Ante Natal Package

Antenatal Packages Sharjah

At Dr. Amal Al Qedrah’s Clinic, we provide antenatal packages in Sharjah for mothers who care for their families and encourage them to be aware of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Our clinic in Sharjah is equipped with the latest technological devices which would help you with your pregnancy and parenting from beginning to end.

Decided to become a mother?

Our medical center is the best destination for you. We grant you a prenatal care service and advise you to undergo the most crucial tests safely without surgery such as Non-Invasive Prenatal Test for pregnancy. We assist you to avoid any abnormalities that you might have during your pregnancy. Even during the pregnancy, we exert our efforts and facilities at your service to provide the best follow-up ever. We promise you the best options for the delivery because Dr. Amal’s Clinic has all that you need when it comes to parenting children.


Dr. Amal’s Clinic in Sharjah has a well-trained team that is ready to assist you to diagnose and manage general and special obstetrics. Our professional team provides solutions, with full confidentiality to your medical records for pregnancy with diabetes, hypertension or any other associated diseases with pregnancies. Our astonishing team evaluates any risk factors that might threaten your pregnancy before and after. Our team will listen to your complaints and keep track of you step by step. At our clinic, you can be sure that our team will always take care of you when you visit for your monthly checkup. Dr. Amal Al Qedrah clinic team will check your blood type, measure your hemoglobin and check immunity to several infections. Also, the team will provide extra information about changes in your body and keep you aware of what is serious and what is normal.

Medical Scanning and Imaging

We do not only provide Obstetrics and Gynecology consultations but we keep our heads up when mothers follow up with their pregnancy. With our team at Dr. Amal’s Clinic, you won’t need any effort to know your baby’s gender, weight or height; moreover, our medical center at Sharjah provides delivery dates as well as your baby’s age week by week.   We have powerful and advanced technological ultrasounds that would check everything a mother cares about. Our scans are performed by a highly trained doctor and are also reviewed by another doctor.

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