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DATE: FRIDAY, MAY 1st,2020



Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center will be hosting the most significant event for Invisalign treatment happening in your city, Sharjah. This event will be a massive opportunity for anyone who wants a beautiful smile and boost their personality and confidence. The team members from the manufacturers of Invisalign themselves will be there to assist you and answer your queries, so don’t forget to mark the date and gain the benefits from this fantastic event.

All the patients who attend the event will receive a 100% free consultation and a flat 50% discount on treatment Invisalign in sharjah. So, go ahead and reserve your spot by registering as soon as possible to get hold of this incredible opportunity.

Join us at the Smile with Invisalign Event for special pricing, free consultation, on the spot digital treatment plan specially designed for your teeth displaying before and after images of your teeth, with the usage of Invisalign so that you can decide if Invisalign is right for you! Boost your confidence with the flawless smile.

Registrations are done only on May 1st,2020 will avail up to 50% discount.


Avail the most significant opportunity to get a free consultation from our highly qualified dentist, Mr. Ahmed Abou Foul, who is a Doctor of Dental Surgery at Dr. Amal Al Qedrah Medical Center. His specialty is in Cosmetic dentistry, Laser dentistry, and AAID Fellow. He secured his DDS degree from Ajman University of Science and Technology in Ajman. He interned in Dubai Health Authority’s facilities. He is an expert in the cosmetics and surgical fields of dentistry.


Be there on the Smile with Invisalign Event, and we would love to answer all your questions about Invisalign. Our team will be there to assist you regarding the procedure and offer a free consultation. Invisalign are clear aligners but much advanced than the traditional braces, with the latest advancements. Oral hygiene has never been this more natural while straightening your teeth. Invisalign is the newest technique leaving behind the old ways using regular braces; with Invisalign, you will experience comfort, ease of use, oral hygiene, and what better way to get the results of remarkable straight teeth at the end of treatment.

A perfect smile increases our beauty and boosts our confidence. We guarantee that after getting Invisalign treatment from us, not only will you feel confident but also groom your personality and shine to achieve your goals. Around forty years ago, there was only one method for teeth straightening, but with technological advancements, options are more and much better. At Smile with Invisalign Event, you get to know more about Invisalign procedure and some of its benefits which include:

• Straightened teeth more inevitably and comfortably

• More effective than traditional braces

• Boost Self-confidence

• Invisalign makes eating easy

• Treatment time with convenience

• Cost-effective

• Increase Aesthetics

• Oral hygiene is improved

• Reduced pain


There has been substantial progress in the field of dentistry, and with technological advancements, treatments are now the latest and showing remarkable results as well. Studies reveal that Invisalign is a feasible choice rather than conventional orthodontic therapy utilized for the straightening of teeth. Invisalign aligners can inevitably level and gradually improve the positioning of teeth to enhance your smile and boost your confidence to be successful. It has been observed that there is limited effectiveness in other treatments used for teeth alignment and other enhancements. Conventional orthodontic methods have been correlated with a compromise in facial appearance.

A significant concern is arising among patients looking for orthodontic treatment. To confront this issue, aesthetic resources and techniques have been established in clinical dental practice aiming to overcome these constraints.

Since Invisalign development in 1997, Invisalign technology has been launched worldwide as an aesthetic replacement to labial fixed applications. CAD/CAM stereolithographic technology has been previously made use of to forecast treatment results and produce a sequence of custom-made aligners using a single silicone or digital imprint. After the introduction of Invisalign, the advancements in the field of dentistry has been radically developed and regularly amended in many features; diverse attachment strategies and new resources were designed to enable further treatment methods. According to the manufacturers, Invisalign can effectively execute the most important tooth changes and root movements of upper central incisors. 

It is highly recommended to attend this event to get full information regarding Invisalign treatment by the experts in the field. We make sure that you will get a beautiful smile after getting the treatment using Invisalign. Join us on the Smile with Invisalign Event to enjoy lots of benefits and discounts with the dental experts in your area!

Contact us for further details and get yourself registered as soon as possible to avail of a fantastic opportunity only on May 1st,2020!

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