Nausea and Vomiting: Guide

how do nausea and vomiting relate to one another

Have you ever gone through a condition where you felt like you were about to throw up but you didn’t?

This is what we call nausea. It is when you have some discomfort and feel uneasiness in your stomach region. It feels like you will vomit any minute.

This condition takes place when you are just about to vomit. It hints that the stomach will be emptying itself soon.

And when it comes to vomiting- this happens as a result of reflux.

However both these symptoms cannot be considered as stand-alone. In fact there may be some underlying issue or condition, which is causing both nausea and vomiting in you.

They are both very common symptoms and can happen in both-adults and children. They are also more common in people who already are situated in a health condition, which includes pregnancy or undergoing some sickness treatment.

This article is going to give you a complete overview on these two conditions, how are they relating, the causes and finally, the treatment.

So let’s start:

Causes of Nausea and Vomiting

nausea means to feel sickness in gut

We need to know that these two conditions are not actual diseases themselves but they are actually symptoms to different health conditions you may have.

Where some people are more prone to feeling the effects of nausea which means there is uneasiness of the stomach, others are more likely to vomit frequently. Vomiting means you are forcing yourself to throw up and empty the contents of the stomach.

This is usually triggered by having either an infection or it is likely due to a food irritation or food poisoning.

Now I will give you a look into the majority of causes which leads to these two states:

Pregnancy Symptom

nausea and vomiting is common in pregnancy

You can call this as the more common type. Both of these symptoms are very common  in a woman who is pregnant, especially in her first trimester.

It happens because your body is going through hormonal changes.  Some people even call the occurrence of these two symptoms, even simultaneously, as morning sickness. But it can happen anytime of the day.

While these symptoms relax in some after the first trimester, in others, they can remain consistent till the end of the pregnancy.

Conditions of the Central Nervous System

nausea and vomiting are common in central nervous conditions

These symptoms are also common in conditions which involve the smooth functioning of the nervous system. Some of the kinds of central nervous conditions for which you will likely suffer from these two symptoms are:

  • migraines
  • strokes of different kinds
  • suffering from a head trauma
  • having seizures
  • meningitis

Ear Conditions 

Ear problems and issues are often happening when you have some inner ear concerns which need immediate attention.  When you feel sickness and nauseous, that means that there is some trouble when it comes to the sense of balance within your ear’s inner region.

Some of the leading conditions that impact and trigger your inner ear are: motion sickness, labyrinthitis which happens because of a virus, and benign vertigo which means you will suffer from a spinning sensation even if you tilt or head or move it around a bit.

Pelvic Issues

pelvic conditions cause sickness

If you are suffering from any pelvic or abdominal conditions, they will likely trigger nausea as a symptom too. This condition mainly relates to problems concerning the gastrointestinal tract. Some of the common states which relate to nausea and vomiting are:

  • pancreatitis
  • hepatitis
  • kidney issues
  • gallbladder concerns
  • having constant irritation in the digestive structure

Anxiety Triggers

You can suffer from nausea and vomiting because you are in a state of stress, anxiety and depression. It is especially in the case of those who are regularly in a state of misery. Can be called  major symptom which occurs frequently in people who suffer from severe health conditions like bulimia and anorexia.

It is important that the condition be treated in a timely manner as soon as possible.

Fatal Health Concerns 

This is also a scary and risky symptom when it is pointing towards a fatal health condition like cancer. In majority of the types of cancers, nausea and vomiting is very common.

Also when it comes to cancer therapy, these two conditions are also common side effects. This is because it triggers as a reaction to the high potency medication you are taking on due to this state.

Same is the situation for chemotherapy and radiation therapy.  The type and dosage of treatment directly relates to how severe your nausea and vomiting will become due to this condition.

Cyclical Vomiting 

This is a condition which is very common in children, but it can also happen in adults. It usually takes place without any clear reason and relates to a person having frequent episodes of feeling nauseous and vomiting.

Some of the reasons that can trigger this odd syndrome are:

  • feeling anxious
  • having dietary imbalance
  • going through your period
  • not having proper sleeping patterns
  • getting involved in heavy exercise and workout regime

Other Causes in Children

what causes vomiting in children

When it comes to children, some other reasons why nausea and vomiting happens in children is because:

  • a reflux reaction
  • suffering from intestinal infections
  • having chest infection
  • also urine infection can trigger it
  • food allergy
  • being subjected to food poisoning
  • certain serious conditions like meningitis

Now that we have talked in detail about the various causes of this condition, let’s now focus on the treatment pattern:

Treatment from Nausea and Vomiting

While the exact treatment plan can only be identified after knowing the conditions specifically. There are still a few ways in which you can treat this condition.

There are a few medications like antiemetics which are good in managing these two.

The over-the-counter medications are good in combating the condition in the short-term but they don’t resolve the condition completely.

Also before starting off on any treatment, it is best to first speak to your doctor to ensure the treatment is suiting to you. As it is important to note if you will be having any side effects if you take on these medications.  The side effects can include feeling drowsiness, having dry eyes and even a dry mouth.

And if you are feeling other kinds of side effects which pertain to your particular condition, there are some specific symptoms which can only be treated keeping in mind your specific state.

Herbal Medication

herbal medication helps too

Aside from medicinal solutions and over-the-counter medication, sometimes it is also helpful if you can adapt some herbal and alternative remedies too. The following have proven to be very helpful in certain cases:

  • acupuncture is an age-old remedy which in many cases has proven to provide some kind of relief from continuous pain. It allows relief from different kinds of pains.
  • having ginger or green tea on regular basis also helps you to find some relief from this condition. It helps to soothe your pain and allows you to find some sense of comfort, not triggering the nauseous feeling as frequently.
  • including vitamin B-6 in your diet is essential. It is one of the best vitamins to help you find some relief from this state. Nausea and vomiting can be controlled when adapting vitamin B-6 into your diet frequently.

Home Remedies for Nausea and Vomiting

Now that we have talked in detail about the causes as well as the various treatment options which helps to give you certain relief from this condition, I also want to give you the good news- home remedies can be really helpful too!

Let’s check them out:

Use of Ginger 

Did you know that using powdered ginger helps in giving you constant relief from this condition. If you take it before meals, especially before bedtime, it really helps in giving you plenty of comfort and keeps the nauseous level at bay.

It is especially helpful in pregnancy and chemotherapy patients. In a research conducted, it was found that the severity and frequency of your vomiting becomes less. Also since consuming ginger has no side effects, there is no harm in trying this treatment out.

Peppermint Benefits 

Making use of peppermint is also a good source of relief. Inhaling peppermint is really good in controlling your nauseous state. Again, since it is something which can provide you no harm, why not try it out and see if it works for you?

Soothing Walks

This is an age-old remedy but it turns out, sometimes all that you needed was to for soothing walks. Sometimes being able to take in the fresh air and walking it off makes all the difference.

In Conclusion

So this article was all about knowing how nausea and vomiting are linked together and what are the various causes of these two conditions. We also looked into the different kinds of treatment options you can make use of. While sometimes all you need is an over-the-counter medication, in other times, it is also helpful and effective if you make use of herbal medications or even home remedies.

Nausea and vomiting are two very common symptoms which are felt in majority of illnesses. It is best to know how to combat them and provide yourself temporary relief from the constant discomfort and uneasiness.


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