6 Ways To Raise A Happy Kid

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Parenting is a full-time job and it is indeed a task to raise a happy kid.

Parents want to be the best at it but when you ask parents they will tell you that they are getting by.

After all, there is no written guide and rules for parenting and new parents put in efforts according to what they have known.

Raising a happy kid requires effort and practice much more than any job.

If you are a new parent and want your child to be healthy and happy, this article is for you.

Keep reading to know the tips to raise happy and healthy children.

happy kid and family

Happy Family = Happy Kid

Humans adapt to the environment they are subjected to.

Hence, your children need a happy family first to be joyful and healthy.

In fact, research suggests that depression in parents causes behavioral issues in children(depression in children).

The children of depressed mothers had more behavioral problems and acted out.

Also, happy parents have happy children.

Hence, it is important to stay happy as a family first because parents are the role models for their children.

There are some ways in which you can make yourself and your children happier:

Eat Meals Together As A Family 

If you make it a mandatory routine to indulge in conversations with your family at 3 meals then you and your child will have a fulfilling time.

Discuss your day as you eat and leave behind your phones.

In fact, it is so good for your children that a study found out that eating meals together lead to positive moods in adolescents.

Moreover, your children are less prone to childhood obesity, overeating and developing eating disorders.

Teenagers who spend time with family during meals are at lesser risk to fall into substance abuse.

Similarly, you can also find joy in spending quality time with your partner and child and be happy with them.

However, it is hard to eat all meals together so even getting together for dinner time will suffice.

Exercise Together 

Indulge your kids and spouse in yoga, aerobics or even walk if you do it.

Exercise makes you happier and frees the body and mind from the knots that tie you up.

Your children may hesitate to work out with you because they get enough activity already.

However, it is still great for you individually but doing it with your child can enhance your bond.

child studying with mom

Expect Reasonable Effort

Even before you birthed your child, you must have thought about their achievements and occupation.

It is natural for parents to have some expectations from their children, however, you must remember to be reasonable.

In fact, you should expect your child to achieve highly.

It gives them the courage to challenge themselves and do better.

In fact, when parents encourage students to do good in school, they try their best and perform well.

Though, you should draw a fine line between having high expectations and wanting perfection.

Humans cannot always be the best and failures are part of life.

Expecting a small child to be perfect will soon lead to mental health issues in them.

They can grow increasingly anxious to not fail you or themselves.

Furthermore, praise the effort they put in achieving something rather than their natural ability to do it.

Praising effort will make them more willing to achieve again and setbacks will not be an issue.

Let your children know that failing is okay but they should keep trying.

Hence, praise them not based on rewards or their smartness because if they fail they will immediately quit.

Praise the effort they made to achieve the reasonable goals and expectations you set for them.

happy kid playing outside

What’s Better For A Happy Kid: Playing Outside Or Screen Time?

These days children get to play less indoors and outdoors.

Extensive school hours, homework and the availability of screen time have reduced their playtime over years.

Hence, children are not as active.

Interacting with nature, smelling the scents like those from lavender, grass and pine trees in the air help to improve their mood and relax them.

Moreover, they get to interact with other children and work on their social and cognitive skills.

Unstructured play between children encourages emotional, intellectual and social development.

It can help them to learn how to work together, solve problems, increases empathy and speak up in need and control their emotions.

Your child misses out on a lot of growth if they are only glued to their device.

This brings us to…

You should also decrease their screen time indoors.

Is that contrary to how your child feels when you give them enough time?

You may think so but this is not true in the longer run.

Screen time can make them happy for a short period of time.

In fact, research suggests that more screen time makes them less happy.

Activities that do not involve any screen time like playing sports outside, meeting people or even doing homework can bring them more happiness.

Therefore, indulge them in what is more healthy for well-being and growth.

happy kid cooking with family

A Happy Kid Eats Well

If your child eats well then they will remain healthy and will not fall sick which can make them unhappy.

Hence, besides exercise, you should also give them good food to keep them fit and healthy.

This includes reducing their daily sugar intake and giving them more crunchy fruits and vegetables.

Children may refuse to eat veggies and fruits but you can get creative with them and make shapes and faces out of them.

Another way is to involve your children in cooking and making things together with them.

It will not only make them interested in what they are eating but will also help develop a bond between you and them.

Moreover, you will be able to avoid cavities in kids by giving them healthy foods.

Plus, as they keep them away from falling sick then you can get them to establish good eating habits for life.

You never know eating healthy veggies and fruits may just become their favorite.

Also, doing chores like helping in cooing and cleaning gives children a sense of connection with their family which makes them happy.

Beyond that, they are also learning survival skills, how to be responsible and doing community service.

Also, this gives them a delightful sense of accomplishment.

child with a gratitude sign

Practice Gratitude and Optimism

It is hard to always look at the bright side even as adults.

However, parents need to step up and teach their kids how they should always be grateful, optimistic and hopeful to raise happy children.

Practicing gratefulness is the key to a happy and healthier life.

Therefore, you will have to be their example in this situation.

If you practice gratitude often, your child will too.

Implement this within your routine while you ask everyone in the family three things they are grateful for during dinner.

You can also do this with your kids during bedtime and if they mention a specific person then ask them to write a thank you not for them.

This will not only make them happier in their childhood but will also establish good habits in their future.

You need to instill positivity and optimism in your child before they become depressed teenagers.

Optimists do well in life whether it concerns their studies, work, marriages, or general well-being.

Their positive outlook on life prevents them from fearing failure and get caught into a depression and anxiety rut.

Hence, if you start talking about optimism and gratefulness today with your child, you will see the results in the near future regarding their outlook on life.

children trying to grab cookies

Practicing Self Discipline and Self Control

All parents want to pamper their little bundle of joy with whatever they want.

Though you know full well that this is not good for them in the long run.

They should know where to stop and not overindulge.

In fact, when you give kids whatever they want, they can no longer differentiate between what they need and what they want.

Hence, thinking that the reason for their happiness is material objects.

When in reality they are just getting chronic discontent and cannot identify happiness gained from experiences.

Similarly, you should teach them self-discipline to know when to stop and avoid temptations.

People who have good self-control will not indulge in temptations and also report better moods.

You can simply introduce this through their device use and sugar intake.

Tell them to put all devices away in a basket before bedtime and before meals.

Moreover, you can make eating sugary foods difficult to access.

Alongside also let them know why you are doing this and how it is good for them to avoid overindulging.

Self-discipline is a predictor of success hence, by controlling them right now you are preparing them for a brighter and happier future.

Final Thoughts 

If you are a happy family you will have a happy kid.

Though unhappiness in a family can never guarantee the well-being of a child.

Therefore, you and your partner should work together to make an amicable environment inside the house to raise your children.



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