Royal Jelly: Is it Healthy?

what are the benefits of royal jelly

When it comes to consuming good, healthy food. One item which is on top of the list and is very benefitting to your health is the royal jelly. Now before you confuse yourself, let me point out that royal jelly is actually different from honey.

Bees are known to provide us with plenty of benefits. It is one of natural wonders of the world. It is also a useful resource to pollinate the crops. One of the essential elements to our existence really.  But bees are also due to which we get royal jelly.

Now how it differs from honey is that it is actually quite bitter and sour in taste. What happens is that the worker bees will be working hard to  secrete this material. They take it out from their glands. And it is then used by the queen and also used to feed the larvae.

It is highly important element. Many people are joining the bandwagon to consume this kind of  jelly. But how effective and useful is it really?

This article will be looking into talking about all the essential things you should know about this.

So let’s begin:

What is Royal Jelly?

taking royal jelly as tablets

This is basically a kind of a milky secretion. It contains about 70% of water. But it also consists of high amounts of protein. It is essentially good as it also consists of a good amount of vitamins, salts, as well as amino acids.

While it is mostly the same in majority of the countries, the exact composition of the elements in a royal jelly are actually dependent on the country you are in.

Why it is considered as as royal is because this is the liquid which the bees are making use of to make the queen happy. In a way, you can say they are pampering her. So how does it rank against honey. Let’s see that:

How Does Royal Jelly Differ from Honey?

Before talking about the differences, let me just point out that both are made by bees but their texture is quite different from one another. For one thing, they have a huge difference in taste.

You see royal jelly is actually quite sour. While honey has a very sweet taste to it. Honey is something that you get from the nectar of the flowers. And it involves the work of a range of honeybees. It is of a golden color. However royal jelly is of a milk-like substance. This is the nourishing element taken by the queen bee.

Why some people opt for this jelly is because it is actually consisting of a higher amount of protein. Also it has lower levels of sugars, making it a better option for diabetics.

Let’s now get into the major benefits of eating it:

The Potential Health Benefits

why royal jelly is gaining popularity

This gelatinous element is one of the most essential things which keep the health of queen and the larvae in optimal condition. You will notice how different stores actually sell this substance as a dietary supplement also.

Many suggest it helps in improving your chronic diseases and also of any physical ailments you will be suffering from. So what are the major advantages of consuming it:

It Contains Nutrients

This essentially means that in it, you will be getting water, carbs as well as different kinds of proteins and also fat.

It is rich and has plenty of flavors in it. But when it comes to understanding its complete chemical makeup, there is just so much variation in it.

The nutrient composition can vary extensively. When talking about the vitamin composition , you be interested to know that there is a rich formation of vitamins in the royal jelly including vitamin E.

Has Antioxidant Effects

One of the other interesting facts about royal jelly is that it is known to have various factors which causes it to reduce inflammation effects. It also helps in reducing the oxidative stress.

According to several tests that have been run, it turns out that it also has antioxidant effects. This makes it a major element for consumption.

Can Help to Reduce Heart Disease Risk

When it comes to understanding the various effects of heart diseases, some researchers have found out that royal jelly has many positive ways to impact high cholesterol levels.

This means it can effectively reduce the heart disease risks. According to certain researches, it was determined that those who have been consuming royal jelly are able to get a lower LDL cholesterol reading.

In an overall overview, it has come to be known that royal jelly plays a significant roe in keeping you healthy and content.

Aims at Skin Repair

Interestingly royal jelly also plays a major role in aiming for skin repair.  It is effective in wound healing properties and will also aim to tackle your inflammatory skin conditions.

Royal jelly actually has antibacterial effects. This means it keeps the wounds clean . Also aims to keep them free from infection also.

It was also determined that you can get collagen production. This was determined through tests run on rats. Collagen is actually the essential element that makes your skin tight and smooth.

Role in Treating Menopause

While the information relating to its usage in treating menopausal effects is not clear, it seems that when you take royal jelly orally, it helps to combat the symptoms associating with menopause.

When we talk about the hormonal changes that come with menopause, this will include but is not limited to issues like hot flashes, having heavy pain as well as depression.

Helps to Lower Blood Pressure

We now know the endless benefits of royal jelly. it also helps in keeping your circulatory system in the optimal order.

Did you know that there are some special proteins in the royal jelly which actually relax the muscle cells in the veins and the arteries?

This leads to the lowering of blood pressure. But it is still unclear as to how much royal jelly consumption plays a role in these revelations.

Can Increase Tear Secretion

Royal Jelly is essentially playing a role in helping with tear secretion. It is known to help out when you have dry eyes condition. Researchers have found how the royal jelly can be helpful in increasing the tear secretion mechanism. This is done through the lacrimal glands which are in the eyes.

So now that we have a good understanding of the many benefits of royal jelly, turns out there are also certain concerns with it. Let’s now look into the side effects and why it is not for everyone.

Who Should Not Be Eating Royal Jelly?

how royal jelly is made

While there is so much information on eating it, turns out it doesn’t have as many benefits as you would expect.

This is because there are also certain side effects relating to the consumption of royal jelly. Firstly you need to understand that it is indeed a bee product. This means that those who are allergic to bees should be very cautious when deciding to consume royal jelly.

Also those who have certain issues with pollen should first see how they react to a small amount before taking it on full throttle.

When talking about being cautious in royal jelly, this specially relates to people who have asthma and allergies. If you are suffering from the following symptoms, you should consult a doctor immediately:

  • Having difficulty breathing properly
  • Feeling swelling in the mouth and throat
  • Sudden drop in blood pressure
  • Losing consciousness
  • Feeling a red, itchy rash

These reactions are normal in people who suffer from allergies to bees and pollen. It is important that you understand how to identify the symptoms. You will then have a good awareness of how to combat the problems.


In this day and age, everyone needs to be on their toes to remain healthy and fit. The nutritional making and value of certain elements is still not clear. But that doesn’t mean you cannot aim to sustain a healthy living.

Royal jelly is one of the most trending healthy products out there. Researchers have been working effortlessly to determine how the ample health benefits you can get with consuming royal jelly.

But of course there are also certain risk factors you should know and be well-aware of. Some nutritionists have suggested that consuming royal jelly can also have its risk factors.

Hence it is best if you consume royal jelly sparingly.


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