Migraine Natural Treatment 

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Migraine is a type of headache that can be of varying intensity and is coupled with nausea and sensitivity to sound and light. Migraine headaches can be cured using natural treatment.

It is one of the most common conditions in the world. They can cause throbbing in a particular area in varying intensity. They are not simply severe headaches but are part of a neurological condition. Migraine sinus headache can be cured using natural treatment.

Natural Ways to Reduce Migraine Symptoms

When a migraine attack strikes, you are willing to do anything to get some relief.

Over the years, the popularity of Natural treatment has become very popular, as they are a drug-free way to reduce migraine symptoms.

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These treatments may either help prevent migraines or reduce their severity and duration. One word of caution here is that some severe migraines may require prescription drug or over-the-counter (OTC) medication.  So, it would be best if you discussed with your doctor a treatment plan that works specifically for you.

1. Try Acupuncture

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese practice of applying pressure with the fingers and hands to specific points on your body to relieve pain, especially for migraine.

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If you stimulate specific points of your body during acupuncture – it is believed to release muscle tension and get rid of a headache caused by migraines.

One popular acupuncture pressure point is the LI-4 point located in the area between the base of your left thumb and pointer finger.

Applying firm circular pressure to the LI-4 point for five minutes. It acts as pain relievers of migraine headache pain providing instant solution. You can consider it as an instant migraine relief method.

According to a review conducted in 2014, acupuncture has been recognized as an effective alternative therapy for people suffering from migraine pains.

A separate study also found that acupressure may ease and help relieve migraine related nausea.

It is found that applying pressure on the PC6 acupoint, which is located on the base of your wrist on the inside of the arm, is highly effective in relieving nausea associated with migraine.

2. Yoga to Relieve Migraine

It uses breathing, meditation, and body postures to promote your health and well-being.

Yoga can not only relieve migraine pains but also bring calm and peace to your mind and body, besides helping with ailments such as depression, anxiety, and pain.

Research has proved that specific yoga poses can be instrumental in relieving the duration, frequency, and intensity of migraines.

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It is said to improve anxiety by releasing tension in migraine-trigger areas and improvising your vascular health.

During yoga, your parasympathetic nervous system or PNS  can slow your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

This in turn, allows your body to recover faster after a stressful event, such as migraine pain.

As migraines are more intense than common headaches, they are characterized by throbbing pain on the sides of your head.

Although researchers are still ongoing to recommend yoga as a primary treatment for migraines, practicing yoga daily supports your overall health and could be beneficial as a complementary therapy.

Hence yoga is considered a holistic approach to fight migraines as they’re happening, it is also considered to be a proactive approach to reduce the pain.

Specific yoga postures can target tension headaches and stress, which may be contributing to your migraines.

Certain yoga postures can help boost circulation and improve blood flow to your brain and your blood vessels. Thereby reducing any pain or throbbing sensations that you may be experiencing during a migraine attack.

3. Apply Lavender Oil

Many migraine patients had found that migraine pain is reduced when they inhaled lavender essential oil.

Research has shown that inhaling lavender essential oil during an attack of migraine lasting more than fifteen minutes gave faster relief as compared to inhaling placebo.

lavender oil for migraine natural treatment

Sweet smelling lavender oil is extracted from lavender flowers and has been in use for centuries for its antimicrobial and aromatic properties.

Lavender oil can be toxic when taken orally at a certain dose.

During the migraine attack, lavender oil is inhaled in or a diluted solution is applied to the temples in order to provide relief from symptoms.

If you don’t dilute it properly, the oil may cause skin irritation at the application site.

4. Add Magnesium to Your Diet

As per the research, the deficiency of magnesium can trigger a menstrual-migraine or migraine aura.

The visual disturbance that occurs at the onset of a migraine is known as migraine aura.

magnesium migraine natural treatment

One must note that it is not necessary that everybody who gets migraines will experience a migraine aura.

Recent research studies have shown that magnesium oxide supplementation helps prevent or reduce the frequency of migraines with aura.

One can supplement magnesium from the following foods that include sesame seeds, almonds, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts, cashew nuts, peanut butter, oatmeal, eggs and milk.

If you have other health conditions, then it is advisable that you should consult your doctor before taking magnesium supplements.

5. Stay Hydrated

One of the well known triggers for migraine is not drinking enough water is a well-known trigger for migraine, and it only takes minor dehydration to bring on a headache.

Normally, drinking water regularly throughout the day, and maintaining a healthful diet is enough to stay sufficiently hydrated.

stay hydrated

You can drink more water each day to avoid dehydration. People with severe dehydration will initially require an oral rehydration solution to replace missing electrolytes.

Most dehydration migraines go away within three hours of drinking.

Having said this, you must note that drinking too quickly sometimes makes dehydrated people vomit.

A simple glass of water should help in most cases.

6. Opt for Ginger

Ginger is a universal herb that can ease nausea caused by many conditions, including migraines.

Ginger also provides other migraine benefits, as it decreases migraine duration and severity drastically.

ginger migraine treatment

Studies show that people commonly prefer ginger powder with sumatriptan, a common migraine drug.

This is because the effectiveness of ginger is statistically comparable to the migraine drug sumatriptan.

Moreover consuming ginger is in no way harmful, and there are no side effects in using it.

7. Avoid Foods that Trigger Migraines

Migraine triggering foods vary from person to person, and some individuals may not even have any food-related migraine triggers.

foods that trigger migraine

Dietary changes can help preventing migraine. As per a research, some specific foods and beverages are migraine triggers, which include:

  • Food with nitrates which deli meats, sausage, bacon and hot dogs
  • Cheese containing naturally-occurring Tyramine, such as cheddar, Parmesan, blue, feta, and Swiss cheese
  • Chocolate, red wine and beer
  • Food items containing monosodium glutamate (MSG)
  • Ice cream or iced drinks
  • Processed foods,  cured meats, pickled foods, sweeteners, beans and dried fruits
  • Smoked fish, yeast extract and cultured dairy products such as sour cream, buttermilk, and yogurt

One must note that not eating anything at all can also increase the chances of migraines.

Long episodes of hunger and not eating enough can also trigger migraine attacks due to the link between levels of low blood sugar levels and migraine headaches.

8. Try Biofeedback Therapy

In recent times, there is a relaxation method we call as biofeedback therapy that is making waves. The therapy teaches you to control autonomic reactions to stress.

Biofeedback technique can help you gain more control over normally involuntary function.

biofeedback therapy

The underlying idea behind biofeedback is that you can gain more control over your health by using the power of your mind and becoming aware of what’s going on inside your body. Biofeedback therapy is quite helpful in cases of migraines that are resulting from physical reactions to stress. People often use ice pack as natural remedies as it helps in muscle relaxation preventing headaches. 

Neuromuscular treatment can also be help in relaxing the muscles and easing out the pain. Moreover, treating TMJ causes can also help in soothing the headache.

9. Diet Changes

Over the years, as per the statistics and research, certain foods can also trigger migraines. Some of the common food which can serve as triggers for migraines include: processed foods, red wine, alcohol, chocolate, caffeinated beverages.

diet changes migraine natural treatment

You can maintain a food chart to keep track of food and beverages which triggers migraine. Certain food items can trigger migraines in some people, so it is better to avoid foods that contain them. Diet plays an important role in preventing, triggering, and relieving migraines.

Since migraines vary from person to person, so a type of food that is beneficial for one person may not be suitable for the other and vice versa. Changing diet to skip triggers may help to prevent migraines in the future.

You can prevent migraine by eating a healthful diet can help prevent migraines. A healthful diet consisting of  fresh foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins can prevent migraines. For some people, preservatives may trigger migraine.

10. Caffeine

For centuries, people in many cultures have consumed caffeine and  helped in the treatment of many ailments such as migraine headaches, stomach problems, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, cancer to name a few.

caffeine migraine treatment

Many OTC pain killers also have the component of caffeine. Studies reveal that a small amount of caffeine may ease migraine pain in some people. However, the catch is that too much caffeine may also lead to migraine and severe caffeine withdrawal headache.


If you suffer from a migraine attack, then you must be well aware that it can be really challenging to cope with the symptoms. You may miss work or may not be able to participate in activities you love. There are various apps that you can download easily on your smartphones.

These will help you to connect with real people who suffer from migraine attacks like yourself. It also makes sense to talk to those who understand exactly what they are going through.

Try the above remedies and get the much needed relief. If you found this blog useful, don’t forget to check our other posts on migraine treatment as well as migraine guide (2021). For more such information and updates, stay tuned to our website.

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