Because the compound is naturally found in your body that makes it superiorly safe and effective to inject. Moreover, they are temporary and can easily be discarded with an injection of an enzyme called hyaluronidase.

Hence the majority of the lip fillers available on the market are made of hyaluronic acid. This naturally occurring substance helps to add volume and hydrates your skin. Hyaluronic acid is mostly used for aesthetic procedures. The primary function of hyaluronic acid is to focus on three major aspects of your lips – the shape, structure, and volume.

Are Lip Fillers Safe for Lips Augmentation

As it is a minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancement procedure that includes the use of certain substances via injection, so there’s always a chance that something could go wrong. Though only a small amount of filler is used.

This is why it is important to only allow a trained, reputable professional to do the procedure. Because in the professional’s proficient hands, there is no possibility of having botched lips or any adverse after effects.

Safety with fillers is such that you are the right candidate for filler augmentation and you have chosen an experienced doctor to do the job for you. The process is in all manners safe.

You might expect temporary swelling and bruising like cold sores that will get resolved within 24 to 48 hours. Hence you should not schedule your injections the day before a special social event, wedding or big corporate presentation.

If you have any swellings, you can effectively treat it with ice. Your doctor will suggest waiting 24 hours before applying lipstick to the injection site.

Other Alternatives to Lip Fillers

If you are looking for more pronounced augmentation to achieve more satisfying outcomes with lip injections. Then Hyaluronic acid fillers, like Restylane and Juvederm would last you longer, it could last you from six to twelve months. You can also use these fillers if you are blood thinners for medical reasons.  

Under the care of your dermatologist or plastic surgeon, you can achieve beautiful and transformative results. For any reason you are unhappy with the outcome, the filler can be dissolved using hyaluronidase.

Other cosmetic treatments that can rejuvenate and plump your lips, including platelet rich plasma or chemical peels. These cosmetic procedures boost collagen production.

When fillers first came into the market in the 90s, their primary function was to fill in wrinkles only. However, with the advancement of facial procedures fillers they are extensively used to plump and enhance your lips. 

Fillers largely stimulate your deeper textural issues like facial wrinkles and folds. But there is a fine line as far as fillers go. And using too much can result in lumps and bumps. Hence you need to choose what best suits your skin smartly. 

A few of the other procedures used for lip enhancements are as follows:

1 Lip Implants

One common alternative to temporary lip fillers is the use of  lip implants. It is a more permanent option. At the time of your consultation, your dermatologist will decide what size lip implant is suitable for your face. 

2 Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is another alternative for folks looking for artificial fillers and implants. During the treatment, your own tissue is used for lip augmentation. It is called autologous lip augmentation.

Similar to lip fillers, fat transfer to the lips is also an in-office procedure. Your cosmetic surgeon or plastic surgeon will harvest fat from your abdomen, generally from your belly button. The purified fat is then transferred to your lips. The treatment takes around an hour. 

3 Tissue Grafting

This is another type of autologous lip augmentation. In addition to using fat, your plastic surgeon can use a piece of your own skin or dermis for lip augmentation procedure. The skin is generally removed from your lower stomach. After the procedure, your lips will look and feel naturally soft and plump.

Natural Lip Fillers: Do They Work

You can expect immediate results from natural lip-enhancing methods. Results, however, are temporary and subtle. The methods include the use of creams, balms, exfoliation, and make-up.

Natural lip plumping method is safe, no side effects and you can easily perform it at home. Even the more enduring results would require the use of semi-invasive treatments such as dermal fillers, chemical peels, or PRP.

Natural Ways to Achieve Plumper Lips

With these lip-plumping techniques, you can achieve a naturally augmented look. They are ideal methods if you are looking for a subtle improvement rather than a dramatic or lasting change.

1 Natural lip-plumping products

Lip balms and glosses have certain natural products that help to create the appearance of increased volume. Herbs and spices like cayenne pepper, spearmint, and cinnamon powder are present in these lip balms. Lip balm containing these ingredients cause the blood vessels in the lips to dilate temporarily, making them appear both fuller. Lip care products containing these naturally plumping compounds generally offer short-term effects.

You can also choose skincare products containing compounds such as  hyaluronic acid, collagen, and peptides that work in a slightly different manner. Hyaluronic acid and collagen both hold water molecules, creating a hydrating, moisturizing, and plumping effect. These products will work at a deeper level, restoring volume to your lips over time.

2 Natural lip augmentation techniques

There are also other alternatives. Many of these techniques use ingredients that you can easily source at home.  

Home-made lip scrub:

Chapped and dry lips can cause your lips to look thinner and older. Exfoliation is the key to restore a smooth and nourished pout. You can prepare a simple lip scrub at home using brown sugar and honey or coconut oil. 

Mix the ingredients and gently apply to the lips. After a while, rinse and wipe your mouth. This homemade scrub is very good to give your lips a filling appearance.

Why Opt For Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers come in different types. They include Voluma, Juvederm, Restylane, and Perlane. Lip filler augmentation is typically an in-office procedure.

During your consultation, your dermatologist will examine your lips and your overall facial balance. He will also take photos to determine the symmetry, appearance, and shape of your lips. Then your board certified surgeon will determine the suitable treatment plan for you. The lip filler augmentation is a short procedure, and you can go home the same day.  

Lip fillers will help in retaining lip borders, shape and volume. Fillers are helpful in lifting, treating volume loss, and correcting the sad look of your lips due to drooping corners. They also take away the tired look by correcting the shape of your lips.

What are the results you can expect? If you have fuller lips, it can help create balance in your complete face. If you opt for hydrating fillers, it will help improve wrinkles and dryness.

Remember, the cost of the treatment varies according to the syringe and is quite affordable. Usually, these lip fillers last six to eight months, and you need to come back for additional sessions. 

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