Revenge Sleep Procrastination

understanding revenge sleep procrastination

Have you ever been one to say that you are not getting enough hours in the day to get things done in your life? This means you just keep putting off going to bed sooner. And that is what we call revenge bedtime procrastination.

This is basically relating to when you have to look into ways in which you can engage in activities of your own liking.

You have plenty you want to do but you just don’t have the time for that.

So it is a method by which you are trying to make time for your leisure entertainment.

But this is something which is coming at the expense of losing sleep.

The term is relatively a new one but you will now find it often being used, especially when it comes to medical writings.

This is because it is becoming a serious concern now.

In this article I am going to be talking in detail on what is revenge sleep procrastination, how it impacts your health and how you can ensure you are getting a good sleep.

Signs of Revenge Sleep Procrastination

signs of revenge sleep procrastination

So the major signs of this condition include your inability to realize just how critical it is for you to be getting a good amount of hours of sleep.

One thing you should know is that staying up late is not something you can suggest is this condition.

It actually has plenty more happening.

When talking about sleep procrastination, there are a few things which differentiates it from other conditions and these include:

  • You are delaying going to sleep.
  • This becomes a habit and pretty soon you are just getting a few hours of sleep every night.
  • The delay you are making in getting a good sleep will interfere with your life’s overall activities.
  • You will notice there is a major shift in your mood as you will get easily agitated and will get impacted by anything around you
  • It is possible that you will also get impatient
  • Those who suffer from this condition will also notice who they will be suffering from negative consequences
  • They may also feel very differently about those people around them and will be staying up late despite not doing something productive in that time
  • For those who are having very tough work schedules, it is possible that they will have some time to stay calm and enjoy the television which is when they can really relax

How It Affects You

While it is not a healthy practice to get involved in this behavior for the long-term, indulging in a little procrastination from time to time is something which you can enjoy every now and then.

This is especially true if you have very high-stress job.

The people who work long hours and don’t get to enjoy a little leisure time with the family can prefer to take this on.

It allows them to ensure that you will be able to make time for your favorite activities.

While sometimes it can be something small like just staying up late to watch your favorite television show’s one episode or look at your phone and browse for just a few minutes.

However the trouble begins when the time starts to extend.

Something simple as 15-20mins of browsing can escalate and it can be you  taking on watching the television for an hour or even more.

So that is where you have to draw the line.

This allows for you to make sure you are ensuring your leisure time is happening but you are also not sacrificing your health in the process.

Now I want to look at the causes- how did it begin?

Causes for Revenge Sleep Procrastination

what causes this condition to happen?

When you are not having any free time in the day, it becomes even more so common that you get something done for yourself at night.

It was a major study done which highlighted how sleep procrastination is something which will be needing a major boost.

The one thing the study states is that this behavior is negatively relating to self-regulation.

While those people who want to sleep, their behaviors will be not really aligning with that of their intentions.

In some cases, why someone is doing so relates to them being a fan of procrastination in general.

You should look into what are your natural sleep patterns.

People who you consider as night owls try to keep themselves awake. They have this embedded in their system.

Even if they are feeling tired, they will be forcing themselves to stay up.

If a person has a good natural sleep schedule in order, they will be able to emphasize what self-control resources can come into play.

All of these tend to cause these changes to come into action.

When you are suggesting concerns pertaining to your sleep, it is usually human nature that you will look more into getting other activities done before you are able to adapt a good slumber.

Looking at the Consequences

how it impacts your body

Staying up late is essentially going to be making a major impact on your health and your overall well-being.

The biggest issue with this condition is that soon it becomes a major habit. You can be putting yourself at such a risk without you even knowing it.

Adults actually need more than 7 to 9 hours of sleep one one night.

And children would be needing even more.

That is how you system works and remains up to speed.

So when you are not getting the complete z’s, this will be impacting your health in a number of ways.

Also it can play a major impact on your relations and your lifestyle too.

When you are feeling tired, there are certain things which slowly creep up on you and impact your life. This will include:

  • Slower thinking will begin to take over you.
  • You will notice that you are paying less attention to things.
  • In some cases, your memory will be getting the effect.
  • Mostly you will notice that there is a faulty decision making in play. You will be taking too much time over making decisions on the simplest of things.
  • There is a major onset of fatigue and anxiety over you.
  • It becomes very easy for you to get irritated over the smallest of things.

These are actually the short-term concerns. Over time they can grow and increase more health complications in your life.

These include having to suffer from conditions which includes:

  • heart diseases
  • diabetes can take over
  • you will soon start to gain weight till you become obese
  • your immune system becomes weak
  • there is ongoing pain in the body
  • you will notice that your mental health conditions are getting more
  • including feeling very anxious and having anxiety

A long-term concern is one which takes place indefinitely and can cause you to suffer from severe complications as well.

So now that you know the harm this can bring to you, I will now be providing you with a complete overview on ways in which you can ensure that your health is in complete order and how you can control the condition to make your life more organized.

Simple Remedies to Combat Revenge Sleep Procrastination

The major and most effective way would have to be to ensure that you are able to take control of your sleep is by making use of simple ways in which you can bring your sleep to a more organized manner.

One thing that works your way is by consuming green tea. Also you can some supplements into your diet.

This is actually a really good boost to your health.

When you are consuming tea, it kicks in the relaxing endorphins which will calm you and make the situation better.

Also you can ensure you are getting in the extra z’s by creating an effective schedule for yourself.

This means you can make time for all that remains pending. It allows for you to enjoy a really good sleep while also having the time to invest in any extracurricular activities.

You should also make sure you are not forcing it upon yourself in one go. Remember that changes take place gradually and you cannot force them.

So when you do decide to take on this change, if you were staying awake for an extra 2-3 hours, why not make it to 1.5 hours and then take it from there and make sure you are gradually lessen the time.

This will not be adding the pressure on you and will allow you to take it upon yourself to make the changes to your own preference.


Having to go through revenge sleep procrastination means that you will be suffering from losing sleep.

This is actually becoming more common than you would know.

It can happen to people of various ages and can cause complications in the system.

This article was a complete overview on what this condition is.

How it impacts your body and ways to control its harmfulness on your body.

When you have a good handle on how to go about it, it will be making your life better in no time.


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