Scaling and Polishing of Teeth in Sharjah

Definition and Overview

As we all know teeth add beauty to the personality of a person. Especially the order and colour of teeth directly reflect the beauty. It is the fact, that everyone knows about the dental diseases and the impacts of dental diseases. These diseases are mostly caused by the dirt on teeth. These diseases are known as Gum Disease and it occurs due to Plaque Bacteria. And the best remedy for it is the scaling and polishing of teeth.

In fact, to brush the teeth at least three times a day is necessary and particularly after taking food. Because these foods change into sugar and starch and teeth become dirty. But there are some areas within the mouth to which the access of brush is beyond even our imagination and that are the point which caused this disease to your teeth. And finally, this dust of bacteria shapes the mineralized form of dirt. Which become impossible to remove it with a brush only. It is only possible in the process of scaling and polishing the teeth. And It also happens because teeth and mouth have bacterial film. Teeth need saliva which is contained in saliva. Therefore, to get rid of this dirt one must need to do brush on a regular base and for the better result must need to consult a dentist for scaling and polishing the teeth.

What does Scaling and Polishing of Teeth Involve?

Teeth cleaning involve the procedures in which the extra dirt of teeth, Plaque Bacteria and Tartar are removing from the depth of teeth to make the teeth more brighten and give them pearly life. The most attractive and smooth way to clean the dirt of teeth known as scaling and polishing.

Scaling is a process in which the dentist removes the extra stain and dirt from teeth to brighten them like a pearl. It is a common dental procedure in which the dentist goes beyond the surface of teeth and clean the very root of the patient teeth and remove the Plaque Bacteria and Tartar.

While polishing involves the process of make the teeth smooth and fair. For this process dentist also use a small amount of fluoride to protect the teeth. It is not only a process making teeth smooth it also involves the procedure of cleaning the microorganism formed on the outer part of the teeth and the different types of bacteria, particularly Plaque Bacteria of the teeth. And the advantage of this polishing is that it is painless as compared to other procedure of cleaning the teeth.

What Result will You Get?

Dental scaling involves the careful removal of plaque bacteria from the tooth’s surface just below the gumline. Dental scaling can be done through two different methods. A dentist will either use handheld instruments and will scrape the plaque from the tooth. Or they will choose an ultrasonic instrument to scale the tooth. This involves a vibrating metal tip combined with cold water spray. After tooth scraping, comes root planning which reaches deeper to the surface of the tooth’s roots. This is done in the same manner as scaling and polishing of tooth will give you the best result ever. It will protect from the internal infection and disorder from dental bacteria or viruses white and straight teeth increase the confidential level as well. It may also prevent gum from disease and other painful dental disorders. Apart from all other benefits clean and healthy teeth stay stronger and last longer.

Why choose Dr Amal AlQedrah Medical Center for teeth scale and polish?

Dr Amal AlQedrah medical center Sharjah is providing the most hygienic and clean environment and in this medical center, there are professional doctors. This center is highly equipped All of the equipment used here are modern techniques for the treatment.

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