Tips on Building Self- Esteem in Children

self esteem in children

Self-esteem is something very important. It molds how a person looks and projects themselves in this world. There are so many things you have to look into when talking about how to raise the self-esteem in children.

These are like milestones which will allow your children to have a major boost.  It is really important for them to know their worth.

It really matters to let them know that they are worthy and they should be feeling good about themselves.

You should make sure that you are adapting ways in which you will be building your child’s self confidence.

In this article I am going to be highlighting all that you need to know when it comes to knowing how self-esteem matters. How you can give it a boost and making sure your children are going in the right direction.

So let’s start:

Self-Esteem in Children

self-esteem matters

When we talk about  having a healthy self-esteem, we have to look into the main things which suggest good child development.

There are some major things which will emphasize the need for your child’s social, behavioral and emotional health to get better.

You need to know ways in which your child’s health is going to be playing a major role.

Also when talking about your child’s health, there are some major setbacks you can face. Make sure you are keeping that in check so to ensure your child is able to handle challenges in a proper manner.

Let’s now look into the major tips on how you can play your role in building your self-esteem in children.

Tips in Boosting Confidence

The first and major thing you can do is simply stepping aside. This will definitely be making a a huge impact.

You will be effectively ensuring your children are moving onto the right direction. This is a major way in which you can ensure that the young ones are all set to make their move into this world.

They need to step outside of their comfort zones to explore the world.

Only when you let them take risks will you be able to make sure that your child is able to get a real taste of the world.

It will give them the nudge to make their own choices. Also such settings adapt them to solve problems on their own while getting a taste of the real world.

So while it may tough, try to step back and let them take over.

Over-praising the Kids

ensuring and boosting confidence

This is one of the major things that can go wrong.

While you may consider it to be the right parenting but when over-praising , it will impact the self-esteem of your children.

When we are continuously doing so continuously, it will be impacting our parenting skills and will be making them get impacted by such a condition even more.

If you continue to say and praise that your child is doing great continuously, it will be impacting and harming your children more than it does good.

This will also make them feeling they do not need to push themselves to do any better.

So doing and failing is better than just taking everything for granted. Let them step out of their comfort zone and learn more.

Indulge in Healthy Risks

So one thing to note is that taking healthy risks is actually really good for your children.

This means allowing them to take risks and make choices.

It is a practice which will allow them to take on responsibilities and understand.

They will be able to get a good handle on how they are going to face the consequences of their decisions.

This allows them to speak on failures and ensure things are getting done in a good way.

It is not wise to always try rescuing your kids. The best you can do for them is ‘not responding’ right away.

Failure is what makes you ready to take on success. When you are able to differentiate between the two, it allows for your child to know and strive for what is best.

Let Them Handle Chores

So this is something you should know- let them help themselves. This means allow them to handle things on their own and help around.

Doing house chores is essential for them to create a mindset around being responsible and working together as a family unit.

When they show their work and expertise around the house, they in turn show they are also contributing in some way and this helps them to take on even more chores.

Research has shown that you should be involving your children in house chores, when they are as young as toddlers.

All of this adds up and will be helping them in endless ways to build their self-esteem in endless ways.

Pursue Interests

One of the biggest things which becomes a major letdown for children is when they are not supported in their dreams.

This means their interests and focus takes a backseat.

If from a very early age, they are expected to do things according to the expectations of others, it will backfire definitely.

You will see this showing up even later in their personality and upbringing so best is to make sure that you are going to not create problems for them later.

Let them find their creative edge and your job as parents is to nurture it and groom it.

Once they have taken up something, make sure they are going to follow it till the end.

This can even be something as simple as taking up games.

You will be surprised to learn how much they can create and gain from just this simple concept.

What if Your Child is Struggling?

if they struggle, its okay

Some parents often ask this question- what happens if they are not able to cope well? What if they are struggling with whatever they have.

And what if they can’t express themselves properly?

Well in such cases one thing you need to know is – don’t lose your sleep about this.

While some parents may react over the top in such situations, the best reaction is not to react at all.

Don’t consider it as the end of the world.

It is actually a golden opportunity which will allow them to grow and learn more.

When something like this happens, it will be a great way for them to build themselves from.

These are awesome life lessons which help you to grow and seek more from them.

Love Unconditionally

One thing to always, always show your kids is that you love them. Always love them unconditionally.

No matter what happens to them, let them know you will always stick by their side no matter what.

This is especially in case they have had a bad report or made some bad decisions.

It will allow them to understand that your love to them is not based on certain rules and factors.

You have to make them realize that while their success and progress matters to you, your love for them is not based on this.

Setting Realistic Goals

So this is highly important. Make sure you are helping your child set their eyes on things they can attain.

Self esteem in children really gets impacted when you aim for things which are just not meant to be.

Allow them to analyze their own situation, their own potential to touch upon things which will develop them to reach far greater heights and achievements. Also exercise when you can with them to create a healthy bonding time.

All of this leads to your ability in making realistic goals which are going to be giving some major results.

The key is to have patience and see the magic work!

Praise Where Proper

While it is important that you show a child that they need to be realistic and do things for themselves, you should be praising your children whenever needed.

This will allow them to understand their worth and it will also be leading to them knowing ways in which they are special.

Also when they are down, they can look into ways in which they were praised for things they did right.

This will also serve as a nudge for them to not quit whenever they are down and continue to practice as it will be leading them to attain really good results.


encouraging confidence

Self-esteem in children gets highly impacted over poor parenting skills.

Interestingly, you may be thinking you have made the right decision but as it turns out, you can be doing something wrong.

Giving your children confidence to face the world on its own is very important.

You have to be sure how are you going to making the right decision for them.

In this article, we looked into the major tips which will help in boosting your children’s self confidence and ensuring they are all set in making a mark in this world.

This is an article is a compete overview and offers some good advice on how in simple ways you can be building the self esteem in children by following simple practices right at home.

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