Preventing Hair Loss : Remedies

preventing hair loss

Everyone dreads that moment. When you stand in front of the mirror and start to notice that your hair is thinning. This means that you are starting to loose your hair. Did you know that every hair on our head actually comes with a lifespan? This means it is likely to survive from 2 to maximum 5 years.

These hair follicles have to face a certain area of growth and transition. You will be facing certain circumstances which means that your hair consists of strands which will be eventually falling off.

But in certain cases, these strands tend to let go even sooner due to some serious triggers. It can be due to a health condition, some medication you are taking or even certain health and lifestyle behaviors which are actually affecting the growth of hair on your head.

In this article, I want to not focus on the problem. Rather, we will be talking and focusing on the solution. This means looking into preventing hair loss.

So let’s start this topic:

Hair Loss- What’s Normal and Alarming

understanding the dynamics of hair loss

It is known that a person can very well shed from 50 to even about 100 single hair strands everyday. This is actually what we call a natural balance. This means old hair is coming out, and it is replaced by new hair. But in some cases, this natural balance will get impacted.

This means you will be losing more hair than new hair is growing in. This is what we will then term as hair loss worries. You should be definitely looking into the reason for that. Usually there is a solid cause for such a condition.

But here’s the good news- preventing hair loss is not that difficult.

In fact, in most cases you have a range of home remedies that can do wonders for your hair. Make it shine and stand out!

So before talking about ways in which you can control and combat the awful hair loss dynamics, I wanted to give you a quick peek into some of the leading causes of why it might be happening even!

Causes of Hair Loss

There are a few common reasons as to why you might be losing so much of your hair. See if you are also falling into this equation:

  • Hairstyle matters- if you are a person who loves very tight ponytails  or braids, changes are this will be damaging the hair follicles and it can lead to major hair loss.
  • Also having a vitamin deficiency can also be a leading cause.
  • Anxiety and stress can lead to you shedding hair at a speed faster than usual
  • If you are one of those people who is into dieting than there is a chance you will be impacting your hair’s strength too when you are limiting the vitamins( hair vitamins) and minerals intake.
  • There are certain restrictive diets that cause you to suffer from extreme hair loss.
  • When you have over processed scalp hair, it means your hair is getting very negatively impacted in the process.

Signs of Hair Loss

see the warning signs

Knowing the causes may sometimes not be enough. You also need to look at certain warning signs which suggest that the hair is not in a good condition. This will allow you to take on the necessary action as needed.

So let’s see what these can be:

  • You notice that whenever you brush your hair, more than usual strands of hair are pulling out
  • The same is when taking a shower, getting a ball of hair every time you wash your hair is not healthy
  • There is a definite noticeable patches where your hair is thinning. You can visibly notice that there is missing hair in some areas
  • Scalp skin is noticeable through your hair
  • When you tie your hair, you will be noticing that your ponytails are becoming thinner and thinner
  • Hair breaks off quite easily and makes it hard for you to create fancy hairstyles

Preventing Hair Loss

So now that you have a good idea on what hair loss is, what are the causes and warning signs, let’s now move onto the good news.

You can control and combat this condition if you want to.

There are many things and simple home remedies which you can apply. These will definitely give you the result you desire.

So let’s dive into ways in which you can get back your awesome hair locks again:

Your Diet Matters

What you consume is going to make a major difference. If you are emphasizing on consuming raw vegetables and fresh herbs, that will definitely control the effects. Even something like male pattern baldness.

You should be adding as many greens as possible which includes parsley, basil as well as salad greens. Also it will help plenty if you are able to add herbal tea into your diet as well.

Also look into ways in which you can give a boost to protein intake. Did you know that your hair is actually made up of protein which is called keratin? This means you need to be taking in plenty of amino acids within the body to ensure you are giving the protein nudge needed to keep your health in its optimal condition.

It also helps if you have your vitamin intake in order. Ensure that you are consuming plenty of vitamins as they will be giving the results of strength and quality shine to your hair. One element which you may not be aware of which can do wonders is Ginseng. So make it a habit to consume it as often as possible.

Hair Care 101

commit to taking care of your hair

It doesn’t only matter what you consume. You need to adapt ways to care for your hair which will make a difference. Your hair is as much part of your body as any other organ. So you need to commit you will be taking care of it properly.

Regular washing is essential. You should get your hair shampooed with a mild shampoo every other day. And that should come with a natural conditioner. As it will make your hair shiner and softer. Don’t go for those harsher formulas and keep things simple.

Also it really helps if you are regularly applying coconut oil which is known to help bind protein the hair and helps with regrowth of hair.

Olive oil is also essentially useful as it will be deep conditioning your hair. And also protects it from dryness and heavy breakage. So just heat it up a bit and apply to your hair, 30 minutes before taking a bath.

Onion juice as well as various essential oils are also effective in preventing hair loss. They will be ensuring your hair is growing strong and beautifully

Yoga and Massage

So this may be surprising to some of you but as it turns out, working out is also super helpful. One of the leading causes of you losing hair is stress.  So make time to work out some core yoga moves everyday as it will help you to feel better and get a better head of hair.

In the same way you know how good a massage feels when done on your body. And now experts suggest, applying a little oil and massaging your scalp in a gentle manner will also promote hair growth. It can also be a leading way of preventing hair loss.

Adapt Gentle Styling

It does not get any simpler than this. While you may want to live on the edge and try out new and distinctive looks, it is best for your hair to adapt simple and gentle hair styling techniques.

This will not pressure on the hair strands and will not be damaging hair follicles. So make use of some simple tactics to stand out in the crowd. Also it is best if you make less use of heat stylers like a straightening iron or even a curling iron. This much heat to your scalp can cause permanent damage so avoid its usage as much as possible.

Avoid Harsh Hair Treatments

In today’s day and age, you head to the salon and you will be listed a range of treatments which will make your hair stand out and look gorgeous.

Sure, it does make you look great but all these chemical usage and stylings can have a major impact on your skin. So it is best that you keep a control over the use of perms and even hair colors. Opt for options which don’t have too much ammonia in them. And nowadays there are also organic hair dyes which work great.

Look into the best solutions- your hair will definitely be thanking you for it.


understand solutions that work

Getting that luscious set of hair is the ultimate dream. Unfortunately due to weather, diet, genes or any other reason, you be suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. Thankfully there are some great home remedies and ways in which preventing hair loss is possible.

In this article, I talked about all that you need to know when it comes to ensuring your hair is looking good and its health is not compromised in any way. Look into these various options and see what works for you! Remember hair growth is something which can be triggered. So stop worrying and apply this simple methods to see some actual results.















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