Premature Skin Aging 

understanding the impact of premature skin aging

Everyone has to go through the process of aging. It is when you will start looking different and you will feel different. The physical changes are pretty obvious as you will notice wrinkles are forming on your body. This is through the changes in your internal process. Your cells will be taking longer to charge and this means fatigue will have an onset early too. However when these changes happen a little sooner than planned, that this is what we call premature skin aging, especially with how your skin looks.

When this happens, it will be hard to actually reverse the effects. But there is good news- you can still control and reduce the signs of aging which will be setting into your body.

So don’t worry too much about it, as even that can add fine lines to your forehead. I am going to be talking about all that you need to know when trying to manage and treat your premature skin aging through effective means.

Let’s begin:

What are the Signs of Premature Aging?

how environmental factors impact your skin's condition

Aging is basically when you start to look very dull. Your skin’s elasticity will start to change. You will notice cellulite buildup and things would seem like they are completely out of control. But this isn’t the case.

Before talking about ways to manage the onset of aging on your skin and body, I want to clearly mention the signs you have to watch for. This is basically relating to changes that happen even before you turn 35. They include:

Sun Spots

You will notice that age spots are forming on your body. These are basically skin spots which look flat in appearance, are dark in color and take formation due to the exposure to the sun for many years.

The high-pigmented spots can appear anywhere on the body. But the most common places are your face, your hands, as well as your arms and forearms. If you have fairer skin, you will notice the appearance of these spots even sooner.

Gaunt Hands

This is basically when your collagen effects will start to fall off. Your top layer of skin will begin to look very thin. This means there are now lesser of structuring proteins which was giving the skin its shape and look.

This means you will have an onset of wrinkles as well as veins will be more readily available. It is more so visible when you are in your 40s but you can see the onset even in your late thirties.

Sometimes people would consider it as a good time to take in derma fillers but that is entirely upon the discretion of your doctor.

Remember every case is different. So they will need different ways of getting treatment.


This basically relates to when there is noticeable discoloration. It can happen on any part of the body, be it the chest area or darkening of inner thighs . It relates to and is similar in concept to sunspots but it basically means when your skin cells are getting a more stronger skin exposure.

It is something which can happen due to the condition of eczema . This means there is a damage to your skin cells.

Dry and Itchy Skin

As your skin begins to age, you will notice your skin is too starting to feel more itchy and dry. This is because it is now suffering from dehydration. It is more susceptible to flaking even. And with very limited collagen production in the skin, you will notice major sagging and wrinkles on the skin and body.

Facing Hair Loss

This is one of the major concerns that come as a side effect to premature skin aging. You will notice that there is limited new hair growth. This is because the stem cells which trigger new hair growth will actually not making new ones. As they are dying off.

It is according to statistics that women who are above the age of 70 years will be facing their due share of hair loss. This is also true in the case of men though.

Now let’s move onto the causes of this condition:

Reasons for Premature Skin Aging

determine the reasons for skin damage

Everyone wants to keep that supple, smooth skin for a long time. Unfortunately it isn’t so. Especially when there are certain external factors coming into play. It is in your best interest to know and identify them soon:


This is one of the major culprits that takes the glow right out of your skin. It has many toxins which will be exposing your skin to the oxidation process. So dryness and wrinkles happen due to it. Quit smoking you will be doing plenty of goodness for yourself.


Your chemical combination makes up for how your skin is reacting and holding onto changes as you age. In some cases, there are certain genetic conditions which can lead to how your skin is looking, not just in its later years but also during childhood and even early puberty.

Sun Exposure

Many people feel like getting on the bandwagon of getting their skin tanned but this can actually impact your skin in many harmful ways. Sure it looks good but do you really want the harmful ways to penetrate through your skin and cause premature skin aging?

Lifestyle Habits

Aside from these very common causes, there are also a range of lifestyle issues which can make a major impact. This includes having bad sleeping habits. Tucking in early for a good eight hours isn’t just a mythical statement.

You really need it to feel refreshed and having a regeneration of cells. Also your diet matters, Try consuming more of fresh foods and less refined products to limit damage to your skin. Same goes for limiting the amount of alcohol or caffeine.

Also if you are stressing too much, it can show across your skin. Look out for these major warning signs. Look into adapting a better lifestyle to combat these early signs of a sagging skin.

Now that you have all the details you can get on what are the signs and causes of premature skin aging, let’s move onto what you can do about it:

My Skin is Awful-What Can I Do?

identify the problems to your skin condition

So now that you have noticed all the problems. I want to give you a detailed overview on ways in which you can combat and control the very obvious impact. And this is how you will go about it:

Sunspots Control

If you are noticing sunspots on your body, you should start wearing sunscreens often. This should be at least 30 SPF as it protects against the UV rays. Also get into the habit of covering yourself up whenever you step outside.

Also make use of aloe vera, vitamin C as well as other products which combat this condition.

Gaunt Hands Control

When it comes to how your hands are looking, the best way to combat this condition is simply by moisturizing your skin. When you do this on a regular basis, you are locking in the hydration and it acts as a skin barrier. Also when doing heavy household chores like scrubbing, cleaning dust, make sure your hands are less exposed to the dirt by wearing gloves often.

Hyperpigmentation Control

When it comes to controlling the dark spots or pigmented area, it is best that you keep your body safe from the sun. And again you do so by making use of a 30 SPF sunscreen. Also vitamin C really helps. Make use of tablets or drink some to ensure that the harmful effects of hyperpigmentation are kept at bay.

Dry, Itchy Skin Control

Also when it comes to controlling the look of dry and itchy skin due to premature skin aging, it helps if you start taking in a lot of water. Make it as your favorite beverage. Consume a lot of it. It helps to keep your skin hydrated. To top it off, make use of a really good hydrating moisturizer.

Wrinkle Control

When it comes to combatting how your skin looks and the wrinkle effect on it, it is best if you start protecting your skin by making use of a sunscreen. Also get on with the trend and wear hats when you step out in the sun. Again drinking water and making use of moisturizer is in your best interest so get on with the programme!


So this was basically a complete overview in understanding what is causing your premature skin aging. Again, everyone deserves to have that perfect looking skin. It is something you desire and hope to hold onto for a long time. Unfortunately your skin can get exposed to certain factors which cause it to look dull. But the good thing is, you can adapt some fine practices which ensure your skin is looking supple and fresh for longer duration.

In this article, I shared in detail ways in which you can combat the earlier onset of dull looking skin and ensure you are managing the supple look in a more stronger and refined manner.

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