General Obstetrics

General Obstetrics in Sharjah

Consulting general obstetrics in Sharjah with Dr. Amal provides focus on the postpartum period, pregnancy, and childbirth. Dr. Amal is beyond disciplined in her obstetrics and gynecology consulting. She provides many consultations in different medical fields.

Fetal Health Consultations

The fetus is a guest in a woman’s body that she should always protect with regular medical check-ups. Dr. Amal makes the mother’s mission in protecting her baby much easier by providing several consultations for her, such as diagnosis of chromosomal fetal abnormalities in very early, dating ultrasound scan to decide expected date of delivery, estimation of fetal weight, non-invasive prenatal test, and treatment of threatened miscarriage. Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center is here in Sharjah for every woman that wants to feel better during her pregnancy. Also, it provides general consultations in gynecology.

Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy is a disturbing period for a woman, as some thoughts make her feel like this. Maybe some certain thoughts revolve in her mind, and these mood fluctuations are naturally occurring, but more importantly, how do women in pregnancy face these fears and deal with them? Dr. Amal is here for every pregnant woman who is feeling like this. She provides many consultations in Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center for prenatal counseling, treatment of recurrent miscarriage, treatment of hypothyroidism in pregnancy, management of pregnancy with hypertension, management of pregnancy with diabetes, management of pregnancy with gestational diabetes, prevention of premature (pre-term delivery), evaluation of gestation, weight management in pregnancy for overweight ladies, evaluation of risk factors to prevent complications in the future, early pregnancy diagnosis, management of hyperemesis gravidarum, management of normal and high-risk pregnancies, management of antiphospholipid antibody syndrome in pregnancy,  management of cholestasis of pregnancy, management of Hashimoto’s (autoimmune) thyroiditis.

Delivery Counseling

Delivery is considered one of the experiences that give rise to many feelings for a pregnant woman, and these feelings are a mixture of anticipation, longing, and fear. The expectant mother is eager to see her child, especially if he/she is the first child, at the same time, she is afraid of the experience of childbirth and the accompanying pain. However, the experience of delivery has become easier than before, with many centers giving maternal lessons about delivery, its types, stages, signs, and how to prepare for it. Dr. Amal provides mothers with various medical services for safe delivery like normal vaginal delivery, instrumental vaginal delivery, and prenatal counseling.

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