Sleep Deprivation: Lack of Sleep

Tossing and turning in bed? Finding it hard to calm yourself and get accustomed to a proper snooze? Don’t worry. This is a common condition. Everyone is recommended to have at least 7 to 9 hours of eye-shut. But sleep deprivation is common.

It is more likely to take place in your adult years when you have so much going on. It will be most likely be draining you off from your mental abilities too.

And this is what puts your physical health at risk.

So having a good sleep is all you need to ensure your health is in order. If not, it will be highly affecting your mental abilities and also will be impacting your physical actions.

So best is when you are able to ensure that you will be accommodating your good hours of rest to wake up feeling all refreshed.

In this article I want to talk in detail on what causes you to lose sleep indefinitely and ways in which you need to maintain and work out a better pattern of rest.

So let’s begin:

What is Sleep Deprivation?

The term itself refers to when you are getting just a couple hours of sleep. It actually means you will be needing a good amount of sleep to ensure you wake up feeling all rested and refreshed.

Also for adults while it is standard to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Children and teens will be needing more hours to ensure they are well-rested and they wake up feeling completely refreshed.

When we look into sleep into sleep deprivation, it is essential to understand that this is relating to more than just your sleep duration.

Having a sleep deficiency can prove you will be definitely needing to ensure that you are getting quality sleep which means being completely rested.

It actually refers to how poor sleep is something that impacts your overall quality of life.

Now let’s look into how it impacts your body:

Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation

When it comes to losing quality sleep, you will be needing to look into some essential symptoms that will impact your body. These include:

  • Fatigue will take over. This means you feel drained and tired all the time.
  • There is a sense of irritability in your behavior. Anything can tick you off and make you restless without as much as a warning sign.
  • Mood changes is also common. You will be facing effects of mood swings more often now.
  • There is definitely difficulty when it comes to trying to focus and remember something
  • In some cases, people will be suffering from what we call a reduction in sex drive

Now let’s look into how it will be effecting your body:

How Sleep Effect on Your Body

For the most part, there are some major effects that sleep deprivation can have on you. Some of the major things you will definitely be going through include:

  • Prone to infections- this means you are more likely to have a weaker immune system. This will make you more prone to suffering from infections. Including respiratory diseases of certain kinds.
  • Weight fluctuations can happen. When you are not sleeping properly, it can play a major impact on your hormones, especially those relating to feeling hunger and those which make you feel full.
  • Aside from that, irregular patterns can lead to an increase in your fat storage as well as major changes in your body weight.
  • In certain cases, it can also lead to an increase in cardiovascular disease issues. This means when you are having very little sleep, you will be suffering from issues that impact the heart vessels as well as impact the blood pressure and sugar levels in the body.
  • Hormone levels can also get heavily impacted in the process. You will actually be suffering from what we call a high production of growth hormones and even testosterone.
  • The brain is also something which will be getting badly impacted by the lack of sleep. It can lead to you making wrong decisions.
  • And lastly, sleep deprivation can also impact the hormones relating to fertility in the body. In case you are not getting a good eye-shut, your hormones can get badly impacted in the process.

While these are the simple and most common kinds of effects you will be likely suffering from, as it turns out, there are some serious complications you will have to look out for. These will be including:

Major Complications in Sleep Deprivation

For the most part, you will likely be suffering from what we call high risks of:

  • Hypertension– a condition which will always keep you on the edge and make you question your judgement.
  • You can also suffer from high levels of diabetes as insulin resistance is an onset which becomes even more common.
  • Sleep apnea can take over. It is when you are feeling restless and don’t know why you are not able to get a proper nod off.
  • Obesity becomes common. This is because you are not getting proper sleep. It would in turn make it difficult for you to actually properly digest your food. And when that happens, you can not burn food to turn into energy properly.
  • Depression and anxiety becomes common among those who suffer from sleep issues.


The next step is to realize that you are suffering from a condition. And then ensuring you get the right treatment.

And this happens when your doctor will be looking into the following details:

  • How much sleep is a person getting?
  • What are their sleeping habits?
  • What can cause a major disruption in sleep?
  • Looking into any existing health issues and medications you are currently on?

So it is best that you keep a proper sleep diary which ensures that you are providing the complete information.

So now let’s look into the treatments you can invest in:

Treatments that Work

The good news is that you can control your quality of sleep. It is possible to give a good handle on how you will be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Some of the best ways to manage a better living is by:

Cognitive Treatments

This is basically relating to taking a control on your behavior. This will include relaxation techniques like breathing exercises, as well as meditating properly.

When you adapt a cognitive behavioral therapy it is when you look into the patterns which are contributing towards limitation on sleep.


Some people may be suffering from conditions which can actually be rectified with the use of medications also.

You can also invest in over-the-counter medications which allow you to feel better in no time. It is important to ensure your sleep deprivation is well taken care of.

Now let’s look into some effective home strategies.

Home Strategies that Work

While it is sometimes hard to get into a strong sleep pattern, the main idea is to ensure that you are adapting a good sleeping pattern which can help.

A few simple tips on how you can have major habits kicked in which will give a boost to your sleeping pattern include:

Aim to go to sleep at a regular time and wake as well in the same routine. This will allow you to ensure you are getting a proper routine in hand.

You should avoid eating at least 2-3 hours before heading for bed.

If you are not able to fall asleep for half an hour after getting into bed. It is best that you get up and read. Try again after a while.

Try to get some regular exercise in your daily routine.

Keep your bedroom quiet with minimal lighting.

Also make sure to turn off all your electronic devices. And keep these away from your sleeping area.

Using a mouth guard to manage teeth grinding is essential.

Alternative Treatment

It is essential that you look into some of the alternative therapies that work too. These will be including things like:

  • Having an acupuncture properly
  • Getting a proper massage
  • Making use of certain herbal medication
  • Investing time in meditation
  • Also trying out various yoga poses and positions


Your health matters. And your body matters. Ensure it is in optimal condition by investing time and energy in securing it is completely well-looked after.

Having a good sleep is a major investment. You need to make sure you are getting the complete rest which will in turn help you to work better.

It all comes down to analyzing how you can make sure your deep sleep is not directly impacting your health. All you need to do is invest your time in your own health. You have to make sure you are analyzing the situation completely and attaining the best kind of results.

Sleep deprivation is a condition which can trigger even more problems. If you are not properly invested in getting a proper night’s rest, it can most definitely be leading to even more problems and concerns.

It all comes down to ensuring your health is completely well-looked after. And this will only happen when you are sleeping well.

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