Skin Disorders: Common Types

understand skin disorders types

It is not uncommon for a person to suffer from skin disorders. There are different skin disorders types and they can also vary in symptoms and some people may be more prone to certain conditions and concerns. Also these skin issues will actually be either permanent or temporary. And their pain level also depends on the person and how severe it is.

While some can be very minor, others are actually more serious and require quick treatment. The thing is you can be impacted by any kind, depending on your health and your underlying conditions. It matters that you realize your condition and what kind of skin disease you may be suffering from.

The correct diagnosis matters in this scenario. Be sure to become aware of your condition as there are several skin disorders types and it is important for the right treatment that you first look into what is the skin issue you are currently undergoing.

Let’s now start our discussion:

What are Skin Diseases?

As the name suggests, this is more or less relating to abnormalities to your skin. Do you know that your skin is actually the largest organ in the body. It actually acts a shield and keeps us protected from any harm. It also holds a range of functions, which makes it an important element of the body. Some of its most common features are:

  • It is able to hold fluid and this is what prevents dehydration in the body.
  • Helps for you to feel sensations in the body. This means sensations like temperature and pain.
  • A major attribute is that it will be keeping bacteria out of the body, as well as various viruses and other elements which can cause infection in the body.
  • Plays a major role in stabilizing the body temperature.
  • It is able to synthesize and create vitamin D in the body. And this actually changes the skin’s appearance.

When we talk about various skin conditions, remember we are also looking into and mentioning what is attributing towards the clogging, irritation as well as the inflammation of your skin. Did you know that often skin diseases can also lead to various rashes and will impact the appearance of your skin.

Most Common Skin Conditions

When it comes to how your skin is looking, there are a few very common skin disorders that you should be aware of. It is something that needs to be catered to and handled in a proper manner. I will now be talking about and looking into some of the most common skin disorders types:


acne skin disorder

This is also known as acne vulgaris. It is basically a condition which is more so common on teenagers and gets triggered due to anxiety. It mainly relates to when you have blocked hair follicles and there is oil from the sebaceous gland stuck within your skin.

More so common when you are undergoing hormonal changes. While many people presume that acne relates to pimple problems. But it is actually more than that and will include blackheads, cysts as well as nodules. People may get acne for several reasons and while it is common to have them on your face, it is also possible that you will see it on other parts of the body.


eczema is common in children

This is what we call an atopic dermatitis and it is actually very common in children. While the cause of the same is not well-known, many consider it to be relating to genes. Also environmental factors and immune system.

It is actually coming in appearance on the face but you can also see it on your hands, feet as well as on the creases of your skin. One of the major attributes of this skin condition is that it leads to issues like dry and scaly skin as well as itchy skin. These are quite common and can lead towards your baby’s skin thickening out. Hence it is best that you try to have them avoid scratching their skin vigorously and apply some soothing ointments which will be providing a cooling effect on the skin.


This is basically a virus which leads to you suffering from a red as well as a blistered rash. It usually appears on your torso and can also appear anywhere else on the body. In such cases, you will likely be suffering from fever as well as fatigue and sharp headaches.

The main cause for the same is thought to be chickenpox. It can lead to more risks and concerns in adults and can also be extremely painful, especially in adults. Fortunately there are two types of vaccines available to handle this condition well.


hives is a complicated skin condition

This basically relates to a condition of familiar welts which will be happening on the skin. It can happen to anyone and is usually the result of being on heavy medication, as well as suffering from bug bits and even stings.

It is important that you understand if it is covering a huge area of the body, as well as your throat and facial area. If you don’t get it readily treated, it can also lead to very strong swelling and can also impact how your body will be responding to treatment. There are several ways in which you can get the treatment but depending on the severity as well as how it is getting triggered, it is best to treat this condition with drugs which can be effective.

Sunburn- One of Skin Disorders Types

This is quite common. Especially in those countries which are subjected to high temperatures. Also if your work or career requires you to go outdoors a lot, there is a high chance you will be suffering from this condition.

And while there may be certain treatment options, remember that it is always easier to prevent a sunburn rather than to treat one. This is something which can happen when you are getting very high exposure to ultraviolet light from the sun and other such heated elements which include sunlamps.

What happens is when you get very high exposure, your skin will start to become very red. It will also become painful and in the worst cases of sun damaging your skin, your skin will begin to peel as well. Hence to prevent from such disastrous impacts, make sure you apply plenty of sunscreen on a regular basis.

Diaper Rash

This is something very common and what many mothers will relate to. It is when a baby’s soiled diaper is not taken care of in duly manner and can cause rashes and bumps to form on the baby’s body. This will include on the baby’s genitals, buttocks and even on the skin folds. Urine can also cause problems and will lead to skin irritation.

Bacteria formation can happen and it can complicate matters even more. So it is best that you make use of simple, organic ointments or you can also wash off with water instead of using baby wipes on your baby’s smooth skin every now and then.


chronic swelling of the face

This is what we call a chronic swelling of your face. It leads to immense redness and you will notice how your blood vessels become prominent and pimples start to appear. It is actually most common in women who are over 30. But this is also common in men. There are several ways in which you can contract it. It includes issues with your immune system, as well as vein problems and can also relate to the environmental issues. All of these can cause several problems. But the good news is that you can treat it in a number of ways.


warts happen all over the body

This is the kind of skin infection which happens due to HPV. It is basically relating to how you will be suffering from an infection which includes having rough, skin-colored bumps which will begin to form on the skin. The problem is that it can become something very contagious. While warts can happen on any part of the body but it is more common on feet, face as well as genitals.

Learn more about Warts: Removing Them Safely here.


identify symptoms of skin problem

This is a very common skin infection which comes from a simplex virus. It is basically what we call sores and blisters which are forming around your mouth region. There are several symptoms to it. Also it comes from two types of HSV. However when it comes to having an HSV infection, a person may have it for a long time but you need to look at the symptoms closely to understand the kind you have and what can be done about it.


Skin disorders types relate to how we have certain skin problems and conditions which should be highlighted in a significant manner. It all comes down onto how you can ensure your skin is in the optimal condition and what should be done to ensure that you are taking care of it in a proper manner. There are several types of skin diseases and in this article I talked of the most common skin conditions and what are their causes.

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