Stretch Marks on Breasts

stretch marks on breasts

What are Stretch Marks?

what are stretch marks

Stretch marks, which are fine lines that appear on the top layer of the skin when it expands or contract quickly, is still a taboo topic, especially stretch marks on breasts.

Mainly because there is still not much known about it. The stretch marks appear because the rapid stretching of the skin causes the connective tissues – which are also known as elastic fibers or collagen, to break and this leaves stretch marks on your body.

Interestingly, it is a myth to think stretch marks only appear for pregnant women. Fact of the matter is they form on both men and women, even girls when they hit puberty-it is quite normal.

While these marks are not associated with any disease or irregular conditions, they are not aesthetically pleasing. Many find their discomfort in how they look like. They look for ways to get rid of stretch marks. They usually appear on breasts, hips and other areas where striae rubrae is prone to happen.

When they develop on the body, their initial appearance is usually reddish and purple lines however the stretch marks fade away with time. They have a different texture from the rest of skin, looking even indented. However with time, their appearance begins to fade, and for some fortunate ones, they become even almost invisible. Almond oil is a good natural product to apply on stretch marks. Cocoa butter is also a good product to apply for stretch marks treatment.

How Do I Get Them on Breasts?

While having them on your breasts during pregnancy is already known, these marks can appear at any point in your life, even during the teen years. Having at such an early age can affect a girl’s self-confidence and can lead to stress and anxiety.

Before looking into ways on how you can combat and improve the look of these unsightly marks, let’s look into all the reasons why they may appear on the breasts:

*Pregnancy Induced

It’s a common myth that stretch marks during pregnancy only appear on your belly. They can appear on your breasts just as easily. Usually within the second month of pregnancy, a woman’s breasts will start to grow in size and appear tender. This increase causes the appearance of stretch marks.

 * Hitting Puberty

Teenagers will most likely get them when puberty hits. This is because there is a strong surge in growth which affects the body, which impacts the collagen effect.

*Fluctuations in Weight

Again, when you are gaining or losing weight rapidly, it can take a heavy toll on your body. During pregnancy, women are advised to meet up with their doctor to create a diet plan which won’t result in rapid weight again as it will make the stretch marks worse, when you are trying to lose all the excessive weight.

*Dehydration and Lack of Exercise

This doesn’t come as a surprise- staying hydrated is key to happy smooth skin. A well-hydrated skin means your skin will be supple and soft. And to compliment that look even before is if you adapt a workout regime, working out every day to release those extra built-up toxins in the body. In order to identify if you have stretch marks due to dehydration and lack of exercise is when your breasts haven’t increased in size at all.

*Cushing’s Syndrome

This is a medical condition where the body has high levels of a certain hormone by the name ‘cortisol’. It can happen when your body is making too much of this hormone on its own. When applying a certain oral medicine, you can most likely get stretch marks.

*Cosmetic Applications

Ironically having cosmetic surgeries can lead to the creation of other unsightly marks. Breast implants, especially for one cup size larger than your original size and breast augmentation can lead towards the appearance of stretch marks.

*Genetically Heightened  

While stretch marks aren’t genetically-induced, if your parents had them for any of the reasons above, you are most likely to get them too.


Adapting Home Remedies

Now that we’ve discussed in detail how they can appear on your body. Let’s move onto the good news: how can you combat with home therapies.

While these common home-remedies won’t completely remove them, they do help in lessening the appearance of the stretch marks.  Here’s how:


Massaging leads to the increase of blood flow to your breasts which in turn stimulates collagen production.

This in turn helps with the fading of these marks. Make it a habit to massage your breasts in a circular motion for at least 30 seconds, twice a day.


Exfoliating once a week helps in lessening the appearance of these marks. Make use of organic scrubs as it will remove dead skin cells and stimulates the production of collagen. Get the most out of your exfoliation regime by scrubbing gently in an upward position. You can adapt this treatment a few days in a week using moisturizer after treatment.

Stretch mark creams:

Various stretch marks creams are available in the market. Not all of them work and may even cause more damage. Do your research before purchasing. The good ones do improve skin elasticity. You can also purchase creams that contain shea-butter as they nourish and contain vitamin E, helping in fading the look of stretch marks.


Medical Treatments to Opt For:

While home remedies do help a lot, for some cases more than others, turns out medical treatments get the job done better like Laser Stretch Marks Removal.

Did you know a study showed Laser Therapy  improves at least 70% of stretch mark cases? A skin-safe laser breaks up scar tissue, stimulating the repairing of damaged tissues to repair, hence increasing blood flow to the area.

Let’s take a look at some other popular medical procedures that can significantly help in stretch mark removal:

Acid Peels

The procedure aims to exfoliate skin by removing the top layer and hence removing the appearance of stretch marks entirely.


When combined with topical treatments like PRP, it is an effective exfoliation procedure which encourages collagen and reduces the look of stretch marks.

Prescription ointments

These may contain glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin or silicon or collagen to improve elastin.

Collagen-Induced Injections

These injections have been gaining momentum steadily. You apply it to improve the appearance of stretch marks, along with that of wrinkles or fine lines.

Radiofrequency Treatment

State-of-the art technology, this procedure makes use of lasers to remove stretch marks effectively.


What are Risk Factors?

what are risk factors of this condition

Now that we have looked in extensive detail why stretch marks appear on breasts and how we can work towards giving them a faded appearance through home remedies as well as medical treatments, here’s looking into some cases where stretch marks are definitely prone to appear.

Did you know that about 90% of pregnancy cases will get stretch marks, with many appearing on breasts?

Here’s a look into other key risk factors:

*Becoming pregnant at a very young age

*Endocrine disorders which impact regular hormone flow

*Strong Family history

*Increased birth weight of child or gestational period

*The weakening of immune system

*Unhealthy habits like alcohol intake and smoking

*Ethnicity-led cases, high in African American women

*Heavy Steroid Use



ways in which the marks can fade

Stretch marks have been around since the beginning of time. It is nothing out of the extraordinary. Hence they might appear unattractive but they are not something to worry over.

Being reddish in color, they do fade over time and there are various prevention techniques you can apply to speed up their fading process.

Remember, while you can even opt for medical ways to reduce their appearance, they are not harmful so embracing them is also perfectly fine. If you want to know more, reach out to our certified team at Dr.Amal Al Qedrah who will be willing to answer any inquiries you’ve got. We are one call away!

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