Sharpen Your Memory: What Works

learn ways to sharpen your memory

One of the major effects that take place as you age is that your memory gets weak. Senior moment is when your memory is impacted. Sharpen your memory by following a few set patterns.

Memory lapses happen when you sometimes face cognitive problems. This means suffering from memory loss.

While this is a common issue in the elderly, it can also take place in people of various ages.

This is because memory lapses can take place at any point in life. Did you know that when memory loss happens in older folks. This is not due to the accelerating age actually.

ensuring brain is in good condition

It can happen due to several reasons like organic disorders, or any neurological issues as well.

The good news is that you can conduct some brain workouts that will strengthen your mind and give you a good boost.

In this article, I am going to be talking about how there are a few things you can do to start exercising your most important muscle in your body.

Let’s start:

Boosting Your Brain Power

ways to boost your brain power

Memory is directly relating to how healthy is your brain.

It is essentially the most important organ in the body.

You need to have a good, strong memory and mind for several reasons. Be it a student who is studying for exams or even an athlete who needs to always be active and alert.

A good brain with good memory boost is essential.

Did you know that the human brain has the amazing power to adapt and change. Even when in old age.

This is what we call neuroplasticity.

It means your brain has the capability to be able to form strong neural pathways and this allows them to react in strong ways.

The natural power of neuroplasticity is strong and it is able to give a major boost to your abilities. Enhancing your ability to learn and seek new information. 

So let’s now talk about some killer tips which can give your brain a major boost and keep the grey matter running and being effective. 

Tip1: The Brain Workout

adapting brain workout tactics

It is essentially the way in which your brain remains fit and working. Did you know as soon as you hit your adulthood, your brain already has more than a million neural pathways to work around. 

You are already working around tactics like solving familiar problems, taking care of habitual tasks and other mundane activities which don’t require your mental efforts.

But that is not how your brain works.

You need to give it a major boost from time to time to shake things up a little.

This means you need to give it some major muscle strength. Work it up to see some major results.

Know this- not all activities are actually the same.

What you need is to focus on certain challenges that will break the same old chain and give you new brain pathways to focus on.

So now I want to talk about certain activities which are going to be a major brain-boosting factor:

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It is not helping if you are continuously involved in an activity in which you are already good. Look into ways to give your brain a major exercise. Involve your time in an activity in which you are pushing yourself outside the comfort zone.

This means you are strengthening your brain cells by giving them challenges they are not used to.

It also helps to keep on developing and learning new skills.

Challenge Yourself

learn new music instruments

It works great if you are able to challenge yourself into trying new things. Look into activities which are your best brain-boosting challenges.

The fact is simple- it is okay to experiment and try new things. Example trying to learn a new music instrument.

That doesn’t come easy. It is challenging. But it is exactly what your brain needs.

Building on Your Skills

Push the envelope to try different things at different levels. You need to stretch your capabilities.

Look into starting at the basic level of any activity and then work your way up. It is not easy but it certainly gives you the challenge to master your skills and attain results.

Also I want to mention that look into activities that give your brain a major boost. You should enjoy what you are doing.

The more the activity is engaging, the more benefits you will get from it.

Now let’s talk about getting some physical work done too.

Sharpen Your Memory with Physical Exercise

jogging gives the brain a healthy boost

While mental exercise is essential.

You need to know that physical health also matters.

This is needed to keep the brain sharp.

Working out means you are giving oxygen to the brain.

And you need to give that as it will help to keep the brain save from memory loss.

Also it keeps you protected from concerns like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

When you are exercising, you are also essentially releasing brain chemicals which manage stress in a better way.

So let’s now hit on some exercise tips which are essential for a healthy brain:

Brain-Boosters: Exercises that Are Amazing

  • Look into simple aerobic exercises which are really good for the brain. You should pick activities which are good for blood pumping.
  • Also, invest your time in exercises which keep the heart in good condition.
  • Getting the sleep fog is common. Does it happen to you? Taking time to get all freshened up after waking up from a sleep. If so, it will work great for you if you indulge in some quality morning exercises.
  • This also helps in clearing any cobwebs you are facing. As this impacts your learning capabilities.
  • You also need to have strong hand-eye coordination. This helps in your brain-building possibilities.
  • Did you know even a simple walk or a few jumping jacks can get the brain to work? Invest in getting physical to give your brain a major boost.

So now that we have talked about mental and physical exercises, I want to also highlight another major element that adds to ways in which you sharpen your memory. As well as keeping the brain in a good working condition- getting plenty of sleep.

The Effects of Sleep to Sharpen Your Memory

deep sleep will sharpen your memory

There has been plenty of debate on this concept already.

Sleep is essentially one of the most important elements that make up for your well-being. Heard of sleep apnea?

Losing sleep leads to many concerns and issues in the human body.

Identify the number of hours keep your body and mind fresh. Did you know that the right amount of hours stand between 7 to 9 hours of sleep.

This is essential for you developing skills in memory, creativity, problem-solving as well as the ability to be creative and make use of critical-thinking.

It is essential you invest to have these skills mastered.

So to know how to get your body in sync with deep sleep which is important for enabling memory-enhancement is by adapting a few simple tactics.

Let’s look into what these are and how they help:

Make a Regular Sleep Schedule

You should hit the bed at a fixed time. It is essential that you create a regular sleep pattern. Which means you sleep at the same time every night and wake at the same time too.

Do not break from your regular routine.

This is also essential for the weekends and holidays.

Control and Limit Your Screen Time

I cannot stress more on this. You should control and regulate how much screen time you are investing in.

Did you know that the blue light which gets emitted by TVs, tablets and phones is responsible for suppressing melatonin. This is the hormone which brings on the sleepiness.

Cutting Out Caffeine

reduce caffeine intake to boost brain power

Yes sorry to burst the bubble but it turns out that caffeine is responsible in keeping people awake.

Actually different people react to it in different ways.

While some are highly sensitive to the way it works, taking in large amounts does effect your sleeping pattern and the ability to go into deep sleep.

So it is best that you cut it out completely.

A good substitute is green tea and you can add some flavor to it by infusing some fruit into it like lemon or green apple.

Keeping Stress in Control

In order to sharpen your memory as you age, make sure that you try to keep the stress hormones in control.

You can do so by adapting some simple practices that help to keep the brain sharp.

Did you know that with time, the chronic stress can actually damage the brain even more whole destroying the brain cells.

So adapting a few tips and tricks will help your brain to remain sharp and focused. These include:

  • Setting realistic expectations and not pressuring the brain to do more than it needs to.
  • Taking breaks throughout. Don’t overstress and it’s okay to let your guard down.
  • Keeping a healthy balance between your work and the leisure time you spend.
  • It is okay if you focus on one task at a time. Multi-tasking can be hard to manage and you need to keep yourself committed to your work.

Sharpen your memory with these simple tips which will move beneficial in the long run.


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