The Best Multivitamins for Women

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When you hear the word “supplements” you may think of multivitamins for women and men.

These compensate for a lack of vitamins and minerals in your diet and body.

People use them to better their health, keep them away from illnesses and provide them key nutrients.

Pregnant women are usually recommended to get multivitamins during their term.

This article discusses the different supplements of vitamins and how they can help you.

Keep reading to know more.

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What Are Multivitamins?

Vitamins and minerals are building blocks that your body needs as much as other essential nutrients.

Multivitamins may contain these as well as other ingredients.

However, the ingredients may vary across brands and are not fixed.

These supplements are usually in the form of capsules and tablets but they also come in powder, liquid and gummy vitamin form.

Hence, they are taken orally.

There is usually one dose per day but your doctor may recommend getting two in certain conditions.

Multivitamins, however, do not replace a healthy diet but add to your existing diet providing you benefits of immunity and prevention against disease.

Though, they do not heal or cure any disease or bodily ailment.

Therefore, you should ask your doctor before getting on the multivitamins bandwagon.

Women are more likely to take multivitamins than men.

Hence, there are special supplements for women over 50 and those under it.

Generally, the body needs 13 vitamins and 15 minerals.

They provide energy, produce enzymes, improves the function of nerves and organs, produce hormones and increases immunity.

They facilitate the body’s functionality in growth and maintenance.

Alongside these vitamins and minerals, multivitamins may contain a good amount of amino acids, herbs and fatty acids.

However, since multivitamins are not as strongly regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, the exact quantity of ingredients is unknown.

The nutrients may come from natural food or synthetic fillers material.

Most women face a lack of fiber, magnesium, iron, protein, calcium, and vitamin A, D, E and C.

You can bridge these nutritional gaps with multivitamins.

It is easy to make dietary changes, like switching to plant-based foods, or taking vitamin B-12 in animal foods but they may still be lacking.

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How Can Multivitamins Help?

They are still known to be effective in certain aspects even if there isn’t proper data on the uses of multivitamins.

However, you should take them in moderation, in fact excess of Vitamins A and E is actually bad for health.

In a study, multivitamins reduced the risk of cancer in men by 31 percent.

Though multivitamin for women benefits also exists.

In another study, a long term use of multivitamins was linked to reduced risk of colon cancer over time for both men and women.

Though scientists notice more effects on men than women.

Moreover, there is a decreased chance of getting cataracts and macular degeneration.

If you regularly take these supplements over years then you can prevent this aging blindness.

Otherwise, multivitamins help to decrease the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

One of the top causes of death worldwide is heart disease.

These vitamins show their effect by decreasing the risk of death from heart disease and improving the heart health.

This happens when women take these supplements for longer than 3 years.

Furthermore, these supplements have a good effect on brain function.

They can lift up your mood and reduce your anxiety and depression.

They can also cause an improvement in your memory and retention.

Moreover, they provide energy and increase your metabolism assisting in the digestion of carbs, fats and proteins.

Not only this, they can also boost your immunity with the antioxidant properties of Vitamin E, C and zinc.

You can also use them to improve your appearance as they enhance your hair, skin and nails.

So, these supplements come in handy to have a youthful appearance.

Now you will be wondering what multivitamins should women take specifically?

Keep reading to know that.

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How to Choose the Best Multivitamin For Women?

Women go through many hormonal changes in life.

Besides the monthly period and dysmenorrhea, women also undergo pregnancy, menopause, postnatal and prenatal stages.

Therefore, during this time their hormones undergo massive changes which lead to nutritional deficiencies.

Hence doctors prescribe them multivitamins during these stages of life.

Women should especially look for multivitamins that:

  • are made of raw materials
  • are certified organic and Non-GMO
  • have no chemicals and coloring
  • are gluten-free and are allergen-free
  • have certifications

Since there isn’t as strong scrutiny and check on multivitamins, you should make sure that they are third-party tested.

This assures that the ingredients in the supplements are safe to use and do not contain harmful substances such as lead.

Third-party testing and certification like NSF International or USP Certified will check the quality of the ingredients, their freshness, and the authenticity of ingredients.

If all this and the product label meets their standard then they will give their seal of approval.

Hence, look out for supplements that have this seal of approval from an authorized and authentic third party.

Furthermore, give other ingredients a good look.

If you certain deficiencies then check if the other ingredients cover that.

Moreover, you should also look for them in case you are allergic to them or have certain considerations.

For example, you may want to skip supplements that have gelatin if you are vegetarian.

Therefore, it is also essential to consult your doctor before taking multivitamins.

Not only will they highlight your intolerance to an unlisted ingredient but they will also see if these multivitamins interfere with your current medicines and treatment rendering both useless.

This will also help you in medical emergencies to have a supplement listed in your health chart.

Moreover, since your stages of adulthood change, your dietary needs and supplements needs will also change.

You may require more calcium, iron and folate as you age and are near menopause or post-menopause.

Though they may still be necessary for menstruation and pregnancy stages.

Hence, a doctor can give you the best supplement suited for your health and that particular stage.

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What are the Best Multivitamins for Women?

Supplements cater to different needs in a woman’s body according to the adulthood stages.

Therefore, you should not use one supplement for all of your life but change them according to your needs.

However, a few of them are suitable for all stages and ages.

Multivitamins for All Stages and Ages

One of these is Garden of Life Vitamin Code.

It uses raw ingredients from vegetables and fruits to give authentic nutrition.

Furthermore, it suits your vegan needs by being vegan-friendly and gluten-free.

It improves reproductive health and gives plenty of vitamins and minerals to improve your body’s overall health.

Additionally, it is also third-party tested so you know it is legit.

Supplements for all ages tend to have more iron and less calcium and vitamin D.

Since women do a lot of physical activity before the age of 50, they require iron to transport oxygen around their body.

myKind Organic Women’s Once Daily Whole Food Supplement provides the right amount of iron and several vitamins A, C, B, D and K.

Complement multivitamin supplements containing iron with foods rich in Vitamin C for better absorption.

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Multivitamins for Pregnant Women

During the prenatal stage, you will require a moderate amount of folic acid to decrease the risk of fetal defects.

This is about 400 to 600 mcg.

You also need choline, iodine and omega-3 fatty acids.

Choline develops the fetal brain and reduces the risk of defects.

These are important to take in your first trimester.

Omega 3 fatty acids improve immunity as well as brain development.

They also reduce any risk of chronic diseases to the fetus.

However, you should always consult your doctor before taking any prenatal vitamin or multivitamin during pregnancy.

The Kirkland Signature Daily Multi is verified by third-party testing and is also super cheap.

If you need organic and real fruits then choose myKind Prenatal Once Daily Whole Food Vitamin with natural ingredients such as guava and lemon.

They also have a third-party testing seal.

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Multivitamins for Women Over the Age of 50

Most women get menopause by the age of 50.

Hence, these supplements aim at women who are in the post-menopause stage.

As you age, you will require more calcium and Vitamin D than iron.

Your bones store calcium and it facilitates function in muscles and nerves.

Vitamin D works hand in hand to maintain the levels of calcium and bone mineral density.

It facilitates the absorption of calcium, draws it out from bones and recycles it in the kidneys when the body needs more of it.

Hence, daily multivitamin is essential for women’s bone health and immune health.

Rainbow Light Active Adult 50+ Multivitamin contains lots of whole foods that facilitate absorption in your body.

The organic ingredients include spinach juice and concentrated kale which will give you a boost of energy.

Moreover, you can check Spectravite Adult 50+ Multivitamin Tablets that contain a great amount of Vitamin D for the entire day and up to 22 percent of daily calcium intake.

Another contender is the classic Centrum Silver Multivitamin for Adults 50+.

Complement all these multivitamins with a proper diet that will facilitate their function.

Supplements are not a replacement for food and a good diet.

Therefore in order to reap their full benefits, you should first make improvements in your diet and lifestyle.

So Summing up

You should get multivitamins for women because they are essential in different stages of woman adulthood.

Our bodies suffer because of nutritional deficiencies and they are more likely to fall ill.

Therefore to maintain a healthy body, turn to a healthy diet and good supplements and multivitamins.







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